View Full Version : Z-95 for sale

Kevin Katarn
05-07-2003, 06:27 PM
Selling my z-95 Headhunter. Its got Adv. Concussion missle launchers installed, overheauled hyperdrive, laser and shields, a nose ion cannon and extra armor salvaged from a wrecked star destroyer. Asking price 20,000 credits. Will aslo accept a modified Corellian Yt-2000 Transport. MUST BE IN FIGHTING CONDITION.

Darth Rythe
05-08-2003, 08:08 AM
No, i'll pass thanks.

05-09-2003, 05:32 AM
I could have sworn I closed this gem.

Kevin Katarn, I'm sorry, but this thread is quite obviously not an RPG. There isn't any role-playing or story of any kind going on. Etc. If you want to set up an RPG around buying your Z-95 Headhunter, then please structure the thread as such.