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04-28-2003, 07:08 PM
Bird's eye view, a red mustang speeding over a free way bridge,heading towards the west side of New york.
The car pulls into a back alley leading to a strip joint,the car halls to a stop,and the door pops open.
A young man,age 25 steps out in baggy black pants,Dark red lugs,a detroit red wings shirt,and a red bandana with the back to his front.
The guy closes the door to his car and heads up the stairs.
Two bouncer's stop him.
''Where have you been? They've been expecting you for about an hour now"
One of the bouncer's speak up,the man just nods it aside,and walks in checking out the croweds,then notices a table with people signaling him over.
"Berreta,you got the ****?"A man in blue steps up,holding a gun to The mans chest.
"If I don't ,you willing to bust?"6 men from another table turn on the man in blue.
"Heh,one of these days."
The man,known as Berreta now,flashes the west side signal with his hand,and those armed who turned,went back to their drinks.
"6 Pounds,am I right?"Berreta speaks softly.
"Yeah thats right, 70 grand right?!"
A crack whore speaks up.
"I have very little patiance,70 g's won't help your cause there."
Berreta turns to the women,she looked so old,rugged,hard to tell she was only 16.
"Aren't you a little too young for this ****?"
A bullet shot rings from behind the bar,and those at the table with berreta leaped to the floor,while berreta stood drawing out 2 glocks.
Those whome were at the bar and tables where also up drawing weapons.

04-28-2003, 08:18 PM
3 chars for this RPG:
1. Jack Ryan: An undercover cop
2. Gerard Renfro: A police captain, Jack's boss.
3. Brian Walker: Jack's partner and information relay, he delivers the information to the boss. He's also in charge of a special team that arrives whenever Jack calls it
*Ryan, in the club, joins Berreta and draws two 9mm 15 round guns*
Ryan: You in trouble?

04-28-2003, 09:43 PM
"No idea yet,Just some shots," Berreta looks down at the floor where his bitch crew laid"Man you suck!"
Berreta then leaps over the bar rushing into the back room leaping across getting shot at,then screams out "Yeah we in trouble!"
Berreta then throws out a knife distracting them as he turns the corner cliping to sendin them to the ground,takin cover against the wall again.

04-28-2003, 09:46 PM
*Jack shoots his guns until they run out of ammo, then he pulls out a 12 gauge shotgun and starts shooting with it*

04-28-2003, 10:03 PM
-Backround music for this setting "In da hood" by 50 cent-
Berreta walks out sluggin every nigga an lantina in site,not givin a ****,like something took over.
"YOU RYDE YOU DIE!" The words etched in his mind as he starts rushin the injured,then ducking out the back takin the cash,and keepin the drugs,runnin for his car,pulling out then speeding away,with 2pac full blast in his car.

04-28-2003, 10:23 PM
Jack: The hell if you're getting away that easy *into radio* suspect is speeding away on a red mustang. Grab him but do not compromise my position I repeat do not compromise my position
*15 cop cars start chasing Berreta*

04-28-2003, 11:51 PM
"ALREADY?!" Berreta steps on the gas heading for the peer,"What a set up"
In anger Berreta goes faster opening his door grabbing the drugs and cash leaping out as the mustang flys over the dock,Berreta then ducks under all the ship yard equipment and makes his escape quietly.

One week later..

04-29-2003, 10:10 AM
An SUV approaches a warehouse, once there the doors fly open, quickly a team dressed in black quickly enter the building, killing a gaurd there.
Team Leader: GO GO GO
The team takes over the building, capturing several drug dealers.
The team leader takes off his mask to reveal Brian Walker.
Brian: WHaddya know, he gave us the right informatiion.

04-29-2003, 05:08 PM
Down Main street,Berreta walks with a lady named Aisha.
"Oh Des" A smile glimmers across her face as she wraps her arms around him,Berreta kissing her fore head laughin.
His cell rings "Esccccuse me" He says n a joking manner,being 'Cute'.
"Hey faggot,your house gets hit tonight" The person on the other end hangs up.
Berreta takes a few glances around then steps out from the alley,"You hungry?" He asks Aisha as he throws his arms infront of her from behind drawing her closer resting his head on her shoulder.

Smiling she says "Yup" and they head towards a restaurant.

04-29-2003, 05:48 PM
Jack calls Berreta's cell phone, disguising his voice

Captain LeChuck
04-29-2003, 05:51 PM
Char for this RPG:

Ted "CappyD" Callaghan, a guy who lives alone in a mobile home.

*Ted stands outside the resturant clad in a cap and hood and blue baggy jeans*

Where the **** is that son-of-a-bitch. He should've been here by now.

*Ted has a bandage around his left hand*

04-29-2003, 09:02 PM
A coupe pulls up at the side,and Berreta steps out.
"Ted man,sorry,Been busy with the lady,so why'd you wanna see me?"

04-29-2003, 09:11 PM
Jack hangs up, since no one answers, he tries again, using his police authority to make the cell phone ring louder than the high setting

04-29-2003, 09:29 PM
The phone rings and Berreta picks up "Yo?"

04-29-2003, 10:02 PM
Jack (with voice disguised) "listen carefully, there's a cop at the corner, if you follow my instructions you may be able to get out of here alive and free. Do we have a deal?"

04-29-2003, 10:09 PM
Berreta turns his back from ted,an heads down alittle so he can't hear. "Alright im listening."

04-29-2003, 10:18 PM
Jack: The cop is looking away, run back to your car... NOW

04-29-2003, 11:06 PM
Berreta throws back a pound of coke to ted,running for his coupe,getting in and starting it up,He backs out and speeds through the back alleys.
"Well whats next?"

04-30-2003, 12:12 AM
Jack *watching from nearby*: head to 3rd and Main, go fast.

04-30-2003, 12:19 AM
Speeds through the back alleys and ends up swirving into the middle of 3rd an main,locking his doors and duckin into the back seat
"Now what?"

04-30-2003, 12:32 AM
Jack: get out of the car and head to the empty BMW 3 cars in front of you

04-30-2003, 12:41 AM
Pops the back door open and steps out,holdin an m-16,jogging towards the bmw,opening it and getting in
"What is this,GTA3?! Stop playing games,what is this leading up too?!"

04-30-2003, 10:23 AM
Jack: the key is in the ignition, turn the car on and drive away normaly. Don't arouse suspicion

04-30-2003, 05:15 PM
Does as told,pullin out a joint,then lighting it up to pleasure himself."Alright,so who exactly are you?"

04-30-2003, 07:41 PM
Jack: A friend, pull into the tunnel

05-01-2003, 12:15 AM
Berreta slowly turns into the tunnel,slowly comming to a hault stepping out.

"This better be it,Im not driving any more.."

05-01-2003, 12:19 AM
*right behind Berreta*
Jack: Get out of the car.

05-01-2003, 01:18 AM
Berreta looks in the mirrior to the back.
Stepping out completley.
"Heh..."Slowly putting his hands around the back of his belt line "well?"

05-01-2003, 08:49 AM
*sirens approach*
Jack: You follow me
*kicks down matinance exit door and goes through, motioning for Berreta to do the same.*

Captain LeChuck
05-01-2003, 09:35 AM
Thought you could get rid of me, Berreta?

*Ted stands leaning towards the wall just around a corner*

You owe me some cash, man. And I need it now. 200 bucks.

05-01-2003, 05:11 PM
Berreta glances at ted,then looks to jack motioning him,then turns back to ted.
"ya know what?! it's 200 dollars,you wont be alive to get it"
Berreta grabs his berettas and opens fire on ted,then the cops turn the lights on the three,an he ducks in the door with jack "Let's go!"

Captain LeChuck
05-01-2003, 05:29 PM
*Dodges his shots*

Mutha****er! I'll get you for this!

05-01-2003, 07:14 PM
*Brian and Gerard get out of one cop car, with 14 cop cars and 2 swat vans following, everyone gets out of their veichles and point guns at ted*
*Jack leads Berreta through some tunnels, coming out in the street*

Captain LeChuck
05-01-2003, 07:29 PM
****ing cops! I dont got no ****ing guns! Chase those damn mutha****ers instead!

*Puts his hands on his head*

05-01-2003, 07:36 PM
*a cop steps forward and handcuffs Ted*
Cop: You are under arrest for obstructing a federal investigation. You have the right to remain silet, anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law. Do you understand these rights?

05-01-2003, 08:36 PM
Apon arrival of the streets,Berreta ignites a joint an puffs.
"Well that was close,poor ted."He laughs with a relief

05-01-2003, 10:00 PM
Jack: your warehouse is gonna get hit tonight, you know that right?

05-01-2003, 10:05 PM
"I care why?"
Berreta takes a seat on the curb,"I have all the money Imma need from here on then,and those who work there are bitches any ways,I need some real buisness,not dealin."

05-01-2003, 10:13 PM
Jack: when you try to walk out of the business and tell them you want to go legit they will kill you, they will make your life miserable and make you come back begging to get back in, i can help you out

05-02-2003, 12:18 AM
"Ain't no one gonna touch me!" Berreta stood,and headed across the street.
"Man! if I need the help I'll call,i got **** to take care of."

05-02-2003, 02:12 AM
New charachter:

John Smith.

For info see (The Transporter) minus the asian chick. Name is just there cuz I can't remeber his real name, but it's all good, doesn't have to be exacly the same.

Smith enters a cheap restraunt and heads over to a table in the back. Two men are sitting at the Table, a kocky thin brat with a ratty gotee, and a man in a brown suit, body guard by the looks of him.

"I'm here for some buissness," Smith announces plainly. The body guard looks up and nods; the brat stares straight ahead while sitting sprawled cassually across the restraunt bench. Smith sit's down.

As he slides into the seat the young man sparks up, " The names Jo-"

Smith cut's him off. "No names, rule number 1."

The kocky man smiles, folds his hands, and leans forward showing a few gold teath. A thin gold chain dangles beneath his blue silk shirt. "Oh ya, foregot."

The kocky man lifts a small briefcase from beneath the table and slides the silver case across to Smith. Poping it open Smith is pleased with what he sees but keeps a straight face.

The man leans back in his seat and says, "Ten grand, it's all yours. Just bring the package to this location, and drop it off at the rear door. You won't see anyone." He slides a paper with the adress to Smith who accepts it and slips it into his suits inner pocket.

"The packages weight?" Smith asks.

"Mabee ten pounds."

"Pleasure doin buissness," Smith forces a smile.

"My man'll give you the package on the way out. Deliver it at 9:00 sharp. any later and you just might wake up dead." He pauses and stares idolly for a moment, obviously realizing the senslessness of what he just said.

Smith cant help a weak smile and heads to the door where he's slipped a small crate. Smith carries the crate and places it in the trunk of his black mercadies, then drives off into the evening sunset.

05-02-2003, 09:05 AM
*Jack takes out his cell phone*
Jack: Yeah, claims he doesn't need help. No, something big is gonna happen at his warehouse tonight though. Yeah let him go.
Cop *to ted*: you're free to go
*Cop snaps the handcuffs off ted*

05-02-2003, 12:23 PM
Walking alone through the alley's,looking at thug's and gangster figures stay alive,the homeless thrive...
"Man..." He increases his speedto reach the end of the alley, one thought flows through his mind,one name...'Aisha'
What if she was killed, kidnapped,raped...the thoughts clustered together making him edgy.
He walks slowly towards a red car that simulated his younger brothers before he was killed,along with his mother and father....
"No...If they plan to work my buisness out,then I'll play them like fools."
Berreta grabs his cell an places a call.
Back at the warehousethe workers smirked.

05-02-2003, 09:56 PM
Gerard: Jam his phones.
*Service on berreta's phones is suddenly cancelled, the warehouse's phone lines are blocked*

05-03-2003, 01:53 PM
Berreta is seen by some east side cripts as he runs towards his warehouse,they decide to jump him with bats,they surround him."Hey it's a blood bitch,lets **** him up!"
Berreta throws his gun at one of the guys "I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THIS!"After shouting,berreta pulls out an m4 submachine from his trench an starts waisting them away.