View Full Version : How about a Win9x/ME specific version of Q&E?

04-06-2003, 07:07 AM
Just thought I'd say a big hi first, considering this is my debut post.

Now I know old versions of Quick & Easy like 3.5 did run on Win9x/ME systems before, and that the latest version has disabled support for them. But, having seen the marvellous screenshots, I was wondering whether it would be possible to make a "modified for 9X/ME" edition where, perhaps, the VDMSound Launcher is replaced by a simple native game launcher? I'd love to be able to select all my LucasArts games from a nice menu like that. And yes, I know about the ScummVM part, but I'd love to experience the best of both worlds. :D

I also like the way all the launchers are combined into one in Q&E. Really snazzy.

And speaking of VDMSound, I think I read about someone working on a Win9X/ME version as we speak. Dunno what its progress is atm.

04-06-2003, 11:48 AM
Thats not quite correct. Older versions would run on 9x but I disabled installation on 9x systems in the installer. In the latest version I added an extra check in the program itself, so I disabled it 'properly' in the latest one.

Yeah, VdmSound for 9x is sort of done but its not really finished yet and isnt in a nice installer. Someone who's competant enough to set up VdmSound 9x atm doesnt need a frontend :)
There are a couple of other issues with it atm regarding a frontend but sometime in the future I will add it if it becomes more complete. To be honest with ScummVM having become as good as it is, there isnt much need for VdmSound in 9x, ScummVM Q+E is there for 9x users who want a scummvm frontend.

As for the 'game launcher' idea, I dunno. It would be really easy to do, I suppose it depends if theres a demand for it. If people would find it useful then yeah, i'll do it. One worry I would have is, it would just be a launcher, it wouldnt actually 'fix' anything. If people are missing the 'set blaster' line in autoexec or whatever it wouldn't magically enable sound. I might end up inundated with emails saying 'Oi I have no sound', to which the answer would of course be 'Use ScummVM, if you have trouble use ScummVM Q+E, a frontend'........

Cheers for the kind words about Q+E