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11-24-1999, 04:44 PM
Well, I found the "entrenching tool" and even got through the spider cave to be able to swim out to that wrecked ship. What the hell do I do from there? I don't see anything around or aboard the damn vessel. There's a hole in its aft with a gold bar at the bottum. But I don't see anything else. What do I do once I get to the ship?? Someone please help me

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11-24-1999, 04:51 PM
Here's whatcha do: On the boat near the crane there'll be an arming device, mabye the type used on a torpedo perhapes? http://www.indyjones.net/forums/smile.gif

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11-24-1999, 10:14 PM
And there's nothing better when you're wigged-out and frustrated than blowing things up real good.


11-25-1999, 04:09 AM
I looked at both cranes. I couldn't find any arming device. Please, please go into more detail. Is it the crane with water surrounding it? Or is it the crane with a big crate next to it?

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11-25-1999, 04:52 AM
On the Ship near the crane is a little box ...Inside the box is an arming device .. take it swim back to shore and use it in the torpedo .... From there on ... Hammer around

11-28-1999, 01:52 AM
what are the things you have to do after you open the door to the captians cabin?

11-28-1999, 02:40 AM
You can pick up something to help with the crane or a med kit and a treasure are below you.

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