View Full Version : da bad fing happened to me :@

Weapon X
03-31-2003, 11:13 PM
i bought Delta Force: Black Hawk Down (had my little bro buy it for me cuz he was in town and able) and it turns out that the requirements for the game surpass that of my computer, but my older brother told me "just try it, you'd be surprised at how many games i've gotten to work when they said the requirements were too great" so i tried it, but NO, my videocard isn't good enough, so if i wanna play it i have to play it at my friends or get a new CPU, not that bad cuz i wanted to anyway, but it's a hassle, especially since i can't take it back due to CD copying, i wanna play this game REALLY bad, has anyone here played it? was it worth it?

has this ever happened to anyone else? if so then what did you do?

Jabbas WhOr3
04-01-2003, 08:15 AM
As a matter of fact I have done the same thing.
It was a game called "under a steel sky".
I went halves with a mate of mine and just went over his house alot to play because I did not have a PC, oh wait I did it was an Amstrad with dazzling 4 colour monitor.
Anyway, try sell it to a friend at discount then go and play it till you finish it.