View Full Version : I need help in bringing Al Capone and Gangsters to JKII

04-29-2003, 11:33 PM
I love The Untouchables. In fact, I love it enough to start a mod where its setting is 1920s Prohibition Era Chicago. I am dedicated to making some maps for the time setting and some characters.

I need a modeller or 2 to help make weapons, because lets face it, Gangsters dont fire Imperial Carbines. Anyways, the model work will include a magnum, a shotgun, a bat or crowbar (I havent decided and need feedback on this) to replace lightsaber, and of course, a Tommy gun for the extra kick. The modelling would also include a keg because I plan on transforming CTF to Capture The Alcohol. If you can model well enough maybe some player models...

If you are pretty good at modelling, like the 1920s, and want to assist in bringing some Al Capone-Elliot Ness Action to Jedi Outcast, email me at MaceWindu813@hotmail.com Thanks for the time.