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04-13-2003, 01:03 AM
The year was 2002,early september,around the starting of school(September 7th to be exact.)A young man,teenage,15 awoke one morning,but he was a little late,missed the bus...Or did he?...
He screamed through-out the house for his mom,cussing and such,his mother never replied.
He got out of his bed and grabbed his 45. that he keeps under his pillows making sure his other 2 guns,the glocks were on his desk.
He grabbed some pants and put them on walking out into the hall,considering he had his room shunned of light,the only way to see if it was still night was to go out to the hall.
It was dark...He quickly opend his mothers door to find the room completly still,distailed.
The bed was made,the room smelt fresh,and all of his newley bought clothes still layed apon the bed.
He thought to himself that his parents must have gone out for the night,and since he was awake now,there would be no point in taking any more sleeping pills,so he grabbed his towels and headed for the shower.
15 years old,grade 9,it all seemed weird,"Shoulda never started school late -.-" he turned on the shower and undressed stepping in,his necklace stuck to his chest as he entered due to the water pressure pusshing it,he held his head high to the water flowing closing his eyes.
He was so anxious to see one girl he fancy's,Jessica ;)
Her face won't seem to leave his memory,either way he finished his shower and stepped out,wrapping his towels around him turning on the fan.
"Man am I ugly today>.>" he took a glance at the mirror to see his eyes leering back at him,those deep black bags around,Insomnia was no pretty sight he thought as he left for his room.
Since it's late,And my parents arn't home,mike must be so maybe we can go party or some ****,He thought putting on his clothes.
He grabbed his glocks placing them to the side of his belt,and his 45. to the front.
He walked down the stairs grabbing his lugz,putting them on and tying them up.
He reached for the key to his house,opend the door locking it,then left out for the streets.
He started jogging at a slow pace towards his friend mikes house,looking around at the dark streets,no lights were on at all....how weird.

Stay tuned :P