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Dagobahn Eagle
04-22-2003, 01:29 AM
Note: Let's try not to make this to cheesy, sticky, and so on. You know what I mean, touchy subject :o.

I've been thinking about this for a while, especially after, who was it, C'Jais I think, posted his thread on manipulation of DNA to prevent people from falling in love with their own gender.

Why do humans fall in love? The usual, recognized answer is that we fall in love in order to want to spend time with a person and reproduce. Why? It's human and, more importantly, animal nature. You'll find that several other things that are accepted as "facts" to humans are generalizations made from observing other animals.

My question is, though, if humans are supposed to love a person and get together with that person only to eventually reproduce, why do some humans, as far as I know as the only animal, fall in love with people of their own gender, which they cannot possibly reproduce with? And why do some humans get sexually aroused by things that can't possibly lead to reproduction, such as smoking or, believe it or not, bandages or raincoats (for those who recognize it as that, "fetishism")?

You may say that if the girl next door falls in love with your sister, it's simply because there's something wrong with her. And most people say the same about "fetishism". However, neither of these are considered disorders anymore. Medically speaking, there's nothing wrong with a person who loves another person of his or her own gender, than there is something wrong with a person who falls in love with a person of a different skin color. It's simply part of that person.

My theory is, we're meant to be that way. Humans will never stop reproducing, so why would we need love to drive us to reproduce? So my answer to the topic question is "to make us happy". You can't argue that you feel happy when you get to be with a person you love, so why not?

By having a broader range of things and people to love, humans have a broader range of things to make us happy (for example, if you can fall in love with both a boy and a girl, you're more likely to find a person to love).

Finally, about society not accepting it: Well, that's a problem with society, not with us. Remember, when races were segregated, people thought that it was supposed to be that way too. You couldn't walk up to a man and say that there was nothing wrong with integration without being called a communist (for supporting equality) or otherwise an enemy of society.

So, how many people agree, how many disagree, and how many have other theories?

04-22-2003, 01:54 AM
I think love is just enjoyment. I love playing video games. But that's different. I think it's different because love can be returned by another human. I love games for what they are, but they will never change, or be different. Love with another person is an ever changing thing. Another person can also return those feelings of love, which in turn boost your feelings of love.

I don't think love is an innate feeling to facilitate screwing. Humans are a social animal, so love is a word to describe that type of behavior. There is also friendship, companionship, etc...but love is like the ultimate feeling for another person.

Your theory on fetishism hinges on the theory that love is neccesary for reproduction. Flimsy to say the least. Anyhow, fetish is a word used to describe people who get aroused by things that other people don't think they should be getting aroused by. But it's all individual. I get a boner thinking about your mom in some thigh high's, but that in no way will help me reproduce. Is it a wierd thought? Who knows, all I can say is that what turns one person on might disgust another, and vice versa. Everyone here has some idea or fantasy in their head that turns them on that they will never tell another soul. Those people who do tell are the people who get labeled as having a fetish. And that's not a bad thing, but it's just the insistance of society to label everyone and everything.

Oh, and about your mom in the thigh highs, you need to tell her to send me some more pics, these ones are getting a little old.

Dagobahn Eagle
04-22-2003, 02:05 AM
Your theory on fetishism hinges on the theory that love is neccesary for reproduction. Flimsy to say the least. Anyhow, fetish is a word used to describe people who get aroused by things that other people don't think they should be getting aroused by
?? Did I come across wrong? I was saying the whole time that we don't fall in love to reproduce, not that fetishism was wrong or anything. I bascially said, or meant to say, 99% the same as you :confused:. Honestly, I don't get it.

Oh, and you don't know the person you're talking to is not a fetishist. You don't know I'm not:).

Oh, and about your mom in the thigh highs, you need to tell her to send me some more pics, these ones are getting a little old.
I guess I did indeed come across as offending, which is a surprise since I agree with you. Or are you just trying to be funny?

04-22-2003, 02:39 AM
I am just joking around. Unless your mom is a milf and you really do have pictures.

If we sound the same, cool. Maybe a different angle on the same thing. You did ask for opinions if we agree.

04-22-2003, 03:31 AM
eh.. nice topic..:rolleyes:
Well there is love for a reason in this world. but i don't quite fully understand it all.

Darth Groovy
04-22-2003, 06:55 AM
All I know, is that my girlfriend lights up my life. When I am around her, I am happy. She makes me act better, since she brings out the best in me. I love being with her, I could talk to her for hours on end about the stupidest things in the world, and never get bored.

I don't know how or why I fell in love with her, but I don't resent one bit of it.

There was a time, when I encouraged her to walk away and we called it quits. About a month later we were back together again, and during that whole time, all I thought about was what life was like when I was with her. It sort of strengthened our relationship, because we called it quits and started all over. We never dig up the past, and it is like a new relationship now.

There is even talks on the table now about having kids again. We had discussed this times before, and even though we both wanted them, she basically convinced me that neither of us were ready, she is very down to Earth like that. Well just last night she said she wanted to stop the birth control and have one anyway. We will see what happens next.

All I know is that I would like to grow old with this girl, and I would not trade her for all the riches of the world. I am not sure if I really know what love is, but she makes me tingle every time she whispers my name in my ear, and makes me want to work harder at getting better grades in school, so I can get a better job in the hopes of someday living with her and maybe even raise a kid. Know I probably do not know what love is, or where it comes from, but if somebody told me right now that I am in love, I would accept that answer.

*rides off into the sunset*

04-22-2003, 12:23 PM
Saying that love exists simply to make us happy is too happy. Of course it makes us happy - sleep, food and drinking makes us happy as well, but they're not things that exists purely to make us happy. The happiness is a sideeffect, or rather, the incentive to get it. Your brain is calmed and endorphins and dopamin released to make you happy. It is a vital drug, so to speak.

As Munik said, there are different kinds of love. Love for your family, which has nothing to do with wanting to breed with them, love for your friends etc. I like to call it social bondage, as it serves mostly the same purpose, regardless of who it affects - it ties the community together with you.

Love for homosexuals is the same love as for heterosexuals. Notice homosexuals still want to have babies with each other, and raise a family - this is the essence of "sexual love". There's nothing wrong with the person, but the person is different from what humans are "supposed" to be. We wouldn't get very far is everyone was gay.

Fetisches are another thing entirely. They serve the purpose of sexually arousing a person, and only plays a role when speaking of purely sexual love.

As for society not accepting it, it's no more a problem with society than it is "wrong" being homosexual. It's only a subjective problem to you, though most people will agree, I bet.