View Full Version : Looking for pirates faces

05-17-2003, 02:45 PM
Hi, I'm trying to get screenshots of the faces appearing in the copy protection of Monkey Island. Not the actual copy protection nor the faces in the code wheel, but the faces as they appear on the screen.

I've launched the game a lot of times taking screenshots everytime there was a new half-face and I've managed to collect 9 full-faces, but there are still 6 of them which have not shown at all (the old bald man, the man with a knife in the mouth, the pirate with two eye-patches, the man/woman with one eye-patch, the old ugly man/woman with curly hair and Guybrush).

Maybe with different versions of the game and different machines the missing faces appear. Could you help me finishing my collection? (256 colours version preferred) :)


P.S. I've tried ScummRev, but it doesn't support objects in Monkey Island I, and I guess the faces are objects...