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04-08-2003, 09:08 PM
I'm doing another story while My Instincts is going on. My version of ther Metroid movie said to be made. enjoy

Chapter One

The alarm sounded throughout colony K-2L. Bombs crashed to the ground, shaking the soil. Soldiers left their bunkers to meet their foe. The space pirates were already on ground and swarming the colony. The ships flew like hawks with a watchful eye. People ran in any direction, trying to escape the chaos. The turrets spun as they attempted to defeat the bombers. Both sided met face to face and began in melee combat. A soldier turned to see a pirate stretch his arms and lift the soldier, which was followed by a toss to a building killing the soldier suddenly. “ How many are there?” requested the captain who took cover in a foxhole.
The officer replied “ Don’t know sir, they disable HQ.”
“Get our men together.” The captain ordered then a laser shot struck him in his back. The officer stood for a moment then the laser shots got closer motivating him to move.
The soldiers were gathered up as ordered. They took cover behind a destroyed building. They first threw energy grenades then followed with a volley of laser fire. The pirates responded with a bombing run. It barely missed the soldiers. More pirates landed on the colony. The turrets were down and the soldiers’ spirits where down. They fought desperately still. Three bombers crashed yet more still flew. Every second that passed was seconds closer to defeat. The pirates made it closer and deeper into the colony but met resistance ever step. Most of the population had left yet still remained. More bombers fell and the soldiers’ hopes rose.
Bombers began to fall in packs as the turrets kept fire on them. The soldiers moved forward regaining much of the colony. Their spirits diminished when they saw twelve dropships land behind them.
“Brian Aran, report.” The officer ordered.
“ Losing south quadrant of the colony. Contact around the colony is gone, sir, permission to speak.” Replied Brian.
“Go ahead.”
“Sir can I get my daughter out of here, please sir?”
The officer paused for a moment “Be quick.” With that Brian left and ran to their home. The wife was scared and holding a young baby, only four.
“Vera take Samus and get out of here.” His tone was that of care but also fear.
“Brian don’t go!” Before she could finish her words Brian had left. She got up and took a few scraps of cloth and blankets, along with some food and water. She ran through the battlefield. Explosions sounded through the colony. She ran with all the might she could until a pirate turned and saw here. She stopped and turned. Before she could begin to run the pirate fired. She fell with a faint scream. Samus was covered with the blankets. The pirate was walking to Vera but shot by Brian. Not knowing his wife had died he starred at the pirate then at the body. He walked closer then saw the face of his murdered wife. “No… Oh god no… Vera?” He clenched the dead body then looked for Samus. His search was cut short by the sound of Pirates. He grabbed his rifle and ran out. He opened fire with all of his fury. Laser shots like fire flies sped through the air. A shot hit him the armor did it’s job by taking the blunt. He still held his finger down on the trigger. He was shot in the leg and nearly tumbled but still fired. He then opened fire on the pirates on the ground. They continued to fire. The Screams of pain sounded throughout the sky until he was too much in pain he fell to the ground. A pirate with more decorative armor stood before him. He looked up. “You bastards, you’ll pay for this.” His last words echoed before being covered in gunfire.
The Pirate spoke with a gun pointed to his foe’s head. “ I think not human.” A smirk grew on his face. The last thing Brian saw was the yellowish smoke that raised form the pirate’s eyes, followed by a flash. Brian was dead. The Pirates surrounded the soldiers who fought bravely to the death.
The colony laid in ruins. Morning had risen. Smoke rose from the colony. Pirates roamed everywhere taking anything valuable. Hours later had they left the decimated colony. Leaving Samus to wonder about the ruins.