View Full Version : Can someone put my model ingame?

The Raitenks
04-04-2003, 06:56 AM
hi, i'm new arround here, and i wanted to ask if someone could finish my model, do the weighting, animation, skelleton etc. because i just have milkshape!

the model is a personal update of the excellent dash rendar model by kman, sniper_wolf and toonces. i really like it, but i did some modifications to it like adding his jetpack, making his face more like in sote, the hair longer , the brown shoulder parts a bit higher etc.
most of the credits go to the original authors, 'cuz i just edited a few things though.

so can somebody help me?

oh, yes, here are a few screens, which may take some place here...


so, that's it, finally for now! so please help me!