View Full Version : Galactic Enterprises - Recruiting all serious Rpers and crafters.

04-06-2003, 03:11 AM
Thats right ladies and gents. GE has re-opened and were looking to start fresh.

Il explain a little first on what exactly GE is :P

Ge or Galactic Enterprises will be a HUGE crafting PA, this pa will mostly consist of technological items. Meaning no clothes or tattoos or any of that stuff.

Our goals are to provide all individuals with jobs that wish to work and make a name for them selfs in the Economic world of SWG.

We will be a self relyin Company meaning everything from raw materials to transporting even to selling will be done by our employee's.

GE does however allow the purchasing of our items by other companies and then reselling them. We also will have plans for traders and the selling of some resources such as; raw materials, schematic's , parts...etc.

GE will first start out on the wonderfull and rich Naboo in the city of (still to be decided). We will then expand our resources and grow across Naboo and expand on other planets.

We are currently factioned with the Empire. However we accept neutrals.

We will be located on either the eclipse or bloodfin server. We will choose when we are closer to the game release date.

Join With Us Today! (http://www.dragondev.com/ge/)