View Full Version : Help in Level 4

11-24-1999, 08:32 AM
I walked down and made the clock work. Then get back up. I didn't see any differents. All the switchs still not working.

What should I do?

11-25-1999, 03:59 AM
By making the clock work, do you mean you started the waterwheel? You also need to push a gear into place in the room below the clock and above the waterwheel.

11-25-1999, 04:55 AM
When at the bottom level facing the clock ... One of the sides leads to a clock-wheel room .. find it , you will see an ice monster .... follow it right to the very bottom and try to make the Wheels Spin !!!

Badboyz - Whatcha gonna do when they come for u !!!!

11-25-1999, 05:38 AM
Now I'm stuck somewhere else in level 6.