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04-27-2003, 04:54 AM
I've decided to write a little bit of a tale related to the movie "The One" featuring Jet Li. So I hope this turns out to be good......

Topshot's Tale:
Episode 1:
A Dark Jedi and his evil clone.......

Prologue: Mythology of Universes

[Prologue sub-story]

6:30 a.m. in the morning, a usual time for a 17 year old teenager known as Benjamin Lautenschlager (Long name, isn't it???) to get up in the morning. A usually boring day and an almost usually exciting life. But today seems to be much different than almost any other day, except for Friday.

[Prologue sub-story end]

[Prologue start]

How I may explain this will seem very idiotic, but please bear with me.

*A huge grizzly bear mauls Topshot as he begins to narrate the story.*

"Um, I didn't mean bear as in an animal. Sorry, Mr. Grizzly."

Now where did I leave off? Oh yeah!

We've all thought there was only one dimension, maybe even more than one. But, as a matter of fact, there are only three.. These dimensions are similar in that the two, excluding ours, have only one remaining planet: Earth.

The Realm of Spirits, known as the Spirit Realm, is where the deceased go to (like my killer radioactive hamster, which I don't really have one :D ) after they depart from our dimension, the Light Realm.

But, if there's a Light Realm and a Spirit Realm, what is the third realm?

The third realm is a universe parallel to our own. The Dark Realm. A realm of opposites.

What do I mean by 'a realm of opposites?' Well, in this realm, we will use ZBomber as an example. In our universe, the Light Realm, Z is a good and funny guy (who also uses Sith powers in JO). But what if he wasn't good and funny, and never used Sith Powers? Well, this is what I mean by 'a realm of opposites.'

In the Dark Realm, Z would be evil and cruel and would use Jedi powers to become immortal, or even to commit unmentionable acts of evil using such powers as Jedi Mind Trick. Since this is the ZBomber of the Dark Realm, let's just call him "Dark ZBomber", or "Pure Evil ZBomber", and in the Light Realm, we will call the ZBomber of that realm "Light ZBomber", or "Pure Good ZBomber."

Topshot's story relates to this myth of alternate universes.

Every Saturday, he logs on to Lucasforums to chat with friends, or to meet new forum-dwellers. This Saturday will be different though. For this Saturday, he will come face to face with his most powerful adversary..............

[End of Part 1]

Well, anyone care to make a suggestion? Comments? Anything?

04-27-2003, 12:39 PM
oooo i wonder what my evil clone would be like? sounds pretty good so far

04-27-2003, 09:00 PM
Heh, thanks. :D

I'm working the first chapter as of now, and I'll post it up as soon as I finish writing it. :D

05-06-2003, 03:17 AM
I can give you a little bit of a tidbit: A battle will ensue, relatively DBZ style, between Agen_Terminator's powerful spoon and my powerful fishing rod majiks (majiks=most powerful spells or incantations)! The rest will remain a secret until the first chapter is fully finished. Perhaps your evil clone will appear in the first chapter, WhiteDragon!:p

05-06-2003, 08:50 AM
that would be cool :D i can imagein him as a dull person with no sence of humor :eek:

05-06-2003, 03:05 PM
Like Vicious Red Dragon! :p

You just gave me an idea! :D

05-06-2003, 07:01 PM
i hope its a good one

05-26-2003, 11:54 AM
Chapter 2:

I had challenged a fellow swampie by the user name Agen_Terminator to a duel to determine which had the ultimate power: my magic golden fishing rod, properly attuned by the Spandex side of the Shorts, or his spoon, attuned by the Latex side of the Shorts.

It was to prove that I had the superior power, the ultimate potential, and the key to the fourth LucasForums dimension. However, only one pure of mind and heart could access that dimension, one known to be the said "Chosen One" who would lead his followers into the realm of a world filled with only 3 genetic races: the Metroid Warrior, the Anime, and the Mutant races.

And I, myself, pondered if I would be "The One" that would fulfill this prophecy, yet I realized it could be someone else. Possibly Lunatic Jedi, the warrior who saved the planet Gunsmoke from a terrible enemy, or it could have been Dath Maximus and his buddy Dr. Zoidberg, who saved 100 people from the wrath of Magneto and Darth Bender.

No one knows for certain, but as I was busy thinking, an energy beam had headed straight to the center of my power suit. Had my suit not been coated with a beam-absorbent protective shell, I, as we all would know it, would have been decimated from the entire earthen planet we call "Planet LucasForums." The planet which was created by the all-mighty father of the Force, Jedi Master George Lucas.

The beam was fired from an energy north of where I was located. Approximately, the energy was about a power rating of 5,000,000,000, which was close enough to match my power of 4,997,000,000. Agen_Terminator had arrived at the location on Lucasforums known only as the Swamp, a land governed by its president, Darth Groovy.

Agen_Terminator always had a way of saying hello to all of the Swampies. This, however, wasn't that way.

To be continued......

05-27-2003, 02:01 PM
Hehe, I'm an evil clone who uses Jedi Powers. ^_^

or even to commit unmentionable acts of evil using such powers as Jedi Mind Trick.

:naughty: I like this. :D

Good Story so far Top. I'll keep reading it when there are new updates. :)

05-29-2003, 12:19 PM
(Continued Chapter)

Funny, I thought, that power is Agen's, yet it felt so.....warped.

I decided to check out the situation; however, when I arrived, I had found the town completely devastated. What's even worse is that I had found WhiteDragon, or what appeared to be him, pummelling Darth Eggplant, a fellow Swampy, mercilessly to the brink of unmentionable death.

Just as he was about to finish the job, I stepped in and caught his punch. Then I noticed something different about him.

Those eyes....., I thought,......They're......red. An evil looking red, and the tattoo on his back. It's of a silver and white dragon being slayed by a bloodied, dark looking sword.

For some reason, this awakened a nameless fear in my heart.

"Who're you?" I found myself asking this imposter. "And where did you come from?"

The impostor replied,"My lord, why're you here? Don't you remember sending me, lord ZBomber, the powerful Agen_Terminator, and the rest of the Dark Army to destroy these pitiful creatures they call Swampies?"

"I don't know who you are or why you think I am your king," I beckoned,"but I would never harm anyone, much less have my friends kill them!"

"If what you say is true," the imposter stated,"then prove it! Destroy this inefficient life form's pitiful excuse of a life!"

I replied angrily,"As I said earlier, no."

"Very well then. Prepare to die, Master of Guns!"

Taunting me this way, my opponent moved into a position I knew all too well. Hands cupped at the side, body in what they call in Martial Arts, a horse stance. The dreaded Kamehameha, a technique mastered by the greatest of martial artists in the Anime world, the powerful Master Roshi, the turtle hermit.

The technique was to cup the hands at the side while charging little or vast amounts of energy onto a single point, then to fire, the user brought his cupped hands forward into a sort of board holding position.

As the huge beam arched forward, a new fighter quickly appeared before my very eyes and used the same technique to counter it, only to have been caught in a power struggle (like in Jedi Outcast, ;) ).

I couldn't tell who it was for certain, but I knew one thing: I was lucky that he was on my side!

"Go now!" the stranger bellowed.

I knew the voice. It was the true WhiteDragon, recently returned from his home planet, Planet Vicious. I wanted to thank him for saving me when he did, but I was interrupted in my thoughts by his voice again.

"Go now! The others need you!"


"GET AWAY FROM HERE NOW!!!!!!!" his voice boomed.

Left with no choice, I left him to his battle, and struck out to find the others, my friends, the surviving Swampies. I looked back to Dragon, wishing I could help, but then I sadly turned away, doing what was instructed of me.

As I made my way to the Academy, one thing had crossed my mind: Something, or rather someone, had done something to make this all happen, and I was determined to find the monster who'd done this and to bring him to justice.

As I passed over X-Wing Alliance Headquarters, something had caught my attention: a fallen object of what appeared to be in the shape of a star.

As I neared the star, a hologram of a long dead defender of the Academy projected itself.

"I am Captain Lone Starr of the old Jedi Academy," the hologram said,"This message is intended for the present day Jedi Academy."

Then the recording paused for a while, as if waiting for someone to reply. He looked from side to side, which then he noticed that I was in his presence.

"You are not from the present day Jedi Academy! Who are you?" he asked, awkwardly.

"I am known to most bounty hunters as Dakan Sarsyn of the Smuggler's Alliance. To others, I am known as Jedi Master Topshot. And I AM from the present day Jedi Academy," I replied, angrily, but in a calm tone of voice.

"My records say you're not," the holo replied,"I'll give you the message anyways. Ahem, your planet is going to be invaded. Stop. You must save it. Stop. Pass go and collect $200. Stop. Your opponent is......"

The message then became garbled, and the hologram was smashed by a black boot.

I looked up into the face of Agen_Terminato, or more likely, his evil copy. The real Termie carried a spoon. His clone was a spoon.

"You are the Topshot of this realm," Dark Agen growled,"You will either surrender or...."

"Or what???" I angrily threatened, as I raised my mechanical left gunning arm to his temple.

"Or you will be crushed," he flamed back,"LIKE THIS!!!!!!"

A huger-than-normal boulder hurtled toward me from my right at blinding speed. I hardly had time to activate and charge my arm, so instead I braced myself for what would turn out to be the worst case scenario I had ever experienced since that battle to save the Academy of the Spoons from an ongoing alien invasion.

At every direction I turned, a boulder was waiting, ready to crush its target. Without hesitation, I drew forth my fishing rod saber and sliced through nearly every boulder as I made my way to Agen's imperfect copy.

I was beginning to wonder what these imperfect clones' motives were. Sure they have our skills needed for survival, but did they know anything else than pure hatred, the weapon that empowers the Latex side of the Shorts?

Apparently, fate has conspired against me, because at that moment, Dark Agen was about to deliver the death blow with his own lightsaber. In other words, he was about to end the battle, and my life!

Just as his saber was about to stab through, and I mean straight through, the fishing rod gave off a pure golden glow and time around me slowed to a hault. Realizing I acted with desperation, I figured that's what triggered the rod to shimmer and give off its mystical power. Time was against me though, as the hault would only last for 12 minutes.

With as much speed as I was allowed, I gave it my best shot to try and slice him in two. Being since Dark Agen contained Spoon powers, my attacks proved ineffective.

However, I did have enough time to escape the spoon's deadly Spoon Beam. That plan went to the junkyard as well, because at that very moment, all Hell broke loose.

This new presence's Shorts powers were 10 times as deadly, and he was already nearby.

This is definitely a very bad situation already, I quoted,What could possibly make this day even more worse than before?

As soon as I questioned myself, just as quickly had I received my answers. From within the deepest recesses of my mind, a psychic link had been established.

Hello Topshot, the voice hissed,Do you know who I am? I know you know who I am.......

That voice was familiar to me. So very familiar, that I started to tremble and quake. That voice was my own.........

[End Chapter 2]

05-29-2003, 03:11 PM
AWSOME STORY. ide love to write a short fight between me and my evil twin. ide make it pretty funney. but only with your permission

05-29-2003, 04:42 PM
Go ahead. You have my permission. :cool:

Currently going to start work on the 3rd chapter soon, so there might not be any updates in a while. But I'll try to come up with a good preview when I get an idea. :cool:

05-31-2003, 12:26 AM
Thats pretty good Top! The latex side of the shorts! ^_^

05-31-2003, 12:30 AM
Someone should get Agen to come read this! :D Although I'm not sure if he'd like it or not. I won't ask him for fear that he might use his spoon powers against me and turn me into a pair of briefs!

05-31-2003, 09:26 PM
Chapter 3: Memories

"I know you know who I am......."

Those were the words that flowed through my mind when I came into contact with my own worst fear. A new fear; one that I thought would never come to reality. But it did, and now I was scared. So scared that I almost nearly went into a state of paralysis, and still I was flying. Flying back to the place I call home: Caska, the second moon of SR3088, the homeworld to the last of the remaining Metroid species.

SR3088 was destroyed in a war that broke out not too long ago. Three races had fought for control of the planet: the Humans, the Sling-Shots, and the Ridley. I was one of the few survivors of that war. The other was Zamus Aran. ZBomber, as we called him. He was the last generation of the Aran line. His mother died in battle while trying to save him from the planet's destruction.

However, there was only a one-man ship left in the cargo bay, and his mother knew she could not save the both of them. So she sacrificed herself to save his future by putting him in the ship, setting the course for Caska (once called Zebes at the time), and launched, leaving only herself and others who could not make it on the planet.

My past was similar to his in a way. My father had sent me on a ship that left earlier than Z's, making his the last ship to set course for our new "home." I had never known my mother, and Z had never known his father. I was 7, a couple years younger than him at the time.

Once on Caska, our ships had crash-landed at two very different locations at two very different times, and found by two very different tribes. The Chozo, who created the Metroids, and the Sha-Zen, who created "Parasite X."

Two different tribes who were at war with each other, but were, for the moment, at a cease fire.

To be continued.........

06-01-2003, 01:03 AM
I really like this story so far Top! :D

The Chozo, who created the Metroids, and the Sha-Zen, who created "Parasite X."

Did they really do that? I haven't beaten any Metroid Game, so I wouldn't know. ^_^

06-01-2003, 01:46 AM
It says so on page 40 in the Metroid Fusion booklet about who created the Metroids, but not who created the X.

While it has come to light in recent years that the Metroids were created by the ancient Chozo civilization, it is not common knowledge that they were created for the purpose of driving out the X parasites.

So I came up with the story of who the X were created by, by thinking of who the Chozo civilization's enemy would be and if that enemy created the X. Therefore, I came up with "Sha-Zen",the name for that enemy.

06-01-2003, 05:08 PM
Originally posted by topshot
It says so on page 40 in the Metroid Fusion booklet about who created the Metroids, but not who created the X.

So I came up with the story of who the X were created by, by thinking of who the Chozo civilization's enemy would be and if that enemy created the X. Therefore, I came up with "Sha-Zen",the name for that enemy.

Pretty creative, Topshot ;)

06-13-2003, 09:55 AM
(Chapter 3 cont.'d)

The suns in the Dark Realm looked as dark as night in the Light Realm, only a bit more darker than usual.

As soon as the invasion had finally begun, He knew,then the Light Realm would be defenseless to stop the Dark Army from conquering every city and planet in that dimension.

Resting his eyes while walking through the Shade Empire Palace corridors with a little smirk that looked both wickedly cruel and seeminglessly happy at the same time as He planned the next confrontation. His time would come, and he would confront his enemies in the decisive battle that only fate could determine whether he won or lost that battle.

The consequences for both were grim: If he won the battle, the Light Realm Defense Forces would crumble beneath His glorious, undefeated army's battalion of 1 million, and the second if he lost, his empire would fall victim to the energy that was the power of good.

Whatever the decision, He knew both had a seemingly different effect on the future.

06-24-2003, 02:54 AM
More updates please. :D

06-24-2003, 12:16 PM
4: The Duel

Both enemies, the dark Dragon and the light Dragon struggled in a no-holds-barred face-2-face, fist-2-fist, katana-2-bloodied katana 2 man war.

Seeing as they were equally matched, none of the two would accept defeat. And they were both determined to end the duel.

One slash after another, the dark Dragon had the original on the defensive, while the real Dragon had definitely been planning something. Testing him, as I would say. The copy's mentality, his strengths, his weaknesses, everything he could learn about this evil spirit that nearly wasted the life of a fellow Swampy. He wanted to rid the world of this impostor, this demon.

He took the demon for granted, though. No other fight had warmed him up since the battle against the guy who escaped imprisonment and framed him by using l33t speak to fake his identity. One man had done such things before: the Dell Dude. The most evil being since mince meat pie (which has a nasty after-effect, trust me ;) ).

07-22-2003, 05:32 AM
(But here we go!)

"I see we are equals in skill level," Dragon smirked,"but can you match my wits?"

"Yeah. And I can dish 'em back triple fold!!!!!"

With that smash to the face, the battle had been hard fought, but the war was not over. Dark Dragon retreated for now.

The base had been preoccupied with its share of recent updates. A new Battle/Training program had been installed into the base's computer mainframe as well as a special weapons store. Armor, Spells, and Element programs had also been incorporated into the system. The only thing is, they never had the special armor program currently in development by the town's own program modifier, the one they call "Reclaimer", probably one of the best armor programmers Planet Lucasforums had to offer. Aside from being a programmer, he also fought in the Arcade Wars, the longest battle in ancient history.