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04-14-2003, 02:56 PM
PARAGON FEDERATION www.paragonpa.com
Faction: Rebel
Server: Chilastra
Planet: Corellia

The Paragon Federation is a highly organized PA that is made up of the following branches:

Do you enjoy heavy combat with friends from your own PA?
Then you have found the right place. The Paragon Federation has a LARGE military force with a current officer rank. Squads are already established with people who will be playing at similar times and those who play for casual to elite/hardcore.

Maybe you are an artisan and enjoy tradeskills? If so, we definitely need you! Our heavy military forces can use all types of weapons/armor/droids..etc. We currently give out FREE web space for everyone involved in commerce. We want to sell your goods so we can grow! We currently have weapons, armor, clothes, driod, and mining tradeskill members.

Do you have an interest in supporting and caring for our armed forces units?
If yes, then we need you in our Medical branch! With our impressively frowing military branch we will need all types of medical professions...from those who love to work in an operating room to those who want to be in the action with our troops! Come join the team!

Are you the type of person who is social and loves to talk and meet people!?
If so, then join our Diplomacy branch! We are always searching for people who want to help our PA along with others with similar interests in our goal to take over the Empire. Make tons of friends within our PA and others!

Can you keep secrets? Do you love spying? Do you want to be in an elite special operations group???
If you answered yes to any of the following, then we can use you! Our intelligence branch is highly organized and always looking for Elite dedicated players. Our intelligence branch is HIGHLY secretive and HIGHLY selective..so if you are up for the challenge and seek lucrative challenges then apply today!

We are searching for ACTIVE members who strive on becoming the best. Whether you want to fight in our armed forces or become a skilled trader. Our PA only wishes SERIOUS and DEDICATED members to apply.

Our goal is to grow and dominate while providing a fun atmosphere for casual and hardcore players alike.

APPLY TODAY at: www.paragonpa.com

See ya there!