View Full Version : Some suggestions for hitzones

03-29-2003, 07:30 PM
Well not sure what you guys have in mind, but anyway, just an idea for the hitzones. You know, when you throw the saber, I figured it was pretty weird that it should hit a person and that guy can dodge it. I also noticed that sometimes, when you hit a person (saber goes thru body), that guy does not lose dodge points. The dueling process was very satisfying overall :), but it appears that the way the player walks doesn't really match the mod itself ie. when he walks backward, he does it in a very protective manner. When he walks forward/sideways, he will put the saber by his side. The dodging wasn't very significant either, and when the saber was turned off, the player still can block with it. IMHO the potential of this mod allows for some realistic saber combat, such as when the player hits the other player and he blocks, the attacker will swing his saber back instead of continuing the process of swinging the whole saber through, regardless of whether the guy can block the attack or not (it's weird how sabers can go through bodies and the guy doesn't get hit)

So, I know it isn't easy to create such a mod guys, but I wish you best of luck. Make this a favourite mod for everyone :amidala:

03-29-2003, 08:42 PM
Yeah, the body/saber passthru is annoying. Hacking the animation system to allow us to run animations backwards (so we can bounce the saber on impact) is near the top of my list.

03-29-2003, 10:36 PM
Sounds awesome, I'm getting more excited to looking forward to R3 :D