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Die Another Day
05-11-2003, 02:50 PM
Alright, if you could have your own personal song to go with your LucasForums identity, what would it be, and why? Also, would you go for something you liked, or something you think other people would like?

05-11-2003, 02:52 PM
Rammstein - Klavier.

Marilyn Manson - Dead God.


05-11-2003, 02:56 PM
I wouldn't pick a song because other people like it, I'd choose one that would represent my person well. That being said, I'd pick Smooth Criminal, by MJ. Just cos dancing is kinda my thing;)

Darth Groovy
05-11-2003, 03:00 PM
David Bowie - "Heroes"

Thrackan Solo
05-11-2003, 03:06 PM
Frank Zappa = Dont Eat Yellow Snow

Darth Groovy
05-11-2003, 03:10 PM
Originally posted by Thrackan Solo
Frank Zappa = Dont Eat Yellow Snow

*runs out of the room giggling*:p

Rogue Nine
05-11-2003, 03:26 PM
E.S. Posthumus - Pompeii

Thrackan Solo
05-11-2003, 03:51 PM
or mxpx= MY Mom Still Cleans My Room

El Sitherino
05-11-2003, 04:05 PM
Rancid - Junkie Man :cool:

05-11-2003, 04:45 PM
oasis, supersonic :D

it's just my thing, baby:cool:


05-11-2003, 06:03 PM
Probably some sorta Nintendo-type music. :p

05-11-2003, 06:31 PM
Phantasy star online music when you are about to face Dark Falz, and then you see him and all the music goes scary... :p

Captain Wilson
05-11-2003, 09:00 PM
Goldfinger-pick a fight

05-11-2003, 09:25 PM
Either that one song from Flock of Seagulls..I think its called "Ran So Far Away."


"Say I'm Sorry" by Theory of a Deadman. :)

05-11-2003, 09:42 PM
The Dixie Dregs - "I'm Freaking Out"

Or Perhaps:

The Dixie Dregs - "Kat Food" (http://www.guitar9.com/audio/dividedwestand3.m3u)

05-11-2003, 09:57 PM
well with the fight club theme i got atm i guess it would have to be "where is my mind?" by The Pixies

05-11-2003, 10:02 PM
John Williams - Across The Stars

05-11-2003, 11:28 PM
A song to describe me here......would be Pearl Jam - Garden. :)

05-12-2003, 01:29 AM
Tupac-Ambitionz az a ryda'
Makaveli-Bomb first.
There are more,but those two rule.

05-12-2003, 03:57 AM
Linkin Park "Somewhere I Belong"

:lsduel: :duel:

05-12-2003, 06:48 AM
Rob D - Clubbed to Death

mima kake
05-12-2003, 08:32 AM
Johnny mellow by mima kake:D

Bob Gnarly
05-12-2003, 09:12 AM
Originally posted by mima kake
Johnny mellow by mima kake:D


Rollercoaster - Red hot Chili Peppers


Give it away now - Red hot Chili Peppers

but for now

indy's song - John Williams

*starts humming the song while walking off in the distance*

Die Another Day
05-12-2003, 01:54 PM
Interesting... cheers, guys, for answering my little question. A little surprised that two people chose some of John Williams' incredible work, but then this place is full of 'Star Wars' fans! Thanks again.

By the way, in case anyone cares, I would have:
"Die Another Day" by Madonna.

mima kake
05-12-2003, 01:55 PM
hope it works.

Like I said it's called "Johnny Mellow"
The only instrument we used where bass guitars and a drum computer.

the voice is Sam the windows xp voice.

I hope the link works.

P.S. this song was not ment to be serious.:)

you can down load our song here.


05-12-2003, 02:32 PM
you wouldn't know this song (well you might) it's called "in my shoes" by polar boy.

05-12-2003, 02:38 PM
I'm Mad - Presidents of the United States of America

Jedi Apprentice
05-12-2003, 11:20 PM
Wow, this would take a lot of thinking for me to pin down the exact song that describes me.

But the first one that comes to my head is--

MercyMe-- I Can Only Imagine

What a great song.....:)

Father Torque
05-12-2003, 11:34 PM
R. Kelly- I believe I can fly:o

The Count
06-07-2003, 02:13 PM
The Verve Bittersweet Symphony.

06-07-2003, 02:55 PM
ok, ok, i've got a better one! :D

evanescence - imaginary :D

Skate Boy
06-07-2003, 03:02 PM
In my Life - Beatles

Darth Groovy
06-07-2003, 03:14 PM
Originally posted by Skate Boy
In my Life - Beatles

Thats a hell of a good song Skate Boy, I love sinigng that one.

I guess I will goe with "Smiling Faces Sometimes" by the Undisputed Truth as the Groovy theme song....it just fits for some reason......

I do not feel worthy enough to claim a Beatles song, however,

The Beatles rule though!

Skate Boy
06-07-2003, 03:19 PM
I love the words. It's a great song, one of my favorites.

Dath Maximus
06-07-2003, 03:38 PM
duelin banjos

nuff said

=(BoD)= M.D.B.
06-07-2003, 04:12 PM
Jingle Bells cause I love x-mas:D

06-07-2003, 04:38 PM

Tear Away -Drowning Pool
Nobody's Listening -Linkin Park


Nitrogen part 1 -Juno Reactor

Die Another Day
06-07-2003, 04:41 PM

Anyway, I've changed my choice of song (in case anyone at all is interested...). I would now have:

"Die Another Day - Dirty Vegas Remix" by Madonna and Paul Harris.

Bob Gnarly
06-07-2003, 04:47 PM
I also think that my new song has to be The theme song from Pulp Fiction

06-08-2003, 03:35 AM
Wallflowers - One Headlight.

Just check the sig ^^

06-08-2003, 03:49 AM
Originally posted by Thrackan Solo
or mxpx= MY Mom Still Cleans My Room

MXPX is awseom, they used to live right down the strret from me.

Heh i'd pick the bf 1942 loading theme :)

06-08-2003, 10:36 PM
Um... Nitro, by The Offspring...