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04-04-2003, 08:11 PM
I have seen alot of photos that have disturbed me, but these 2 really upset me.

I found them at the La Times website. They were in FlashMedia so I could not directly link them. I pasted the 2 photos into 1 so you can see for yourself. If you want to see them up on their website they should still be there.

What is happening in this picture?

Scary Photo (http://photos.yahoo.com/bc/griffmanco/vwp?.dir=/War+Footage&.dnm=ISUR.jpg&.src=ph&.view=t&.hires=t)

04-04-2003, 08:12 PM
what is so scary about that?

04-04-2003, 08:15 PM
That the Iraqi came from a burning truck and had his hands in the the air in the first picture, and you see the same guy close to a burning fuel tank dead.

In other words, we became trigger-happy with civilians.

04-04-2003, 08:23 PM
What proof is there that he's dead? If he's not, it's not really that scary.

04-04-2003, 08:26 PM
he looks like he hit the dirt....

04-04-2003, 08:27 PM
That guy is no civilian judging by his pants.

Yet it does seem strange that he would just fall over unconscious after walking a few yards with his hands in the air....

04-04-2003, 08:32 PM
The US army does use flash bang grenades as standard issue, they are stun grenades, he could have been hit with one.... spec ops also uses other non lethal weaopons, im sure plenty off people have gotten to know these but you never know if that guy running is surrendering or coming to throw a grenade, better safe than sorry.

04-04-2003, 08:36 PM
CagedCrado, that's like saying we should bomb the hell out of Bagdad because it's better to be safe than sorry.:p

04-04-2003, 08:53 PM
I think we should actually, not any more at this point but in the beginning we should have, it would have been over the second or third day with less casualties for the US and less civilians as well. (the civilians may die, yes, and intentially, but the troops would surrender and theyd also not face death camps) lol not death camps i meant squads... too much ww2 for me

04-05-2003, 07:36 AM
i think they told him to lay face down...

04-05-2003, 09:19 AM
It's simple he cam from the burning truck then he was told to put his hands in the air then lay down. They didn't become trigger happy becuase that means they would be taken out of the army for dissobeying orders.

04-05-2003, 10:40 AM
Thats what it looks like to me as well...

gogo rabble rousing!

04-05-2003, 10:59 AM
Griff, I gotta agree that it looks like he's only lying down after being told to. The way his hands are placed isn't consistent with falling over dead. That's done in this manner for comfort.

I tried to find that one on LA Times.com, but no luck. It doesn't appear that they archive their videos. Or photos, for that matter.

04-05-2003, 11:07 AM
Well, the army is trigger happy. Dont know which civilian is good or has a bomb...cant really blame them.

The picture does look more like he was asked to lay down,on second thought. I thought it looked funny for someone that was shot.

04-05-2003, 03:22 PM
I too "believe" (no proof) that he is lying down and was not shot. It just seems strange that they would display these photos in a way in which a casual observer might not reach that conclusion. A third photo seeing him being searched or taken into custody would have been helpful.

Skinwalker, here is a link, all photos are Flash, and i have to turn off my pop up stopper to see them.

latimes photos (http://www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/iraq/la-iraq-war-photos,1,4731687.gallery?coll=la%2Dmininav%2Diraq)

Scroll down to about the 17th set to see them.

Reborn Outcast
04-05-2003, 10:51 PM
I think he's lying down. Either that or he was dizzy from the amoke and became unconcious. He's lying down to perfect to have just died...

04-06-2003, 01:28 AM
I see what you mean..... Rick Loomis was the reporter... I'd email him, but what do you think the chances are that he would bother with replying.... ;)

It's also possible that the order of the pics are flipped. The first photo might be of the Iraqi lying on the ground, then Loomis went to wide angle as the Coalition troops instructed him to come forward. Not as likely, but possible.

Still.. you have a point the order as shown could lead one to read something that's not there.

Edit: I emailed him.... maybe he'll reply :-)

04-06-2003, 07:46 PM
it looks to me like he was surendering and was told to lie face down. you'd think that if he was shot he'd fall backwards (so he'd be lying face up with no head or chest and with lot's of blood around him). though I do think the photos could have been displayed better to avoid this type of confusion.