View Full Version : Enemy Whipping

11-24-1999, 02:04 PM
A game magazine I read says you can use your whip to pull a gun right from an enemy's hands. Has anybody done this? Is it just something that's kinda cool but not really worth the bullets you'll recieve as you slowly pull your whip out? (not what I meant)


11-24-1999, 03:28 PM
I have done this several times and as you guessed, the feeling from the movies...whiping a gun outtta someones hands, is awsome, but.....usually they are in your face punching you right away, as you alowly change weapons....also, with them this close, i find i have to back flip away to shoot them, since the end of the gun is usually probing the enemies body...must be a minor bug.

Man, the title of the next movie better NOT be Jar Jar Strikes Back!!