View Full Version : Dikon Gytonal's Used Ship Lot

Kevin Katarn
05-12-2003, 09:17 PM
This is my first thread so gimmie a break.

The shop sits inside an old hanger in Nar Shadda. A Gran named Dikon Gytonal is tinkering a hyperdrive motivator at his desk. The entire hanger is covered with literraly thousands of star ship parts. Inside the hanger are countless numbers of ships, fighters and freighters. Scurying around are heavily modified droids trying to get all ships into fighting condition. A sign out front reads DIKON'S USED SHIP LOT! BUY! SELL! UPGRADE!

NOTE To keep with the Star Wars pricing system I will multiply all prices by 1000. Ex If i say price is 20,000 credits (average for a ship) then divide by 1000 = 20 credits on the message board.