View Full Version : Resorces, Quicker then ever.

05-05-2003, 02:41 AM

Here is a good stragety on getting resources quickly...

1.Send you workers, working. one make a prefab the other two build a food prosseccing center next to muja bushes.

2.Click on Comm. Ctr. and create 4 workers.

3. select your scout and hold the shift key down, and right click all over the mini map. the release shift key and right click once anywhere. Now you scout will go to all those locations.

4.The first worker that made prefab, send to collect carbon by nearest tree.

**NOTE** dont ever stop making workers. Workers are the main unit in this game. the moment you run out of workers you are already slowly DIEING!

5.Build a troop ctr. or two and make about 6-8 troopers.

6. Create a worker everytime you reach 50 food. Have about 28-30 workers before tech 2. Thats about 8 Farmers, 12 carbon collectors, 4 nova collectores and 4 ore collectors. Then advance to tech 2.


1. create about ten more workers. have about ten farmers, 20-22 carbon collecters, 5 nova and 5 ore.

2. As soon as you reach tech 2, build a temple and a spaceport, then advance as soon as you can, collect the holo's and a get Holo net at space port(only for team playin).


Build 1 air base and create 4-6 fighters and send them to **tech level 2 or less;enemies.

Build a fortress and another command ctr. and advance to tech 4. The Reason for this is so you can create workers during tech 3 to tech 4. This is good incase your getting invaded during your advance.

Now, I wont say anymore because I'm writing this to get you resorces faster, not how to counter strike enemies. You create your units how you like. Make up a good stragety.


-Bounties by the 100's can make a good offensive.

-Workers! you cannot Stop makin workers, my last game I had 104 workers out of a 175 pop. Once you have all the resources kill about 1/4 of them and create an army.

-When Playing in Precipice map, Block the Fords with 3-ply walls, this will keep out grounds forces. Great Tatic. If you have problems with a trooper rush, this is your answer. here is some simple steps...

1.On the shallows, build a sentry post.
2. Block the river with 3-ply walls( or 2-ply if your cheap).
3.If your in tech 2, build another 2-ply wall with turrents. When your tech 3, build a fortress behind the walls and whatever is left from your turrents. Build a sheild and a power core and your good for hours.

if you want to see this in action. Reply your zone name here and we will play some time. Im online from about 9pm-12pm EST.