View Full Version : The Scumm Bar Forever!

Mr Pumblechook
04-02-2003, 02:38 PM
Oh, sweet, bitter-sweet memories!
Monkey Island - the game of my childhood dreams is special like no other games.
It will always be special to me.

The Scumm Bar is a fine example of what a fan site should be.
Considering the game releases are very rare, its amazing to see such devotion with a site that always has something new.
Its great to know that i am not the only one to think that Monkey Island is so special. That Skyfox et al have put the effort into keeping this going over so many years.

And that there are so many fans keeping it alive, giving something back.

The Lego recreations - genius.

And some of the Money remix music - eg 'Am I Evil?' and the 'Guybrush smokes Dope' tune; after having played each of the first 3 to death, it makes me nostalgic for original monkey island.

Cheers to you all for keeping the dream of adventure alive.

04-03-2003, 11:09 AM
actually, there is a whole world of monkey island out there beyond the scumm bar (sorry, inadvertant advertising) my four favorite monkey island sites are
http://www.thescummbar.com of course
and http://www.milegend.com
these are all good because they're updated almost daily (if not, weekly) and have loads of monkey island related news as well as news about other things us people might be interested in.

of course there is also www.mimayhem.com, the forums of which are great (hint hint) and then finally, the forum your using has a whole wealth of people wanting who love monkey island past the scumm bar part of the forum, so go explore, meet new people, and have a welcome gift basket on me :D


Mr Pumblechook
04-03-2003, 04:04 PM
Its true. I must check out some of the others.

World of Monkey Island being particularly polished.

Oh, and i like the Scumm Bar's 'Scumm Bar' painting based on the first game.

Now enough of the nicities. Must get back to being disappointed in Escape from Monkey Island... ;)