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04-28-2003, 11:17 PM
I realize for all of you searching for a PA or city you are tired of reading endless posts and searching sites. So I am going to try and make it very easy for you and outline this post as best I can. So just go to whatever section of this post that you feel concerns you the most.

My name is Jor'da "'Fro" Kai, I am a The Rector of Economics for the City of Sparta. I also co-own and manage the Thirsty Dewback Cantina. Basic information about the city:

Server: Radiant ( http://radiant.projectdiscord.com )
Planet: Naboo
Faction: Neutral
Slogan: "Once Divided As A People, Now United As Spartans"
Website: www.sparta.moonfruit.com

Goal: The City of Sparta's main goal is to provide for its citizens. We want to remain peaceful while at the same time keeping opportunities open for our citizens. We are a group of people that are aiming to have fun, enjoy each others company and make a name for ourselves in the galaxy.

- Player Associations in Sparta:

Sparta has place for every profession mentioned in the SWG guide. Below are a few PA's that reside in Sparta, you may also create your own, we will even supply a webpage! Keep in mind these are only a few PA's that are recruiting right now, there are many more within the city.

- Center for Medical Research -

Website: www.cmr.moonfruit.com
Slogan: "Providing the latest in medical treatment and technology."

The CMR is a medical player association that is devoted to providing the latest forms of medicine to its citizens and outsiders. Currently we are looking for the following professions:

1. Medics/doctors
2. farmers
3. Smugglers

* We also have some leadership positions available.

- Carbonite Dreams Mining -

Website: http://cdm.moonfruit.com/
Slogan: "Carbonite Dreams - We make dreams a reality".

Carbonite Dreams Mining is obviously a mining player association providing for the city of sparta and other outside buyers.

Carbonite Dreams is a sure success for any of you miners out there because it will have to provide for the entire city. So if you are a miner be sure to have a look at Carbonite Dreams Mining.


Website: www.shroudsm.moonfruit.com
Slogan: "The SHROUD Encompasses all."

Spartan Homeland Reconnaissance Operations and Underground Defense or simply known as SHROUD is one of the military PA's in the Spartan Military. The Spartan Military site can be reached here: www.spartanmilitary.moonfruit.com

SHROUD is an elite group of military personnel. If you wish to persue a combat field, this is the PA to join.

- Spartan Droidworks -

Webpage: www.spartandroidworks.moonfruit.com

Spartan Droidworks is the primary manufacturer for all of the droids for the city. If you wish to persue this profession, there will be plenty of business.

- The Thirsty Dewback Cantina -

Slogan-"Work hard, party harder."

The Thirsty Dewback is a place where you can put your feet up after a hard days work and grab a couble beers. The entertainment capital of Sparta you will often find a drunk here! :p

I will be adding more. Thank you for your time and good luck with your PA search.

Any questions?