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Darth Eggplant
05-03-2003, 08:29 AM
*off topic but right off, I have enough for a glowy, anyone have any ideas of what color will look good for an eggplant? something aubergine-ish?*

okay for real: FLASH GROOVY

(now you can take this several ways)
you could using the asterisk '*' < this little guy
denoting action, run on post a '*flash*' at Groovy
and then run away giggling.

or you could be more creative and post a picture of yourself
flashing Groovy,

or you could travel halfway around the world, run to his door, ring his bell, then flash him for real.

or you could make a cute animated gif or other format
which brings me to the real point of this thread.
I have a copy of flash5, I have never used it.
but now want to. what I want to do if it is possible
is make a simple slide show like swf (shockwave film\file\format)
I have my audio, and jpg's, what I want to know is
can you, or does anyone know how I could make
a flash movie taking image A, then B, then C...to Z
there will bee no tricky transitions only basic ones, or none at all. none at all i believe cause it is only going to be a slide show after all, and I am going to want to overlay an audio track.
does anyone know, if you can import jpg's or other image formats into flash5? and make a film. the other option is something called Quick Time Pro. I have a request concerning Quick Time Pro, but can't ask it on forum, so if anyone has Quick Time Pro could you PM me? if you could thanks.

anyhow let the games begin!
time to Flash Groovy, I know I want to.;)