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04-05-2003, 04:01 AM
Gentlemen of the Dark Forces mod,

I am sorry to be saying such things, but I feel that I would be doing more of a disservice if I did not mention the problems I encountered. I downloaded the demo several days ago, and I played through it immediately. I loved it, and have played through it several times to explore all the interesting portions, and I encountered no problems at all.

However today I got myself a brand spanking new GeForce 2 (yes, I know, but it is infinitely better than the old clunker I was previously using). As a result I was able to finally pump all the video options for Jedi Outcast up to their full potential. Which, I am sad to say, caused problems. To list them:

**The extra life, instead of looking like a large Rebel insignia, looks like a bacta cannister with the rebel insig skin wrapped around it.
**The circuit board containing the Death Star plans looks like a regular thermal detonator.
**Shield powerups look like a mutated version of the Jedi Outcast shield powerups.
**I found by accident (I know this has nothing to do with the video aspects, but I did not discover this until now) that I can cycle through my Force powers. However the only Force power available is Force Heal. I was amused, but shrugged and just ignored the availability of that power. However I later discovered that cycling through the Force powers to find Force Heal, overrode the mission briefing with the description of said power.
**Finally, and this is the most visually disturbing, Kyle's skin seems a bit...off, when things are set to the high end of the visual spectrum. That is, the hair on the back of his head is gone, his shoulderpad is a strange flat grey...I wish I could post a screenshot. It was rather disturbing to say the least, looked like he was the victim of a very cruel college prank. *chuckle*

I am going to assume you already know about such things and have taken care of them (or will take care of them), but I could not forego mentioning them. Not as if they really affect gameplay at all (particularly since playing in 3rd-person mode is not a requirement in the DF game), just thought I would bring them up.

My sincere compliments on everything that I have seen thus far with the mod, it looks absolutely great. Looking forward to its completion!

04-05-2003, 08:28 AM
The availablility of force heal is there as it is the only way to add the mission briefing into the datapad. Just pretend it's not there - only a couple of other people discovered this ;)

The other problems you are experiencing I have never heard of! No-one has ever had problems like those!

I run JKII (and the MOD) using a GeForce 3 - I've seen it with my own eyes on a GeForce 4 system. By reading what you've just put, I highly doubt the video card is the cause of the problems.


Are you running the MOD in the "base" directory?

If so, create a folder called "dark" in your "GameData" directory and then run the MOD from the MODs menu in JKII SP.

Do you have any other MODs installed (in your base directory)? There have been conflicts before.

Other than that, make sure you have JKII version 1.03 or above. Check the latest graphics card drivers etc..

If you are still experiencing problems after having checked out all of the above, then head back here and we'll try again!

Glad to hear you enjoyed the demo :)

04-05-2003, 07:30 PM

What Rich said is 100% spot on - it sounds to me like you don't have the mod correctly installed or something. Those are things that can happen if you are trying to play the MOD using the multiplayer engine also - are you doing that?

good luck!

04-06-2003, 03:33 PM
Nope, everything is as it should be. Mod installed correctly, I have the updated version of JO, and playing it through single-player. The odd thing is . . . a reboot fixed the problem. D'nae ask me why, but it did. I think my system was just confused or something. I know I am. :p

04-06-2003, 03:41 PM
Very odd, oh well, any more problems you have just give us a shout :)