View Full Version : I BEAT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11-24-1999, 02:34 AM
I beat it!!!!!!!!! Final I.Q.--1118

11-24-1999, 04:04 AM
Wow great job! Im almost done too...I think.
And Im sure Im not gona get that many points at the end.

Slicing monkeys are fun!

11-24-1999, 01:40 PM
Seeing that both are past this part, how do you catch Doc after he steals the cog wheel?

11-24-1999, 03:52 PM
Congratulations! May I ask, did you eat and sleep during the past week?

11-24-1999, 05:24 PM
I ate while sitting at my computer playing the game, and only slept when I literally couldn't keep my eyes open. As for catching the Doc with the cog wheel-I played that part before downloading & installing the patch, had no trouble finding him. After installing the patch, I replayed that part (because it's fun to chase and shoot at him), but then I could never find or catch him(I tried for over an hour). So, I restored a game right after I caught him.

11-24-1999, 09:08 PM
So how many levels are there (including the secret map level)?


"Ahhhh, medicinal herbs."

11-24-1999, 10:24 PM
There are 17 levels, including the secret one. I saved my money for the first 5 or 6 levels so I could buy the map.

11-25-1999, 01:19 AM
WOW! Your my "Idol"!

I thought the max iq points was 1000

11-25-1999, 01:51 AM
I may have gotten over a 1000 IQ points because I played the Peru level.

11-25-1999, 05:14 AM
The 1000-point thing makes no sense, considering how the manual says points are awarded: 40 points for finishing a level, 1 point per treasure (10 treasures per level), -1 point for using each map hint. So with 17 levels, and a max of 50 per level, the real max score would be 1350 points.

Maybe it counts 10 locations, but 17 levels, and only hands out 50 points per location.

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