View Full Version : Join the Institutes of Probity on Starsider - Help End Imperial Oppression!

03-28-2003, 09:45 PM
Greetings fellow Rebel fighters,

You have been invited to join the Institutes of Probity, a Rebel PA based on the city of Probity, on the Starsider server and on the planet of Talus. At the Institutes, we welcome any Rebel sympathizers of all professions who oppose the reign of the Empire. The Institutes is composed of nine divisions: the Leaders of Probity (the politicians of the Institutes), the Knights of Sacrifice (the army of the Institutes), the Accomplices of Honor (the criminals of the Institutes), the Merchants of Honesty (the businessmen and merchants of the Institutes), the Physicians of Compassion (the medics of the Institutes), the Hunters of Justice (the bounty hunters and assassins of the Institutes), the Pilots of Valor (the pilots of the Institutes when Space Expansion is released), the Technicians of Humility (the repairmen and technicians of the Institutes), and the Masters of Spirituality (a specialty section for the Jedi of the Institutes).

When joining, members shall take the rank of refugee until they are deemed to be qualified to be assigned to a division by the mayor and the division leader or when the member has selected a division that is suitable for his/her profession(s). Members must then gain their way up the ranks by playing the game and completing missions. Leadership positions are open for qualified members. In order to hold a leadership position, the member must submit an application to the mayor and lord of the army. The mayor is Dart J. Hashel (dart@theinstitutes.com), also the division leader of the Leaders of Probity. The other division leaders are Lord General Rederon (Knights of Sacrifice), Crime Lord Morrtu Queiossk (Accomplices of Honor), Company Director Devin Ephatha (Merchants of Honesty), Surgeon General Akwon Rawadu (Physicians of Compassion), Master of the Hunt Gryph Harnett (Hunters of Justice), Flight General Kam Solusar (Pilots of Valor), and Specialist General Aubrey Freiman (Technicians of Humility). The leader and members of the Masters of Spirituality division is not disclosed to anyone other than the mayor, the lord of the army, and the division leaders.

The Institutes has a storyboard for members who enjoy role-playing. Our exciting city storyline continues with Chapter 3: The Fallen. We also have a polling board to receive feedback from members on various issues ranging from PA organization to deciding involvement in the Star Wars Galaxies community. Reenie’s Cantina is also open to everyone who wants to learn more about the Institutes and current members. We have over 100 members who interact with each other. “The Probity Tribulation” (our newsletter) is sent home to all members, informing them of the latest news in the community. Our memberships in the Star Wars Galaxies - Role Players is also helping us connect with the other PAs in the community. Join the Institutes and see what the Rebel Alliance is all about!