View Full Version : Got Pully for Palawan Temple, now what?

11-24-1999, 04:23 PM
I got the pully and found where it needs to go but no matter where I stand indy doesn't do anything, how do I get that darn pully into place?!?

-Dr. Henry Jones Sr.
"We called the dog Indiana."

11-24-1999, 06:27 PM
these things would be more obvious IRL ... if u r still puzzled by this, what u need to do is push the box over so that u can stand high enough to attach that replacement part

11-24-1999, 10:11 PM
My question here is, how many of the commies do you need to kill before you take the cable car over to the other side? It seems like they spawn forever, until someone starts throwing hand grenades, then a guy who doesn't look like he's in uniform comes out.

I finally shrugged and went to the next level.


11-25-1999, 08:39 AM
You don't even have to kill any commies ...
If you r fast enough .. you can replace the pulley ... Dodge the bullets then run up to the cart and press CONTROL ...

Badboyz - Whatcha gonna do when they come for u !!!!

11-25-1999, 04:24 PM
Actualy when I got past that part (I'm now over in Mexico) I didn't kill any either, when I saw them all charging at me I fled and escaped.

-Dr. Henry Jones Sr.
"Henry Jones Junior."