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04-30-2003, 07:17 PM
Greetings everyone. The Alliance of Jedi has offically opened it's doors and is seeking new members. Please visit our website at http://www.theallianceofjedi.org/ and learn more about us.

If you have any questions simply reply here or visit us at our forums. We hope to be hearing from you. :)

05-02-2003, 05:40 PM
Greetings once again. I decided to post a brief description of our PA here so that you know a little bit about us. One of the main features of our Club in general is our firm belief that everyone needs to have a voice in what we do. That said here is some more PA specific info written by our Co-Division head of swg, rogue jedi.

We are a Neutral PA with about a dozen members and slowly growing. Our goal, as a group, is to establish a space-based escort service. We will purchase craft and use them to escort other parties' cargo through the dangers of interplanetary space. Imperials, Rebels, Pirates and rival PAs are all out there intent on doing harm. As former Xwing vs TIE Figther and Xwing Alliance pilots, we intend to be a most recognizable force through out the galaxy.

Now of course this goal can not be achieved until the Space Expansion is released. In the mean time, we will have to generate profits through another method. We have decided that early in the game, creatures will be the primary source of transportaion and security. Creatures can be trained to protect, attack, and guard. They can be trained to bare heavy burdens over long distances. And they can be great compainions. TAoJ will establish a creature handler/taming buisness and we will also be able to contract out Scouts to provide escort through rough terrain.

The name of our PA, The Alliance of Jedi, tends to lead people to the conclusion that we ALL wish to become Jedi. A feat that is quite impossible. That title was generated from the OOC history of the club. The founding members of this club were, again, pilots flying in Xvt And XWA. We were all members of TRA, The Rebel Alliance, and it's elite branch, the Jedi Elite. The two co-founders, Ziggs and Burt (The_One), were both Jedi Knights and I was Ziggs' Apprentice. Since TAoJ's conception last December, a number of other JE have joined us. Hence the name....The Alliance of Jedi.

Well, that's a pretty good insight into who we are and what we are planning. I would love to hear your basic plans as well. So far, we intend to play on the Starsider server and start on Corellia. This is not etched in stone, however. Please email me at: rogue__jedi@hotmail.com or visit our forums at: www.theallianceofjedi.org/forum/

I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks and May the Force be with you!

Rogue Jedi
Division Head, SWG
The Alliance of Jedi