View Full Version : what the hell are most of u thinking!?!?!

04-27-2003, 09:37 AM
Listen, why are there so many of you fools talking about the use of guns in the upcoming jedi academy!?!?! i dont understand its kalled JEDI academy hence the use of a lightsaber.

I play JO extensively online in a clan in australia and trust me guns are a definate NO and i know it the same on US servers so wtf why talk about guns in the sequel. WHO CARES!!! its about jedi. So learn to use a saber becoz its fikin mad fun.

But in all seriousness if u like guns DONT PLAY JEDI GAMES goto ut2003 or sum **** becoz your not wanted on jedi servers

thats my 2 cents worth, and im sure al u fukn gun whores will abuse me but ill hav the last laugh wen your booted from servers for using guns so HA


04-27-2003, 09:47 AM
Okay, here's a little advice. Don't come onto these forums flaming other members because of how they choose to play JO.

The original Jedi Knight, then Mysteries Of The Sith, then Jedi Outcast all allowed players to use guns - and quite a selection of guns come to that. It wsa programmed into the game by the developer, and if they are there, people are perfectly entitled to use them

Just an FYI here...JEDI ACADEMY will also have a wide selection of guns to be used in both SP and MP...so people are perfectly entitled to use them as they see fit. If the developer intended it to be a lightsaber only game, then they would have left out the rest of the arsenal of weapons, and only coded in lightsaber combat.

So please don't try and foist your set of personal rules on every other member of the gaming community, just because you think it's lame.

This thread is closed before it becomes a flame-fest - and any further inflammatory posts will be locked or deleted. Show other members of these boards the respect they deserve. Thanks. Have a nice day. :cool: