View Full Version : level 4

11-24-1999, 02:05 AM
Where's the bud ? I've gone through most of this level (I think), I've found the gold thing to put the bud in, I know where to open the slats to let the light in, but where's the bud ?

jeff schneider
11-24-1999, 02:28 AM
ok,under the statue,once you turn it a couple of times a door under it appears go down have the revolver ready.crawl under the swinging log,get the revolver ready again .climb up ladder get on elevator,use the monastic seal to open this next big door,acroos the room is a platform,and there is the bud,its confusing doing all this jumping,first get the key,this is some easy jumping to the other side of the room,don't overjump.

jeff schneider
11-24-1999, 02:29 AM
once you get the key it gets a little confusing.

11-24-1999, 02:50 AM
Did anyone else's brain force them to say "my name is" every time the big log swung through?

"Slim Indy"

11-24-1999, 07:17 AM
I turned the statue but not the second time. I saw the room but not how to get in. Thanks