View Full Version : where is this damn ship?

11-24-1999, 02:58 AM
I did the cave in level 5, but now I have no place to go? I found the plane, but I dont' have the hammer. All I found was a hidden idol in the water? Can't climb the walls, or go throuh the cobwebs. And my ass is all chewed up by Jaws I, II, III, and IV. Any hints?


11-24-1999, 04:02 AM
go back to where you started from and look for the mechete there.

Slicing monkeys are fun!

11-24-1999, 01:12 PM
Yes from the point you started the level, is another area you can venture into. There are several items you can pickup including a machete. Once you get that, you can cut the cobwebs. (Does anybody else wonder why in the hell these cobwebs are so strong?)


11-24-1999, 11:54 PM
Because the two-foot spiders have been eating their wheaties.


11-25-1999, 12:36 AM
You think spiders are a problem, wait 'till you cross me! I'm the last of the dragons bowen!

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