View Full Version : Map Requests Fairly simple

03-31-2003, 04:48 AM
Greetings I have a few small requests on Mapping First Besides the Obvious more RPG Maps we need we need more maps that have a story to them...Im getting tired of cites and temples lets press on to something new peeps.

First Id like to see some Battlefield type maps. Like a Big Open Area on Tatooine (And I mean Big) it shouldnt take too long to build make the terrain like a Desert/mountainous area would be with maybe some small trences digged out or little bunkers or maybe even one cave or so. Try to implement a lot of diff areas for one to be able to Hide or something and a few sniper points as well.
We could use these for hunting type games where you hunt other people down,or NPCs,or Bots maybe even a nice game of Team Hide and go seek. Id like to see as many maps in this format as possible,but diff sceneery in each one and maybe change a few times to Jungle and throw in treees and go that way,or Icy maps for Hoth recreations,and also one last request.
Some Factories/warehouses with tons of diff areas to hide and junk (also could be used for other stuff) as well as mazes!

Basicly I want some Hunting Maps, I need a Challenge I know most of the Default Maps and their arent very many good maps out there most of them are cities/temples/spacestations/clan maps and quite frankly we have too many of those.