View Full Version : all we need is 1kb

Lynk Former
04-20-2003, 07:58 AM
okay I'm not asking for much here, I just want to upload 1 simple avatar that's 19.6kb...


...the limit for avatar's in 20kb YET I can't upload the damn avatar that's .4kb under the limit :ball: All we need is 1kb more, to make the limit 21kb. That's all I ask :ball: ...

04-20-2003, 08:03 AM

it's 20039 bytes, so it is 0,039 KB too large


Lynk Former
04-20-2003, 08:52 AM
:rolleyes: gawd i hate computers... anywayz, despite kstar... 1kb? come on. I'm sure a lot of ppl have had .039bytes or something before... i know every avatar i've ever done has been like that :ball:

04-20-2003, 09:26 AM
Your computer is using kibibytes (1024 bytes) instead of kilobytes(1000 bytes).

Can't you just save it with one less color?

04-22-2003, 01:21 AM
try this one Lynk, it should work :


Lynk Former
04-22-2003, 08:48 AM
x.x i am gettin too old for this... bleah thanx... such a useless topic x.x

Wraith 8
04-22-2003, 04:32 PM
well.. i say.. increase the size to 120 kb.. :p.. i had a WICKET avatar.... but it was about 119 :( ;)