View Full Version : Australian Cable network sucks

04-14-2003, 09:18 AM
I really wished I lived in America, because you guys seem to have good broadband infrastucture.

Australia has 2 (3 if you include TGP or TPG, i not sure which one) main broadband providers. Optus, while they have good priced cable internet packages, their paytv service sucks, compared to FOXTEL.

(by the way, do you guys have Foxtel or Fox something or somekind of Fox run network, because Im pretty sure channels like FOX 8 and Arena are available in America, the programming seems to have American voice overs.)

Also, Optus is really confined to areas in and close to capital cities.

Telstra (god they suck). If you don't live in Australia think of Telstra as basically the owner of everything Broadband, Telephone, Internet related. They own the Broadband network and until recently were the only place you could get phone and internet services.

For the amount of profit they make you would think they could spare a few hundred million and cable the regional areas of the country.

Basically, Australian broadband packages suck and is it anybetter in the US?


04-14-2003, 10:44 AM
Well, im with telstra, 3 gig dl limit... its expensive, but damn quick. Its uncommon for me to get pings of more than 40-50 in a game.... and my downloads from gamearena come in at about 800 kb/sec....

there's other cable providers too, with cheap deals and reliable services.... there will be many more soon... just hang out for a good deal :) and leech off free sites.