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05-17-2003, 08:56 AM
Whilst we all wait for news on SWGB 2, I will be moving onto LFNs Republic Commando. I am hoping to be the webmaster again for this stunning looking and sounding title.

Not much in details yet but it does sound and look superb.

However, I will still be running GB.com and once news breaks of the new LA RTS, I will be first here to post it and annouce it.
I will still take part in the forums and once I have given GB.com its final facelift, that will be the last until the new game arrives.

So make sure that you keep supporting this site, as without you, there would be no site.


05-18-2003, 12:27 AM
I hope we can find enough topics to discuss for at least another year...

We're dead:( .

05-18-2003, 02:21 AM
*sniffle* g'bye... :(

05-18-2003, 07:38 AM
It's not over yet and I for one won't be giving up. As we speak I am doing all I can to find out more info on SWGB 2 and I am sure LA will announce something by the end of the year at the latest.


05-18-2003, 12:38 PM
Well, we can hope that the wait won't be long. We must try to continue to keep this forum alive long enough. We mustn't allow this forum to fall!

05-18-2003, 02:14 PM
How are we going to do that. I'm so out of ideas...

05-19-2003, 12:30 AM
*waves a large flag, bearing the forums logo*

Think of something! C'mon! Think of new ideas for GBII! Opinions! Make your own mod, I dunno. Just try to keep these forums as active as we can...I have no idea where I got this flag...:confused:

05-27-2003, 07:21 PM
We've kept them alive for this long, so it shouldnt be that hard...

05-28-2003, 06:13 PM
Believe me Sith, over time, it will get a lot harder. We're ok for now tho...

05-28-2003, 08:28 PM
I've been here over a year now, and I've yet to find it boring.

06-03-2003, 09:20 PM
I'm coming up on two years and I try to be as active as possible. I'm trying to keep active here cause not only does this forum deserves to become dead, but I also want a Sign. Image.:D

06-08-2003, 10:25 PM
I will visit the forums !!!

Sad to see Dmuk 'leave'

Count me in

SWGB 4 ever !

06-09-2003, 12:03 AM
*Points to R5D4* That's the motivation we need here! That's what we need around these forums!

06-09-2003, 08:12 AM
Originally posted by R5D4
I will visit the forums !!!

Sad to see Dmuk 'leave'

I haven't 'left' and I don't intend to leave these forums. Running GB and infact, Galactic Battlegrounds as a whole has taken almost 2 years of my gaming life.

Although I haven't the time to play online ( I do try when I can) I will still be here and once I get the official nod from LA, expect the SWGB 2(or related project) to be kicking the forums into action again.

I am waiting on word for a Q&A with Garry, once he is allowed to reveal what he is working on.


06-09-2003, 09:03 PM
Besides, DMUK is a super mod he can almost do everything he wants in any forum:p Only the Admins are more powerful then him.

06-09-2003, 11:41 PM

06-13-2003, 06:30 AM
I didn't know we had a flag. Or a logo, for that matter. But we should have one! To the drawing board we go!

Rightio, DM. Commando looks to be a great game and I don't begrudge you the change, considering the general lack of LA activity on this front. But rest assured, we'll keep the heater running for you here. And you can keep your spot on the couch, right in front of th- oh, wait, the dog's taken it. Sorry. ^^