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11-22-1999, 04:08 AM
I haven't finished the level, but I've found 8 treasures. All I have left is to beat the Ice Guardian- are there any treasures in that room, or do I need to go searching again?

1. Gem in the inner workings of clock
2. Gem in the clock room
3. Gem outside the door of the clock room, underneath the ledge (looking over the river)
4. Bar near the crumbling brick climbing wall, under the ledge
5. Bar in the loft with the monastic seal
6. Coins in the other side of the loft
7. Bar underneath the bell after you raise it.
8. Idol underneath the statue/fountain.

For the other people (person?) looking for all ten treasures- it would be easier if you listed the ones you have found in your original post!

11-22-1999, 12:12 PM
Sorry abount not posting which ones I found.. What can I say, I'm a big dummy.

In any case, it looks like I have the same 8 you do.

11-23-1999, 01:51 AM
Add the following two for all ten:

9. Across the elevator underneath the water fountain.
10. In the jumping platform puzzle room (with the candle), push in the block at the last platform.


11-24-1999, 09:08 PM
On your list of 10 tresures, Only the first
one ( gem in inner workings of clock).
Can not be found.
Any more detail would be appreciated.

11-24-1999, 11:08 PM
Thanks a bunch fli!

11-24-1999, 11:31 PM
When I say "inner workings of the clock", I mean the lowest room, with the river and where you need to push the block to put the gears in place.

At the top of the room, on the left side, there is a gem- you need to get on the moving platforms to reach it.