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04-28-2003, 06:58 PM
Blaster shot's riped out through the corridor as three storm troopers barricade them self's for protection.
Two outlaws,bounty hunting scum lay firing dazily into the night air towards the soldiers.
"Im almost out!" Cried one,moving back reloading,as for the other,he pulls out a second blaster,switching on rapid fire nailing one of the stormys in the head"Alright,time to leave"Both take off towards a hanger bay located east of their position when they are stoped,stairing down at the great...Admiral Thrawn.
"Holy ****...."
"Damn.." Both suprised at what they see,but shake it off and continue towards the hanger.
"DAMNIT! they have our ship!" The ship he was refering to resembled the outrider that Dash rendar once flew.
It was surounded by soldiers.
"It's now or never>.>"
Kerea Berreta,an outlaw fairly well known among the cantina's.prostitutes and so on spoke out.
In a instant he busted out two E-11's he had taken from earlier resistance.
He armed them both then ran at the ship"DIE!" The stormtroopers looked up at them,but before they could reach their weapons,most were on the ground dead,and the ship had already taken off.

One week later....
"****!"Kerea awoke smashing his r2 unit in the face."Damn droid alarm clock things..." Kerea wiped his guys and lept from the bed walking over to the window looking apon courascant.
"Just another day"His shadow made its way out the door 10 minutes after getting ready, the only thing left in the room was the bed,nothing else.
Speeder's fly by in the undergrounds,homless men wemon and children struggle to survive,thugs move to the upperlevels to rob,this is truley hell.
"Si,please spare some change" Disgusted by this mans queer-ness,kerea pulls his bryer out and sticks it to his head"Next time you will think before you ask people for money old man.." A light saber clashed against Kerea's bryer breaking it in half,Kerea quickly looked up to see,Luke skywalker, the master of the new republic jedi,there stood behind him,Möbius,in which neither had any idea they were related.
"We're going downtown, the authorities will take care of you there"In a rush skywalker grabbed kerea by the arm and threw him towards Möbius,but when Kerea turned to him,Mobius Was shocked,staring into his eyes...He said no word.

Back in the city of courascant Makaveli of WaR was training, fighting fiearcly against Min Woo,a genetic clone of the Vet Guard captin of WaR.
"Good job,but you must try better Makaveli,for this is the true understandment of the jedi."
To be continued.