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04-07-2003, 02:09 PM
I was talking about the how JK and DF were so much more memorable, to me as a gamer. I don't knoe if I'm what you would consider a hard-core gamer. What is a hard-core gamer anyhow? I think that JK was a groud breaking game. The sheer magnitude of it was amazing, and when i played Dark Forces for the first time I was caught in the Star Wars fsp universe. I don't think that i've logged more time on a game than JK, especially with all the mods let loose.
Now that I look at JO, i miss the olden golden Star Wars games, where they weren't bend on making money solely for the franchise, I hope that JA will be one of these games. I hope that they don't release a half finished product that is only there to make money. I figure I can rant on about this cause I payed for my games.
I'm also looking forward the action-rpg aspect of the game. I hope that LucasArts makes more action oriented Rpgs impementing the Star Wars Universe. Ohh yeah swimming in JO was pathetic, I hope that they correct this grevious error in JA, considering how much of a part water played in JK.

04-07-2003, 06:53 PM
I personally don't remember your thread.....more then likely if you were talking about JK and DF the thread was moved to the Valley of the Jedi or Yoda's swamp. This forum is for Jedi Acadamy discussion only. I hope you find it. :)