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04-17-2003, 02:12 PM
Hi... I am new...

Reguest: I don't know if this needs a new model, but... Maybe it could use the Royal Guard-model...

But anyway... All good skinner/modelers: PLease take a try at this... And then show it here...

(ps. More ideas coming up... if somebody wants to do this):fett:

04-17-2003, 02:46 PM
sorry.. Forgot the link:http://www.gamingforums.com/attachment.php?s=&postid=507645

04-17-2003, 03:05 PM
looks good...Indeed, the royal guard should do it fine, but if you want a more accurate model you can modify the Royal Guard. But make sure that you get the permit from the authors if you plan to release it.

04-17-2003, 03:12 PM
The author of the Royal-Guard-model or the pic... cause I did the pic in a program called heromachine (http://www.ugo.com/channels/freestyle/heroMachine/heromachine.asp)....
I did this pic in the new "beta"... The link is to the old v1...

04-17-2003, 03:14 PM
from the model, dude!.

04-17-2003, 03:15 PM
by the way... I am not good at skinning/modeling... I can do a little skinning but, I am not good at it... So please: Give it a try...

(More ideas coming up... If you like this one!)

04-17-2003, 03:25 PM
I don't promise anything, 'cause I'm busy with other models dude

04-19-2003, 05:51 AM
New pic, new idea...
pic (http://www.gamingforums.com/attachment.php?s=&postid=509633)

04-19-2003, 04:49 PM
that's very good, .... I like the gloves!