View Full Version : SmallVille mod?

Koren Senron
05-13-2003, 09:32 PM
ok i was wondering can someone make a small ville mod?

because u already have the super speed i tink use the one from forcemod but make it last like unlimited u got the x-ray vision add in heat vision and fisits and strength and uw ill have clark kent but get a model for him

I tried asking this on half-life but i was turned down so could someone please try this because i need a game like this that is out so i will have super man fun since the game pn ps2 anf 64 sucked big time.

I think for the other characters u could use some from other comic books or the bad guys from smallville well anyways just a suggestion if u need someone to colaberate on it e-mail me at scottrp48@hotmail.com if u make the mod