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04-10-2003, 04:15 PM
Hello there
We are the H8 syndicate and we are dedicated to ruling the stars themselves. Are you what we are looking for, we state ourselves as an EVIL pa but the reason that is because we are willing to do anything to gain power. So which ever method is faster, cheaper and more effective is the route we will take. So are you the kind of person you will stride to control the galaxies and crush your enemies. Just remember our motto


Once a member you will be a part of one of the three divisions….
This is the combat orientated part of the PA where all the killer, warriors and hunter work. Its messy work but its got to be done.
2) The MerCon
This is the non-combat division where all the merchants and engineers work. This division will help the Syndicate with all the things they need, and the Syndicate will help the MerCon in any thing they require such as protection. But do not worry my friends no non-combat character will be dragged into and battles or PA wars unless they wish to both combat and a non-combat member.
3) The Crimson Wrath
And elite group made up of the best out of the Syndicate and MerCon. This division takes on special missions.


No yet convinced then visit the website where you will find all the information you require about the H8 SYNDICATE. Also you can join our PA via the site on the Join page…
>>>VISTI HOMEPAGE<<< (http://www.h8syndicate.netfirms.com)
Or you can email me on
>>>EMAIL ME<<<<< (tabloidjuunky@hotmail.com) http://www.h8syndicate.netfirms.com/BANNER3.gif