View Full Version : Galactic Union Recruitment Drive (Starsider)

05-09-2003, 11:48 PM
In a galaxy torn apart by a government trying to civilize society and rebels attempting to attain freedom, there is little in the way of safe knowledge of who or what one is dealing with. Amidst this grave situation, the Galactic Union Player's Association strives to be the hub of peaceful interaction. To do so, the Galactic Union has made itself a self-sufficient society, standing neutral in the middle of a civil war. The Galactic Union takes this stance so as to be a beacon of political arbitration and uninhibited trade.

The Galactic Union makes it's goals possible by defining itself as the central piece in a consortium of player's associations. While these player's associations may normally be beyond conventional communication with each other, the Galactic Union aims to be the Idyllic way for such groups to set up treaties, trade negotiations, full scale player association conflicts, or anything of that nature.

The Galactic Union is built upon the foundation of six distinct departments: the Defense Division, the Exchequers Division, the Political Affairs Division, the Guardians Division, the Peacekeepers Division, and the Internal Affairs Division. Each division stands on it's own hierarchy directly below the leadership of the seven member High Council.

Based on commitment to the community, the Galactic Union is avidly recruiting members for all divisions with the intent of creating a unified front where gamers can enjoy themselves in this immense game system. We’ll be located on the “Starsider” shard for the planet Corellia by making our landfall within the City of Elysium itself.

If interested in the Galactic Union Player's Association, please send questions to: galacticunion@yahoogroups.com , or visit us at our multi-PAC location of Elysium: http://www.swg-elysium.com