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04-15-2003, 11:48 PM
Hello everyone, Council of Guardians is now recruiting. We are a PA which is dedicated to helping everyone become stronger. We are hoping to start out own city with the help of everyone. We wont ask for alot of money, just the right amount we can use to maintain our city.

We are recruiting right now, any race or profession is qualified to join us. Council of Guardians (http://councilofguardians.cjb.net)

Above is our PA site (It contains all you need to know about us). We hope that you would join us and become apart of the Council.


04-18-2003, 12:51 AM
Even If you don't join the Council of Guardians, you may still become one of our allies. We will take any allies who wishes to join up with us.:D

04-25-2003, 02:05 PM
Hello to everyone! The Council of Guardians is looking for new recruits. We are a Neutral Player Association, but we welcome both imperial and rebels. We haven't chosen a server or planet yet because in the future we are leaving it for discussion and voting for it. But, our City will be located on Tatooine. Below is some information about us:


We are a Player Association that's based on the military/city ideas. We are the type of PA that is willing to help both the starting and experienced players become stronger (Through constant training). We want to help our members be in tiptop condition in case of war breakouts. We are more into the idea of melee and ranged military, but we are looking forward to building our own city when the game is released. We do want to take part in the Galactic War. We have set up an organized ranking system so that all members can be noticed and appreciated. We are a friendly environment of players that don't like to start up riots. But, if the time comes that a PA is in conflict with us, we are not afraid of becoming hostile.

Crafters and Benefits:

To all the crafters out there, we will help with the resources you need for creating and broadening their skills are craftsman. As for benefits, we will always have a hunting group going for all of our members. We will help with quests/missions (Such as monsters, and finding items). We will try to bring each of the member's skills to the extent of their abilities.

We are accepting all species and professions into the PA. We know each species and professions has its advantages in the game. We are a semi-role-playing PA that suites the style of role-playing members and those who are just into the game. We are a Democracy that supports the idea of every member has they're say within the PA. We do ask for some maturity, but in the same time, we don't mind you fooling around.

Still not persuaded? Go to councilofguardians.cjb.net for more information about us.

Email: Cybercell9 (cybercell9@aol.com)
-Leader of the Council of Guardians
Joseph Nightblade.