View Full Version : Mexican pyramid

11-24-1999, 05:53 AM
I'm in a room with 4 gears, 2 switches, and a hole in the center of the floor. If I drop through the hole, I get stuck. All I can do is push and pull the gears. HELP!

11-24-1999, 01:22 PM
If you stand at the edge of the big hole in the center of the room, you will see one corridor just below you that has a large cobweb blocking it (Those magical cobwebs that nobody can penetrate without a sharp object) Anyway, stand with your back to the hole just above the cobweb and let your self down. Indy will hang facing the cobweb. Let yourself fall and quickly grab onto the floor of the cobweb corridor. Pull yourself back up, cut the cobweb and run to the end of the corridor. (Don't run to fast or you will fall off the end) When you get to the end of the corridor, look down and you will find a jewel. I backed up and did a running jump which landed me right on the platform so I could get the jewel. Go ahead and let yourself all the way down to the bottem where the statue is in the center of the room. Check out the statue, then look around at the three statues that are located to the left, rear and right of the center statue. Do those look like handles? Are those scratches on the floor? Hmmmm.....