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05-19-2003, 04:42 PM

The galaxy lies in ruin. The heroes of the cantina are trapped in time, and it falls to a group of some of the most unlikely to find the time matrix and prevent evil from conquering all...


*The lower planes. As demons stand around Hel's castle, a tall four armed figure barges through the crowd*

Lokpihet: Out of my way! I was causing misery before your mother was defiled!

Hel! I hear you plan to wage war. I seek to join this alliance of evil and wage war in the higher planes!


Orthos: Something bad is definatley about to happen...


*Meanwhile, in one of the deserted systems, on a small planet called Atredis, a figure moves through the wreckage of the city...*

05-19-2003, 04:58 PM
Cantina Six: Postlude to Holocaust Part III, Shadows of the Past

The current Group:

Aidan: Gargolye (male)
Asgardreid: The ship.
Guy: Shadow (male)
Hal: human (male), Jedi Knight
Heimdall: Aesir (male)
Idun: Aesir (Female)
Marin: (Red, what species is she?), (female)
Misea: Human (female) Jedi Knight
Orthos: Human (male), Jedi (?)
Raschel: ? (female), NRI operative
Svafa: Aesir (female), Valkyrie

The group has faced and past the first of what will be many challenges. Aided with a map, they seek out pieces to a mysterious sword. After collecting them they head to Balmora, a desert world that housed an abandoned Aesirian Outpost. There Heimdall began to reforge the sword and another project.

Meanwhile in the lowest plains an army was forming to wage war against the remains of the galaxy.

Two weeks have passed, and Heimdall who barely has rested during that time is just about ready to put the finishing touches on the sword. His other project he finished last night.

Time: 2 months have passed since the holocaust.

05-19-2003, 07:59 PM
((Oh what the hell Admiral! You go to just about adding the ship's name in there, but not even the Irvine's!?!

And I thought that the two threads covered alot more time then it did... (meaning I thought that two weeks happened so long ago.)

better yet, why don't we at least try to keep the two stories (Cantinas 8 - 10+ and PTH's) in sync time wise?))

05-19-2003, 08:00 PM
((I'm not sure If i like this thread better...))

05-19-2003, 08:34 PM
I knew I forgot someone. Hey I had three hours sleep. Finally, what are you talking about with Time. I'm unsure what you mean....

05-19-2003, 09:39 PM
OOS: Threads merged. This really is my fault for having so many threads stickieed that you couldn't see that a new thread had already been created :D

Deac: I believe we're still shooting for ten threads ^_~ and we don't lack for material. Although I guess you wouldn't know that since it isn't listed in the discussion threads - no one seems to want to stay there ;)

Scar: We aren't going to keep the threads in time sync. Because PTH has to last twenty years, but we can't just keep the RPG going for twenty years ;) thus time warps of various kinds will be implemented.

Let me see if I can create an accurate list of the group, taking a page from Admiral's book and listing alphabetically:

Main Characters

Aidan: Gargoyle (male)
Asgardreid: Aesirian Ship
Guy: Human (male), Shadow
Hal: Human (male), Jedi Knight
Heimdall: Aesir (male)
Idun: Aesir (female)
Irvine (Red): Human (male), pseudo-Jedi Knight
Irvine (White): Human Clone (male), Force Adept
Marin: Human Water-Breather (female)
Misae: Human (female), Jedi Knight
Orthos: Human (male), Darkiller/Alminstar Avatar
Raschel: K'Beran (female), NRI operative
Svafa: Aesir (female), Valkyrie

Does that work for everyone? ^_~

edited because commas do not belong at the end of sentences

05-19-2003, 10:25 PM
((That works for me.))

Balmora: The Forge

*It was night on Balmora. Heimdall sat at the work bench. The fire was out. The blade was reforged, and Heimdall's second project was finished lay behind him in large boxes.

Picking up his instruments Heimdall carefully finishes the final rune down the blades central fuller. Putting down his instruments Heimdall turns away to address two droids.

While Heimdall is turned away the blade takes on a glimmer. Lightning seems to appear across the highly polished blade. There was a slight crackle, causig Heimdall to turn. He studies the blade when it begins to speak*

Sword: One will not do. More is needed until then speak I shall not.

*Heimdall is taken slightly aback. Still fasinated with the lightning contained in the blade Heimdall quickly issuses orders to the droids, and the outpost. And heads for the Hangar*

Outpost: Everyone report to the Hangar. Everyone report to the hangar. Thank you.

*In the Hangar the droids quickly put down the boxes. On each box was a name of a group member. The box containing Laid across Orthos' box was Starkiller, Hal's sword laid across his box. Each sharpened and in pristine condition. Idun's box had a new sword across it and Svafa had a spear.

Heimdall enters the hangar and is happy to the Droids finishing setting up. Another droid was loading some of the forges equipment into the Asgardreid. Heimdall then waits for the others to arrive.*

05-19-2003, 11:27 PM
*WH Irvine waits, sitting on an empty cargo crate, , attempting to continue his personal training by keeping the crate levitiated precisely at the same height.*

*RH Irvine manages to walk in, looking at WH Irvine, he turns to Heimdall.*

RH Irvine: "My aquintence is attempting to train himself. perhaps he'll have a little better experence if you might allow him to move the creates himself instead of the droids?"

05-19-2003, 11:44 PM
Heimdall: The crates are where I want them for the time being.

*Svafa and Idun enter and give Heimdall curious looks*

05-20-2003, 11:55 AM
*The others arrive at varying degrees of speed. Guy walks in last*

Guy: I see you have the blade completed.

05-20-2003, 04:33 PM
*Hal swings him self out of his bunk, he rubs sleeps from his eyes, washes quickly. Hal dresses in loose brown trousers, a white shirt, travel boots and a buff coloured tunic, he attaches his saber to his belt and picks up his Jedi robe and his backpack.*

In the backpack Hal has:

A datapad containing all the imformation from his father's X-Wing
A BlasTech DL-22 Blaster pistol
Lightweight plasteel body armor
Domestic items
A leather jacket
Survival gear, including rations for 1 week.

*Hal arrives just before Guy.*

Hal: We off, then?

05-21-2003, 04:15 AM
Heimdall: Yes we are going in a minute. Before we do though, I presant you with these. *Heimdall motions to the boxes*

*Idun goes to box with her name. Moving the sheathed sword aside she opens it. In the box lays a full suit of Mithril armor. Picking up a guantlet Idun looks at Heimdall*

Idun: You made us Mithril armor?

Heimdall: Yes. After our encounter with Hel, I believed we needed better armor and protection. Each suit is a custom fit. Try on that guantlet...

*Idun does as requested. Slipping her hand into the Gauntlet. It was comfortable but a little loose. 30 seconds later the gauntlet is encircled by particles. The mithril shrinks and forms it'self to Idun's hand. When the particles disappate the guantlet felt like another layer of skin. Idun rotates her wrist and finally sees runs carved into the guantlet.*

Idun: I see you've haven't lost your touch with that spell.

*Heimdall smiled*

Heimdall: When you initially put on the armor it will be a little loose. Wait a moment for it to mold itself to you. After that it will be a perfect fit.

Idun: Very nice. I assume this is a standard mix?

Heimdall: Of course. Cortosis is mixed into the Mithril making the armor resistant to lightsabers. It is also extermly light, it is very easy to forget you are wearing armor. For that mater you can wear it under your clothes.

*Idun looking at Heimdall then sees the blueish glint of his own mithril guantlet. He already wore his own armor under his robes.*

Svafa: What about the sword?

Heimdall: Yes I thought we could talk abou....

*Before Heimdall could finish the sword flies from his grip and hovers at the center of the group.*

Sword: This is enough. Rebuilt me you have. A terrible journey you have commenced. Death will soon find and be part of this group. Light is diminishing, dark is gaining, soon eternal night. To continue you must solve this:

Blades of red,
Blood they shed,
Crused by hunters,
Hide in the shadows,
On world believed empty,
Quest will go to heart of the cursed,
Light will fight Dark again.

*With that the blade fell to the ground, giving a resonding clang as it hit. Heimdall pick up the blade*

05-21-2003, 09:02 AM
*WH Irvine became surprised enough that he lost consentration, and the crate fell with a bang.*

RH Irvine: "That was different. I ask that is there a box for all of us? I'd understand if you don't give one to him..." *With smile he motions to WH Irvine.*

WH Irvine: *Turns beat red* "HEY! Wait just a minute!"

RH Irvine: *Witha wide grin.* "How do you expect to train yourself to become 'Jedi equivalent' or how ever you said it, if you can't keep your temper."

*WH Irvine tries to think of a responce, but can think of anything and is stuck with shocked expression on his face.*

05-21-2003, 03:44 PM
*Orthos takes Starkiller*

Orthos: Well, Heimdall, you just repeated the action of a God. I'm impressed.

Now, this riddle...hmmmm


*The figure stands before the Atredia great hall and falls to his knees in sorrow. He turns and leaves, carrying a small dagger with him.

05-21-2003, 04:09 PM
Heimdall: Thank you, and yes everyone has their own suit of armor.

Svafa: Blades of red. Lightsaber can have red blades. However it could also mean that their blades were red because of blood they shed....

05-21-2003, 05:48 PM
Flax: *Monotone.* It's talking about Vampires.

05-21-2003, 06:43 PM
((BD: I assume you mean Hal. Since Flax is dead at the moment))

Idun: I don't think so. There is nothing in it that points to vampires. Going with Svafa's line of thinking. The last part about Light fighting Dark again. Could refer to the Force...

05-21-2003, 08:59 PM
RH Irvine: *picking up his own suit.* "Well if your talking about that, and I can assume that myself and my aquaintence here are with ya for as long as it these events take place, heck I sure don't have anything else better to do. But anyway, if it means 'Light VS Dark', we should just assume that means us and who ever sides along us. Maybe we could manage for check Yavin, for some Jedi to help, unless..."

WH Irvine: "Yes, I know it's cold to say, but I don't think Yavin made it. Besides, why are you calling me 'your aquaintence'."

RH Irvine: "Temper..."

*A few sweat beads form on WH Irvine's face.*

*RH Irvine walks a little bit away from the group, and around the ship. He takes off his top robe, showing him wearing an regular shirt underneath, and having a same body type as his clone. He puts the armour on over the shirt, like the others, the armour is light and flexable. After he puts on the gauntlets, he also is astonised at the morphing of the armour.*

05-21-2003, 10:52 PM
Svafa: It was one of the top targets. We didn't want to risk the Jedi turning. *Looking at Misea*

05-21-2003, 11:19 PM
Misae: *ignoring Svafa* The Sith. Most of them used red blades, they shed much blood, they hid in shadows on worlds believed empty.

Raschel: Cursed by hunters? I can't remember hearing of...

Misae: That's the only part that doesn't fit. *Remembers something* Unless it's talking about those 'special' Aesir...

Guy: *taking out the map* Well, the map is still blank. *to Heimdall* What can your ship tell us about these Sith that fits with the remainder of the clues?

05-22-2003, 12:11 AM
Svafa: Yes, if this is indeed about the Sith, then that line refers to our hunters. You would never had heard about them. When we found one of their bases a group would go in and eliminate them. Then curses would be written on the walls. This was really to frighten any sith to go to that base after we left.

Heimdall: You should know better then anyone else, you did lead a couple of the hunter packs.

Anyways. Let's see. Heart of the cursed, that would have to mean a sith temple. A large one at that, not many would be on desolate worlds. Well?

Asgardreid: Hold on. The galaxy is a big...was a big place. This will take a second. We have one world that matches the criteria of housing a large Sith Temple, and outside the Sith the world is desolate.

Idun: Care to tell us the name?

Asgardreid: I was getting to that. Had I not be so rudley interrupted. Now I don't know if I'm going to tell you.

Heimdall: Just tell us.

Asgardreid: No sense of humor. The world is named Dagon Fel.

Svafa: I remember that place. I lead the raid on that temple myself. It held a very large contingent of Sith. Only Yavin had a larger amount. It also fits. The world has a very slow rotation, I believe it takes 2 years for a complete rotation....

05-22-2003, 01:15 AM
*RH Irvine removes his robed pants, which underneath these were also a casual pair of clothing. Recreational pair of pants he wore underneath were far more flexable to wear then the robed ones, used mostly for important events. He didn't plan on going to another one again in a long while.*

RH Irvine: "Damn, now I have to make sure I can get myself an extra pair of clothing. Oh well."

*RH Irvine combs his hair, then ties it up, keeping a few strains in the front out of the tie. he rejoins the group with his 'outer' clothes wraped up underneath his arm. His belt had his Lightsaber. As he walked out he seemed more athletic and strudier as a fighter then before.*

RH Irvine: "That thing about Siths and red sabers. Its exactly how, um,..." *trying to remember name* "Misae, true, its just more prefered by Sith to use red. Color is just color to me honestly. But I'm of course am no Sith."

*RH Irvine rolls eyes, and pulls out his lightsaber and ignites it showing the crystal was infact red.* "Call it something that might of had ran in the family..."

05-22-2003, 01:29 AM
Idun: Yes, we all know that a lighsaber's color is determined by it's crystals. It doesn't change the fact that the Sith still predominatly used lighsabers with ruby colored blades.

Heimdall: Don't dimiss color so quickly Irvine. It often has meanings behind it.

Idun: *looking at RH Irvine* Why didn't you change in you quaters on the ship and not behind it?

05-22-2003, 03:58 AM
Misae: *to RH Irvine* Please shut up. Stop pretending to be a Master Jedi; it isn't fooling anyone. The Sith began using red lightsabers because, according to my Holocron, they found a method of creating synthetic crystals that were slightly stronger than normal crystals when energized by the Dark Side. The crystals were red. And oh, by the way, you made another slip; all the Jedi felt Yavin IV's destruction. We felt the deaths of our comrades through the Force. If you were really the powerful Jedi you claimed to be you would have sensed them.

Guy: I hate to interrupt, but it seems the map has finally changed again. *He holds it up*

05-22-2003, 08:39 AM
RH Irvine: *First to Idun* "Well I had these clothes under my others." *Then to Misae* "Now, it is you who assumes that I think that I am master, I'm not. For the better part I'm at the same level as you are. As for Yavin IV, yes I was kinda distracted at that point of time to know if one single solitarely planet was blown up or not, last to my recallection is that most of the habitable parts of the Galaxy have been destoryed. Those on Yavin had been only been backgorund noise compared to the rest of the galaxy."

05-22-2003, 03:41 PM
["Dagon Fel" also being the city in the Sheogorad region of Vvardenfell, Admiral? Morrowind is such a great game... ]

Orthos: Or could it be Korriban, the sith capital? My...Syrnl took me to see it once. It was...awful. The very air is filled with darkness, the rivers run red like blood.


*The figure enters a spacecraft and lifts off Atredis*

????: Damn, where is he...I should be able to sense him! He is family after all....

05-22-2003, 04:34 PM
((Yes it is. Where do you think I got the name Balmora from...,
http://admiralodin.20megsfree.com/index.html (something I've been working on for Morrowind))

Heimdall: I don't think so. When Dagon Fel was said the map changed. Also we my have blew up that system...

Idun: Can you project a image of the Dagon Fel system?

Asgardreid: Of course I can.

*A image appears in showing the system. Idun looking at the map and that at the hologram*

Idun: The two match...

05-22-2003, 04:42 PM
*Hal turns around. Gestures to the gostly visage of his father.*

Hal: Did no one else notice him? Anyway, why are so obsessed with Vampires?

Flax: Huh? Oh, sorry. Coruscant is crawling with them. I got distracted.

Dragon Fel is a very old Sith site. However evil endures for many generations. By careful, the echos of the Sith do not fade with time.


05-23-2003, 12:24 AM
((I JUST got Morrowind. Courtesy of Rogue15 :D

BD: Um, Coruscant is not crawling with vampires. What is Flax talking about?

Scar: Report? Misae is a Jedi. RH Irvine is from an offshoot group who went off somewhere long ago. What is RH Irvine talking about?))

Misae: Good. Korriban isn't exactly on the top of my list of things to see in my lifetime.

05-23-2003, 12:34 AM
((Red, before you posted that I got rid of that part ^_^))

05-23-2003, 12:47 AM
((If you have the pc version then you can use my mod. If you have the X-box version then your out of luck))

Heimdall: Come on lets get aboard the ship.

*Heimdall boards the Asgardreid and heads towards the bridge. Svafa and Idun follow him each carrying their armor. They move to their quaters.

There they lock the doors and undress. Opening the crates they begin to put on the mithril armor*

05-23-2003, 09:08 AM
*As RH Irvine enters the ship, WH Irvine picks up his box, and then enters the ship. Soon after he throws off his coat, and puts on the armour, then he throws back on the coat.*

05-23-2003, 04:28 PM
[Cool! When will it be ready for use? Talking of mods for games, if anyone plays Neverwinter Nights, I'm building a mod for that]

Orthos: So what? We're going to another world just like Korriban. Figures.


*The mysterious figure feels a dark surge in the force.*

????: Dagon Fel? Strange...unless...oh gods...the sith have him.

*The mysterious figure's ship jumps into hyperspace*

05-23-2003, 04:38 PM
((As long as you have Tribunal you can get on the island and Explore. There is still much I have to do, there is no release date for it.))

05-23-2003, 08:12 PM
((Red: You had someone turn up on Coruscant, kill a Vampire and thentake the soul. After that he went to Freedon VII and Vampified the assassin that tried to kill Orthos. You made it clear that Vampires were running amuck, so by now the planet must be swarming.))

*Hal wanders off to his quarters, mutting something about Asier being totally in-human. When he gets to his quarters hew stows the armor in a locker without hesitation.

Hal then sits on his bed and begins to meditate.*

Flax: You know she will fall.

Hal: I don't know that. She's been through a lot.

Flax: She can't cope, she wallows in self pity. She should not have been trained.

Hal: That was her master's perogative.

Flax: You know she tried to kill herself.

Hal: She had a moment of weakness.

Flax: Not a moment. I will go to her.

Hal: Wait.... *Flax dissapears.*


Flax: Misae, we need to talk.

05-23-2003, 11:41 PM
((BD: Ahhh. No, you're just mixed up. That planet was a small colony planet in the outer regions. Vampires are running amuck there. In the outer regions :)

Actually that makes more sense prophecy-wise anyway. lol

Admiral: I don't have Tribunal. But I do have Morrowind for PC. The Elder Scrolls Construction Set looks quite interesting, for one thing ^_^))

*Misae is shocked for a moment at Flax' appearance, then calms and realizes*

Misae: Oh...One of you. *voice hardening* Go away. You're dead. You can't help me. *She turns away defiantly*

05-24-2003, 01:34 PM
Flax: *Calmly* You need help, you are in turmoil. If you did not need me I would not be here.

05-24-2003, 03:23 PM
*RH Irvine, whom didn't hear any thing inside Misae's quarters, knocks on her door.*

05-24-2003, 03:43 PM
[Isn't Flax supposed to be trapped in time with Deac and the others?]

*Orthos goes to find Raschel*

05-24-2003, 05:54 PM
((The original group is at one time dead and at the same time trapped traveling in time. As red said they were basically copied.

I'm also assuming that everyone is aboard the Asgardried))

Svafa's quaters
*Svafa's armor finishes fitting itself to her. She looks in to a mirror. In the center of the Cuirasse is the symbol for the Valkyries. Above that and to the right is smaller symbol of her family's coat of arms. To the left is a symbol for the Knights of Mentor.

At the bottom of the box was a sheild. On it was her family's coat of arms as well. Svafa marvelled at the craftsmenship of the armor and shield. She always knew her little brother liked using forges but she never realized how skilled a craftsmen he had become.

Stowing the shield. Svafa attaches puts on her sword/blaster belt. Fixing the holster to her hip she sheaths her sword. She then stores her new spear. Finally she leaves her quaters and joins Heimdall on the bridge, when she enters she seals the door.*

Svafa: Thank you for the armor. The craftsmenship is astounding.

Heimdall: Your welcome. Only yours, mine and Iduns are so ornate and I only made shields for us. For the others it is just plain.

Svafa: Is it wise to give them such a gift?

Heimdall: Fear not sister. There is a safe guard. I amoung the runes I put a safe guard. All that is needed is for us to say their name and a proper word and the armor will disintigrate.

Svafa: I should have known. So we are heading to Dagon Fel, I could have lived happily not having to go back there.

Heimdall: Luckly for us, you will know what traps were set.

Svafa: True. Shall I begin to set the course?

Heimdall: Sure. There a few things I must prepare. When we leave if anyone follows us here they will only find dust.

05-24-2003, 10:16 PM
*Raschel bumps into Orthos in the hallway. She looks upset*

Raschel: So we're going to a Sith planet, huh? Words cannot express how excited I am. You wouldn't mind if I hid behind you the entire journey, would you?


Misae: *ignoring the knocking* It's my turmoil. Not yours. I mean, my master and all of you dead because the Aesir went and murdered eighty percent of the galaxy's intelligent life because their leader was dead. The only reason I am alive is because he died to stop them from destroying Coruscant, too. And here I am, working with his murderers on the small hope that we'll find a shiny silver ball that can bring him back. How exactly do you expect to help me? *She forces back tears and grits her teeth* If I'd been stronger...I could have saved him.

05-24-2003, 11:42 PM
RH Irvine: *hearing the muffled Misae, and sensing the emotions from her.* "One whom dwells over his or her remorse, can not learn from the previous mistake, and find in someway to contradict a possible second occurence. Don't expect you're the only one who lost friends, family, masters or just plainly people who either you look up to, or the vise versa. Reguardless or not of what these people have done, but if they think they can repent for their actions, let them have their chance, even you could sense their actions are true."

05-25-2003, 12:42 AM
*Misae doesn't hear Irvine's incredibly beautiful and moving speech because the door is closed*


05-25-2003, 03:24 AM
Asgardried to RH Irvine: You foolish jedi wanna be. They do not want to repent. They are not sorry for what they did. Their goal is to save lives or if that is impossible then they try to minimize suffering.

What is there to repent about anyways?

*Idun exits her quaters in her suit of armor. Her's being adorned similar to Svafa's in the center was a symbol for the ruling concil. Above and to the righ her family coat of arms, and to the left the symbol for the Knights of Stendarr. Idun also has is carrying a Blaster and a sword*

Idun: The ship is right. We are not repenting anything. We would do this over and over again if we had to. Fenrir would have savagly killed everyone in the galaxy. We stopped billions from having to suffer. How can you feel sorry about prevanting and minimizing suffereing?

*walking past him*

You do realize that the door is closed and she most likely didn't hear a word you were saying unless she was listening very carefully?

*Heading to the lounge almost to herself*


05-25-2003, 07:22 PM
*Hal thumbs intercom*

Hal: What you did was stupid and arrogant. Given a choice 100% of the Galaxy would have rather thought and suffered than been slaughtered like nerfs.

The Asier took the choice away from them, in their last moments they were denied thier sentiance. You'r not Gods, you dion't have the right to control others. That sentiment gave rise to the Empire.

05-25-2003, 08:22 PM
Asgardreid: Ah great Jedi wisdom. We would rather think and suffer then die a painless death. Yes we made the choice, but what choice did we have you dolt. Allow billions of people to die painful, terrible death. Or be mercful and end their lives in an eye blink. They felt nothing, there one minute gone the next. Furthermore did you think that we would do something like this if we didn't know it could be reversed?

Oh and the fault lies with your vaunted New Republic who cannot even take care of it's own petty problems. Good day.

*Asgardreid shuts down Hal's comm*

05-25-2003, 08:30 PM
RH Irvine: *Feeling greatly insulted* "You people are foolish to begin with. I am a Jedi, just as much as Misae is, I'm not sure on Hal's position myself. However, I did complete the trials, but nothing was offical until you people decided the fate of the universe. Besides what you said was determaining that you wanted to repent for your atrocities." *Turns to the door* "Open this door up. At least allow me to directly speak to her, and not 'entrust' her ability to sense my emotions. Admit it, even you can notice that she's living in her own world of pity. Anymore she wouldn't be of any use to yourselves, and I'd be damned if I let any Jedi, no, a fellow Jedi turn dark over grief."

05-25-2003, 09:33 PM
Asgardreid: You a Jedi? Your really funny. Oh and to repent you need to feel sorry for what you did and you don't want to do it again. We don't feel sorry, we are happy that we prevanted people from suffering and we would gladly do it again. We are now trying to prevant and stop more suffering. It just so happens that in doing so we reverse our original deed. However the results remain the same suffering is reduced.

I do not take orders from you. The only people I will take orders from are the Aesir. So no I will not open the door you insolent moron.

*On the bridge Heimdall and Svafa were making preparations. When they burst out laughing after hearing the Ships comments. Looking up they noticed the Asgardried had on it's own accord opened up a video an audio link showing the entire scene*

Heimdall: You could have told him to use the chime.

Asgardried *localizing his voice to the brige, ie no one else can hear*: If that idiot can't figure out to use a chime to notify a person that he is outside then he doesn't deserve to be told.

Heimdall: Well it probably for the best. Misea doesn't exactly like Irvine or his sect of Jedi.

Asgardreid: Why didn't we blow them up like the Other Jedi?

Heimdall: Well they were not even a minor threat.

Svafa: All set. Lets get out of hear.

*The Asgardried lifts off and and leaves Balmore. Reaching space it orbits the planet until the sun is in sight.*

Heimdall: Launch when ready.

05-25-2003, 09:44 PM
RH Irvine: *turning back around.* "Well seeing is that I don't know this ship. I won't dare disrespect anything, even if its a simple on a wall. And yes, I felt that burst of joy just now." *accidently presses the chime button*

05-25-2003, 10:21 PM
Asgardreid: You really do need to stop talking to yourself. It makes you look ever more foolish.

05-25-2003, 10:43 PM
RH Irvine: *Smirking* "Whats the difference, would you rather want me to speak to that bulk head over there?" *calmed down* "Listen, I know i have been disrepectful jsut now, and I appologise for it. But I wanted you to open this door, becuase I know she wouldn't. And I feel it is my responsibility to speak with her, if she likes it or not. Because if she's this 'better' jedi then I am, then she's not doing a good job setting an example by dwelling on her grief that she is. I'm sure you don't grief on you're leader's death, becuase of you're sense of duty has to come into play, does it not? Please, open the door for me."

05-26-2003, 10:17 AM
Orthos: Raschel, we've come this far. We have nowhere else we can go. And supposing we succed, this all gets changed. Who knows what Deac and his friends will do? He could...he could prevent both our problems. Or what if we can find it first? We can do unimaginable things...

05-26-2003, 05:40 PM
*Hal is luaghing so hard he almost chokes.*

Hal: You call me ignorant! The suffering you caused was imense forget ripples in the force, try tidal wave. Do you know most of the Jedi that you didn't kill died of brain hemerages!

*Hal gets up and leaves, headed for the common room, on impulse he chages direction a raps on Misae's door.*

Hal: Hay, Misae, could I interest you in a sparring match.

05-26-2003, 05:49 PM
RH Irvine: *to Hal, and also haven't gotten his name yet* "Sir, I think we should stop arguing to them, we are on their ship, their grounds. Not only that with us continueing to make our arguements at them it makes us more likey to be either shot or ejected into the cold dead space. I don't feel like dieing of decompression today, I'm sure you don't either."

05-26-2003, 06:52 PM
((BD: And where do you intend to spar?))

Asgardried: Suffering was immense only for the Jedi and those who survived. The ones who died felt nothing. When A star goes nova there are only seconds before the entire system is destroyed. Finally some wisdom. I am after all a prototype, accidents can happen.

*A resonance torpedo is launched at Balmora's sun. Reaching the sun it detonates causing the Sun to go Nova. The Asgardried puts some distance between it and the planet.

Seconds after the sun goes nova the shock waves hit the ship and rock it a little. The planet of Balmora is utterly destroyed. Heimdall and Svafa watched the beautiful display. *

Heimdall: Alright lets go to Dagon Fel.

*The Asgardried raises the viewport shields and engages the slipstream drive.*

Svafa: It will take us one week to arrive.

Heimdall: Alright. I'm going for a walk.

*Heimdall stands, leaves the bridge and takes a turbolift up to the top deck. He wanders around finally comming to the observation room. There he pauses to look out. Slipstream had a far better look then hyperspace. (Think Aurora Borealis wrapped around the ship). He was glade the ship only raised the Viewport shields on the deck the group had access to.

Heimdall continues his wandering and comes to a schematic of the ship. From this Deck he had access to a small hangar bay. He had forgotten about that. The hangar could only fit two fighters. Since the hangar bay doors blended so perfectly into the walls they were a deadly surprise. He continued to study the ships layout.

The Asgardried consisted of three decks. On the top deck there was the observation lounge, The hangar bay, the Main armory, a pratice room (large enough for swords to be used), and a empty room. The middle deck, the one the group had access to, contained quaters that could house 50 people, the Bridge, another lounge/mess, a kitchen and access to the cargo hold. The bottom deck was for maintence.

Heimdall goes to the empty room and looks around. This would be perfect place to set up. Not to mention it had a great view.*

Heimdall: If you would please bring the equipment up here, we can begin to set up.

Asgardried: Alright, they will be here with the stuff shortly.

*Svafa meanwhile secured the bridge and headed to the upper deck. To talk and maybe surprise her brother*

05-27-2003, 05:15 PM
((Cargo hold.))

*Hal turns to R Ivrine*

Hal: I'd like to think they weren't that dissonerable. *Balmora goes Nova, Hal feels the destruction of the indiginous life.*

*Thumps intercom.*

Hal: Would you stop with the Sithin' destruction already, you're giving me a migrane!

05-27-2003, 06:39 PM
((As I said before there is not indiginous life on the planet. Also with two ships and other supplies in the cargo hold there isn't any room. Although Hal might not have realized the additional supplies loaded at Balmora.))

*Idun walks past Hal*

Idun: If you ever insult our honor or say we have no honor again and I will personally kill you.

*Idun continues past enters a turbolift and goes to the top deck*

Asgardried: Stop that over dramitization, Balmora had no life on it. For such a righteous Jedi your quick to past judgement when you have only surface facts.
Upper Decks

*Svafa approaches Heimdall trying to surprise him*

Heimdall: Hello

Svafa: I should know by now that your hearing prevants people from sneaking up on you.

Heimdall: Yes you should.

Svafa: What are you doing?

Heimdall: Setting up a forge.

Svafa: Ah. The Droids can do that. Come on with me.

*With a curious expression Heimdall follows Svafa to the Observation room. There Idun was looking out a viewport and a Droid was setting a table.*

Svafa: Care to join us for breakfast?

Heimdall: I would be honored, but what about the others?

Idun: There fine, I'm fairly certain the ship won't kill them. For now let's relax, have a good meal and enjoy the view.

Svafa: And we can catch up on events.

05-27-2003, 11:30 PM
RH Irvine: *To Hal* "I of course don't agree with their methods. We all lost friends and family in that holocuast of theirs. But lets not count out that they also killed quite a few of their own also. This is their domain. He have to respect it. I allowed my emotions interfere with that common sense eariler. But it doesn't change that we are here. If they want to they can kill us right now, and show no remorse."


*WH Irvine wanders in the coradors.*

WH Irvine: *to the ship* "Just for the record, I would agree with them too. But I can't becuase I didn't really lose anyone in all that. Hell, the most I have gained from it, was most likey an older brother. Can't tell if it's a good thing yet, but it'll be something to look forward to in the future."

05-27-2003, 11:38 PM
((Scar: Please read my post. Only the Aesir have access to the upper deck. The group only has access to the middle deck. There is no way WH Irvine could reach the observation room. Also how does RH Irvine know the Aesir destroyed their own planets. He wasn't around when they revealed that to Misea, Marin and Aidan.))

05-28-2003, 04:20 AM
((Gah. Last night's post got eaten.))

*Misae waits for an answer, but Flax' ghost had vanished. She is surprised to find that she's disappointed*

Sithspit. Like he could have helped anyway.

*She barely notices the chime and the knocks*


Raschel: I don't know what Deac would do. And I don't guess it would help us. I mean, look what being a hero got him. A lonely grave in space! ...I shouldn't have said that. I'm sorry. But Orthos, we are no heroes...what are we doing here?


*Marin and Aidan walk in a hallway near the docking bay Guy's ship was kept in. Aidan avoided the quiet Shadow, but at the same time gravitated towards anything that reminded him of the surroundings he was used to. Marin humored him*

Aidan: I don't like any of 'em. Half of them are jerks, the others are too arrogant to associate with anyone but their own kind. Got enough of that attitude back on Earth. Pieces of...

Marin: You aren't really giving any of them a chance.

Aidan: Who cares? They don't deserve one. I don't care about this "quest", or this "Time Matrix". If I had another place to go, I'd be there.

Marin: You realize the time is almost up...

Aidan: You're still on about that? I thought you didn't care about honor. Listen, that pledge doesn't mean anything to me. If you want to leave...

Marin: *smiles* Like you said...where else would I go?

Aidan: No, that isn't it. You actually like this. You want to find the Time Matrix. Deny it if you want, but saving all those people...and helping those others, even if they hate you...you want it. You love it. Independence my foot. I can't imagine what you would do without people around.

Marin: *noncommitally* You aren't usually so...candid.

Aidan: *muttering* Must be the drugs...


*Guy practices combat in his ship's hold with a sparring droid. After he'd broken it to pieces for the umpteenth time, the droid ran out of power and didn't reform itself. It lay there in shards and broken bits*

Too much practice on one droid. I almost feel I should apologize.

*He replaces the power cell, but doesn't reactive it. He can suddenly sense something about to happen*


*On a hunch, he runs up to his top deck and activates his scanning devices*

05-28-2003, 08:37 AM
((Correction, RH Irvine knows becuase orthos told him back before the armour was distrubuted (spelling?).))

05-28-2003, 02:21 PM
((Unless one of Red's characters told Orthos then Orthos didn't know. Also when RH Irvine asked him, he said the Aesir were responsible, not that they destroyed their own planets))

05-28-2003, 03:52 PM
[Well, seeing as Flax is appearing]

*Orthos blinks after Raschel's outburst to see a familiar figure appear behind her*

Deac: Actually my grave isn't that lonely. A sith shares it with me.

Orthos: WHAT THE-?!!!

Deac: Orthos, the thing you're after, the time matrix...make sure you get there. Make sure you find it, and use it for good. I left Rwos and Odin looking for it. Hopefully the Starkiller Avatar went with them...I'm not so sure...wait...I'm...going back...of course...Revenant program got activat-

*Deac vanishes*


*The mysterious figure feels a surge in the force*

????: Gotcha.

05-28-2003, 08:42 PM
Hal: What they did was unacceptable, from any point of view. Perhaps if they understood the true nature of the destrucction and death they had caused then they wouldn't do it so blithly. Then again they'd only need to sence it through the force.

05-28-2003, 10:50 PM
Asgardreid: It was acceptable from an Aesirian point of view, it was also acceptable from an Olympians, and other races. They knew the consequences of Fenrir's release. You did not and still you do not. Only when you come face to face with the wolf, and the other demonic beasts that have been release will you have the chance to understand. Even then you are very young and probably will not fully comprehend.

Oh, one last thing. This is all because of the cowardness of your New Republic.


*Svafa raises her glass in a toast*

Svafa: To all those who graced us with their presance before passing out of this realm.

*Heimdall and Idun raises their glasses, and then they drink. The glasses were filled with Mead*

Heimdall: Ever think about how young they are?

Idun: What do you mean?

Heimdall: Nothing really. Just thinking how their entire lives are just an eye blink compared to us. Perhaps that is why they don't truely understand us.

Svafa: That could be. You never really think about it, but they are extermly young.

05-29-2003, 04:50 AM
*Guy's scanners detect a time anomaly - the presence of Deac's spirit - in the Asgardried's hull. He records it, not understanding it but putting it off until later.

Something was wrong.

He had the ship scan himself. Then he had the ship scan the entire Asgardried.*


*A 3-dimensional map of the ship was displayed with a generic outline representing recognized humanoid lifeforms. One for him, two close to the hold - Marin and Aidan - a cluster in the hallways representing Misae, Hal, Raschel, Orthos, and one of the Irvines. A ways away from them was the other Irvine, and on the higher decks were another cluster representing Idun, Heimdall and Svafa.

Marin, Aidan, Misae, Raschel, Orthos, Idun, Heimdall and himself were glowing with a pulsing light. The others were beginning to glow faintly as well, as if being infected by the light of the others.*

They shouldn't be...

*The light represented intense magical energy. He'd detected it on the group before when they'd emerged from the dream room, but he'd assumed it was a temporary side effect of the exposure to the near-radioactive magic of the room.

But it wasn't gone. It was growing. And now, it was pulsing, bursting as if...

A vision catches him off guard, and he collapses into it*


Raschel: *incredulously* What...in the Force? How was...what was he talking about?


*Deep inside the Asgardried, a rip appears in space. A curious animal head pokes through, tasting the air with its tongue.

It worms its way out of the hole and runs down the corridors of the ship. More gather round it as it runs*

05-29-2003, 08:46 AM
*RH Irvine walks down the coradors of the ship until he senses a disturbence, like someone in the force came, but breifly. There was nothing he could about it, he continued walking. Then another disturbence, this time is wasn't to far ahead, he runs up to the source, the portal of snakes. He pulls out his lightsaber, and ignites it.*

RH Irvine: "Hey ship! Argh, didn't quite get your name, but anyway, I believe it would be in the most common interest that the others should be warned about this."

05-29-2003, 02:17 PM
Asgardried: Why this is easily dealt with.

*Two large doors slam shut. One before the creature and one behind. With the creature(s) sealed between the two doors. Then hatches open revealing weapon emplacements. The swivel and begin firing.

The Rift is then enclosed by force fields prevanting anymore creatures from leaving it.*

((later tonight I will be advancing time))

05-29-2003, 04:15 PM
Orthos: Deac didn't die...or at least, not in the explosion. He mentioned the "Time Matrix". He must be after it too, and the sith must also want it. He must have died in battle...and now his cybernetic body is re-assembled and he's trying to find his friends.

*Hears alarms sound*

I wonder what it is now.

05-29-2003, 05:56 PM
Hal: What exactly does this have to do with the Republic?

05-29-2003, 11:09 PM
((OOS: What portal of snakes?

Admiral: More than one rift. Just so you know))

*More rifts shift open and closed around the ship. One centipede-like creature is caught in an activating force field and sliced neatly in half. However, other creatures are unaffected by them, some passing through the fields - and walls - as if they weren't there.

One two-legged creature reaches Guy's ship, sniffing. His ship's weapons activate, analyzing the creature and reforming and firing. The creature is blown away.

Unfortunately, this attracted even more creatures. Guy's ship couldn't analyze them fast enough, and they breached the ship's hull.*



*Guy stood in the corner of a room. A wooden and earthen wall.

A man in what seemed to be late 17th or early 18th Earth clothing sat in front of a fire. His eyes were closed. He didn't realize Guy was there.*

This is a time distortion, I can feel it...

*He could feel some of what the man in front of the fire was feeling. Pained thoughts. He caught bits and pieces of memories.

A gang of vampires...thrusting a girl, his daughter, into the sunlight and watching her burn to ashes...a long journey...a small, peaceful town...a huge monster of a - man? standing on a ledge watching the town burn, laughing...the pain of even more loss...then flashes of red and white light, and rage that was now cooling, cooling to a simmer...*

"All for vengeance."

*Guy realized that he'd caught a snippet of the man's thoughts. The man looked down at his mug, which had the name Cyrus Duncan carved into it*

"Vengeance that I never gained."

*The man...Duncan...took a drink.*

"They vanished. Leaving only their weak progeny to hunt down. And the memories..."

*A strange whirring sounds briefly on the other side of the room. Duncan's thoughts cut out of Guy's head. Guy looks to see a strange figure in a cloak, hidden in shadow. Duncan does not turn around or stir from his seat*

Duncan: *speaking to the figure* Another step, and it will be your last. If you've come here for anything other than a fight, you're in the wrong place.

*The figure spoke. A male voice* A fight's exactly what I'm looking for.

*Duncan stands. Then he turns around*

Duncan: Be a man and show your face.

*Out of the shadows stepped - a demon. He looked much like a man, but had beige, loose skin and heavy scars. And unnaturally dark eyes. Everything else was concealed by the brown cloak.*

Demon: I'm not a man. *He pauses for a second* What I mean is...

Duncan: You're not human.

Demon: But clearly masculine. You get that, right?

*Duncan picks up a small crossbow and aims it at the demon's chest.*

Duncan: You'll get more than a fight if you don't leave right now.

Demon: Fine, fine. My mistake, sorry. I just thought you might want help killing the Jotuns who massacred your family.

*The demon carefully watches the man's reaction. Duncan only turns away and puts down his mug*

Duncan: I don't need your help. I'll kill them myself.

Demon: Uh, actually, no, you won't. You'll die a bitter old man and never see them again.

Duncan: You don't know that.

Demon: I kinda do. In fact, *walking around to get in the Hunter's view* I know it'll be another thirty-five hundred years before you get another chance to confront a Jotun again. Or the ones you're so keen on wreaking your revenge upon.

*Duncan is silent for a time. Then he speaks again*

Duncan: And...this is the part of the tale where the demon offers the broken man the chance to change all that?

Demon: I'll take you to them. Thirty five centuries into the future.

Duncan: Through black magic and sorcery.

Demon: No. On a ronto cart. Of course through black magic and sorcery. I'm a demon.

Duncan: And what do you want from me?

Demon: Your word. I want your word that when the time comes, you will show them all no mercy.

*Duncan looks into the dark corners of the room*

Demon: *sounding impatient* Uh, I don't mean to be pushy, but this is a limited time offer. Say yes, and I'll take you to them this very hour. Say no...and realize your one chance to avenge what the Jotuns did to your wife and children has slipped away...forever.

*Duncan stares at nothing.

Guy is moving away again, the scene receding into the distance. But he already somehow knew what the man's answer would be...*

But...what does this mean...?


*He was back in the present again. He could feel it. He was still fully away from his body. His soul was being dragged across space towards a disturbance that it just had to see...*

((Edited to clarify some things))

05-30-2003, 01:07 AM
((Deac: The Asgardried didn't set off any alarms.

Red: Your forgetting that the ship wouldn't just let this happen...))

Asgardried: The republic gave up like cowards to Cracken. They barely put up a true fight. Our lord was trying to help you, and your goverment surrendered. If they had acted when they needed to the Crimson Star could have been destroyed, and none of this would have happened. Over Coruscant the Republic showed themselves to be with out a shread of honor.

Besides there were other reason for destroying so many planets.

Heimdall: Please purge yourself.

*In the cargo hold two droids race up and grab Marin and Aidan. The bay doors then open sucking out any creatures in the cargo hold. At the same time interior defense systems elimated other creatures.

Finally the runes written in what appeared to be a decorative pattern begin to glow. As they spells were activated. The rifts were closed, any new ones were promptly closed as well.*

Idun: I really do have to admit, Odin not allowing us to abandon the futhark has really helped us.

[Time Advance of 1 Week]

*The Asgardreid disengages it's slipstream drive. Before was the planet of Dagon Fel*

05-30-2003, 05:16 AM
((OOS: You're assuming that the ship could. However I should have been more specific about the creatures. They wouldn't have all been affected by the actions the ship took.))

*Before the time skip*

*About half the creatures around Guy's ship were sucked out by the bay doors opening. The others were already inside, or too immaterial to be affected by the change in pressures.

The portals closed by the Futhark's power instantly reopened again. Then, after disgorging their creatures, closed up again. More continued to open*



A figure with lavender-colored hair was standing on what at first glance appeared to be nothing, smiling. Wearing a dark trenchcoat. Hands held behind his back.

Facing him, and also standing on what was apparently a flat...marble? translucent floor with milky white impurities running through it, were a picturesque group of people. One wore a white trenchcoat, which made him blend into the surroundings in a disturbing fashion. He carried two guns which he had pulled out and trained on the purple-haired man. The person beside him wore clothing that clearly indicated she was from Earth's magical world, but nothing more interesting except for a satchel around her neck. Beside her was a tall man in gray armor and a mask covering everything except for glowing white eyeslits. Beside him, a tall girl dressed in blue. In front of them all was a Dark Elf with small with blue-green tatoos around his eyes, and a shock of dark gray hair. He was dressed in some unusual armor, also gray, and carried himself as if he was the leader of the group. He held a long blaster in one hand, a long sword in the other.

There were a few others, but Guy's attention was drawn to something else...three cages floating in the air on repulsorlifts. One held a gargoyle that Guy recognized as K'Warra K'laar. The second held an unconscious short, dark-skinned girl that Guy didn't recognize. The third cage was longer cloaked and darkened. The group all looked very surprised to see the purple-haired man, except for the gargoyle.

The dark elf steps forward*

Elf: Who are you? *The lavender-haired man doesn't answer. The elf turns towards the caged gargoyle and demands again* Who is he?

K'Warra: *grinning* A guardian. Sakara Asrogeth if my memory serves me. Sakara, what an honor your new position must be.

*The lavender-haired man smiles more and speaks* Oh, I think I enjoy it about as much as you enjoy your current position.

*The elf looks from one to the other* You know each other?

K'Warra: No, we've never met.

Sakara: *conversationally, to the elf* Congratulations on a group of prime catches. I'd ask you how you managed it, but I believe we're a little short on time.

Elf: *to K'Warra* What does he mean?

K'Warra: I don't think you can get any clearer than what he told you.

*Sakara extends his arms in a cross position. Energy flows from them into the translucent floor.

Several misty white creatures come up along the energy, dropping out and standing on the ground. They solidify into creatures with bladed arms that appeared to be made from liquid metal. They hiss at the intruding group*

Elf: What are those?

*Sakara interrupts K'Warra's answer* They're here to kill you. Or at least drive you off.

*He begins rising into the air* You see, I know what you're here for. And while I don't have anything in particular against you accomplishing your goals, I'm afraid I don't have any choice but to do this.

*He stops rising, levitating in midair* Here's how it is. If you can get past me, you can enter this dimension. If you can't, then you can either leave or keep trying until you get killed. I'm not going to use my full powers on you, so you've got a nice fighting chance. Got it? Good.

*Sakara snaps his fingers, and the metal creatures charge at the group.

At that moment K'Warra looks up. His eyes directly meet Guy's. He smiles and winks.

The scene recedes quickly, shrinking into a blank. Space rushed past him, then a beautiful assortment of colors, then he was back in his ship in the Asgardried again. A racoon-like creature was standing over him with a curious look.

Startled, he knocked the creature off. Then he became aware of the blaring alarms.

Quickly, he pressed in a code into the console in front of him. His ship rose into the air and rotated, lowering a square-shaped device from the bottom of its hull.*

This better not do any damage to the others...

*The device unleashes a shockwave of energy, which radiates through the ship like an EMP pulse.

On Guy's holo-scan, the glowing signatures of the humans aboard the Asgardried simultaneously dimmed and shrunk to a tiny flame in each of them.

The remaining creatures abruptly looked confused and lost. Then one by one, the ones that were unaffected by the Asgardried's attacks slipped back away through their portals.

Guy looked at the scanner, simultaneously relieved and apprehensive*

Well that's good, for now. Unfortunately I don't know what that tampering will result in...

*Guy shuts down the monitor. He sits and thinks*

Time Skip

((Edited because words like "plasma" shouldn't be thrown around so casually ^_^;;))

05-30-2003, 06:24 AM
((No kidding since if Guy used plasma he would have killed the group. Well could have))

05-30-2003, 11:00 AM
Orthos: Dagon Fel. I wonder what's down there...

05-30-2003, 08:51 PM
*Pre time skip.*

Hal: You know, for a race that claims to know everything your history is incredibly inacurrate. The Republic sent a fleet, 20 Crusers, over 120 Squadrons, the Empire destroyed one quarter of that in 30 seconds! I was there, I lost half my squadron and my betroved was on one of the Cals! So don't you tell me we were cowards!

((Redwing, no offense, but couldn't you come up with something that doesn't come from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer universe?))

05-30-2003, 10:40 PM
((I don't think he can. :tounge: :D))

05-31-2003, 01:44 PM
*Hal storms off to his quarters.*

Hal: *Under his breath.* Unfeeling, evil monsters.

05-31-2003, 03:45 PM
*intercepting Hal*

Heimdall: Grow up and control your emotions Jedi. We will be on the ground soon, and if you can not control yourself, you will be of no use to any one. If you have any desire to save this galaxy then I suggest you stop trying to create internal strife.

*Heimdall walks past Hal, thinking of him as little more then a spoiled child.*

*The Asgardried sets down in a clearing, on the nightside of the planet. Svafa goes to the lounge after securing the bridge*

Svafa: We had to land a good distance away from the temple to avoid traps. We are going to have to walk to the temple. Please use exterme care if you value your life.

05-31-2003, 09:43 PM
*Hal manages to cool off, he picks up his pack and his rifle, then he heads to the exterior hatch.

06-01-2003, 07:00 AM
((OOS:Originally posted by BattleDog

((Redwing, no offense, but couldn't you come up with something that doesn't come from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer universe?))

That comes up to a count of three things by now, right? Counting blocking out the sun, the character/scenario Duncan is based on [wait...does that make four? oh, whatever], and the idea for a vampire with a soul who used to be Evil. That's not as much as, say, Admiral has lifted from Norse mythology, or Scar has lifted from Anne Rice/Kain universe. And those examples aside, I believe I have used more original material than anyone else in this RPG. So there!


Raschel: *under her breath* Great.

Marin: It shouldn't be too much trouble. I expect Svafa here...or the other Aesir...know something about these traps.

Aidan: *muttering* Traps. Sure. Whatever. So long as I can get in open air again...

06-01-2003, 09:42 AM
[Hey! Most of my stuff is mine or carefully disguised so you cannot tell I stole it.]

Orthos: What? More? Just for once, couldn't we find a helpful sect of monks that will give us the next piece and let us spend weeks and weeks at their beautigul monestary and give us cool stuff when we leave? No? Aww well

*Puts down copy of LOTR*(:D )

06-01-2003, 02:07 PM
((You sad little man, deac. you sad little man...))

*WH Irvine exits via cargo ramp* ((The best way to leave a ship, btw :D (actually i have no clue why i typed that...)))

*WH Irvine looks at the scenery, and sees a calm land fulled with trees and semi tall grass. 'Must be spring here on this planet. I wonder how far we are away from the temple...' he thought as he walked through the neglectedly untrimed grass.*

06-02-2003, 12:42 AM
((Hahahahaha @ Deac :D))

Aidan: I don't think he was listening when they were talking about traps.

Misae: He never listens.

Raschel: Someone should warn him...

Misae: Why bother?

06-02-2003, 01:15 AM
*WH Irvine stops.*

WH Irvine: "Whats keeping them?"

06-02-2003, 02:21 AM
((Of course I use Norse mythology. I also use other mythologies as well, from greek to celtic. I think anyone with any bit of knowledge in mythology could see that.))

*Coming up behind WH Irvine, Idun grabs his collar and yanks him back sharply and non to gently. She then shoves him back towards the group. Right in front of Irvine was a trap*

Idun: Idiot. Did you not hear what Svafa said? There are traps all over so you just decide the mindlessly wander off. Not to mention going in the wrong direction. Next time pay attention.

*With the two returning to the group. Svafa looks around, everyone was accounted for. Going up to WH Irvine*

Svafa: Your lucky Idun is here. I would not have gone after you.

*Turning around she heads in the direct opposite direction that WH Irvine was going in.*

Svafa: Follow me carefully. Traps are everywhere and extermly lethal. This will take at least two of your standard Coruscant days. While we are here we will also not see a shread of sunlight, so for those who don't see as well at night be extra careful.

06-02-2003, 08:54 AM
RH Irvine: "Shouldn't really scold him as much, I don't think he was with us when you explaned that little detail about traps."

WH Irvine: "And just what do you mean by that?"

*RH Irvine smiles.*

WH Irvine: "Hey start stop speaking in riddles, and stop speaking basic!" *sighs* "Whats the use..."

RH Irvine: "You give up too easy. Just come allong, and follow their instructions to the letter..." *turns and follows Svafa*

06-02-2003, 03:01 PM
*Orthos follows carefully behind*

Orthos: Why didn't we just land closer?

06-02-2003, 03:14 PM
((does anyone actually read what Svafa said?

"Svafa: We had to land a good distance away from the temple to avoid traps."
If anyone can tell me why I choose to name the ship Asgardreid I'll give you a cookie. Red you excluded since I told you.))

Idun: THat is no excuse, and we landed far to avoid traps. Please pay attention...

*Heimdall Joins Svafa at the lead. The group begins to enter a heavily forested area*

06-02-2003, 08:02 PM
((I'm still waiting to see when Admiral is going to introduce the eight legged horse.))

Hal: Has it ever occurred to you that you Asier always really over do things?

06-02-2003, 08:11 PM
Asgardreid: Wild Hunt, a supernatural group of huntsmen in mad pursuit across the skies. Sometimes reffered to as Odin's Hunt or Asgardareia

06-02-2003, 09:21 PM
((The eight legged horse is named Sleipnir, and I already introduced it, rather it's essences. I don't know if anyone has noticed this but the names of the Aesir's personal ships/transports are named after their horses. Heimdall is Gulltop and Odin's is Sleipnir.

Your close BD, but no cigar. Asgardried; Asgard's ride/chase. It is the wild ride (hunt) of Odin and Frigg. However that really isn't the core reason. What you missed is when the Asgardreid is really active. Dark, Stormy yule Nights.))

Idun: No, it hasn't.

06-02-2003, 11:23 PM
*Marin trots along in wolf morph. These forests were different from the ones the wolf was adapted to, but similar in enough ways.

Raschel uncomfortably pulls twigs out of her hair, wishing she had cut it before leaving*

Aidan: *impatiently* How much longer?

06-02-2003, 11:31 PM
WH Irvine: 'She's kinda right, this is boring... Oh well, at least I like these parts. So calm...'

06-03-2003, 12:23 AM
Idun: Aidan is a male you moron.

[time advance: 1 day give or take]

*After going a long ways with out rest Svafa suddenly stops*

Svafa: Alright we stop here for 6 hours. Please try and get some rest we will be at the temple tomorrow.

*Idun sets down her pack next to a tree, sits down and and seems to be sleeping in minutes*

Heimdall: I'll take keep guard.

*Svafa Finds another spot, opposite to Idun and she sits and rest. Heimdall goes off to stand watch. A seeming fog sets in*

06-03-2003, 01:09 AM
((Yup, Aidan's a male. In fact I have a (rather simple) picture of my side of the PtH cast (minus Misae): http://www.deviantart.com/view/1834588

Left to right: Aidan, Raschel, Marin, Guy. :)))

06-03-2003, 03:21 PM

*Orthos sits round the campfire*

Orthos: Aren't we supposed to sing songs or tell ghost stories?

06-03-2003, 03:33 PM
Svafa: Shut up and go to sleep.

06-03-2003, 06:50 PM
*Hal begins sharpening his sword, the scraping keeps everyone awake, suddenly he hears something. Hal picks up his rifle, adjusts the sights and fires. Something goes thud in the darkness.

Hal dashes off and comes back with a dead Nerf. He guts it, sets up a spit and begins cooking.*

Hal: Anyone hungry for some real found? I've had enough of compo rations.

((Admiral: Damm, oh well.))

06-03-2003, 07:05 PM
Svafa: Are you a moron? Traps everywhere so you just head out with no idea where they are. And be quite, and get some rest.

06-03-2003, 08:17 PM
*Both Irvine's are already dead asleep, and wasn't distracted. Both of them haven't had a wink of sleep in at least 3 days, training.*

06-03-2003, 11:08 PM
((Deac: Thanks! ^_^

A cookie to whoever recognizes the inspiration for Raschel's clothing. :)))

*Aidan, naturally, doesn't sleep, except for a couple of fitful naps. Gargoyles were day sleepers and if he could he would have been sleeping the entire time the group was walking. He sits and watches the campfire unmoving until Flax returns with the nerf*

Aidan: I'm all for it. I can't stand these rations.

*Marin looks into the forest in wolf morph, seeming to debate something. Whatever it is, she eventually decides to demorph and goes to sleep in her human form, not saying a word.

Raschel gave up on her hair and goes to sleep.

Guy sits silently, eyes open. It took a while for the rest of the group to realize that he actually was asleep, because he never closed them*

06-03-2003, 11:38 PM
[time advance: Almost 5 and 1/2 hours]

*The fire by now is burnt out. Heimdall who hasn't slept taps Svafa on the shoulder. Svafa is instantly awake*

Heimdall *wishpering*: Come with me I need to show you something.

*Svafa follows Heimdall into the woods. They are quickly hidden from the group. They move quickly and quietly until Heimdall stops. He then points out some folliage to Svafa and the ground*

Heimdall: Notice anything?

*Svafa takes a moment to examine them. The edges of some appeared frozen others burnt. When finished she nods at Heimdall*

Svafa: How fresh is the trail?

Heimdall: It is fairly fresh. Let's return to the group.

*The two set off back towards the group*

Heimdall: They don't know that we are here. With any luck we will go unnoticed. The ship has already cloaked.

*Svafa nods in agreement. They are going to have to alert Idun to this.

They return to the groups camp site*

Svafa: Wake up, it's time to go.

*Idun is awake at Svafa first words and is already getting ready.*

Svafa: We leave in five minutes.

06-04-2003, 08:47 AM
*Both Irvine's wake up rather relucently, both mirroring each other in stretching and yawning, unware that they are doing so.*

06-04-2003, 03:12 PM
*Orthos gets up and splashes his face with water from his canteen*

Orthos: Heh. Deac used to do this sort of thing...then he got captured. Oh well. No project, no jedi Starkiller, no DNA, no 25% Orthos.

06-04-2003, 04:56 PM
*Hal has not been sleeping, rather he has been meditating. Sensing the movement around him he opens his eyes and stands. Then he proceeds to wash and check his gear.*

06-04-2003, 09:20 PM
*Raschel smirks, rubbing her eyes* You don't have DNA, Orthos?

*Guy wakes up. The others can tell because he starts moving again. Aidan stares.

Marin wakes up, oddly muttering "Water..." She stops when she become aware of Aidan and the others staring at her as well. Aidan offers her water, but she refuses.

Misae fingers her lightsaber and paces, waiting for the others to get ready*

06-04-2003, 10:41 PM
*RH Irvine stands up and walks upbeside Misae, keeping his back turned from the group.*

RH Irvine: *softly, enough for Misae to hear* "I hope you don't mind me intruding, but you wouldn't be happening to be looking for the quicker way, right?"

06-05-2003, 11:23 PM
Misae: What are you talking about?

06-06-2003, 12:50 AM
Svafa: Alright we are moving out.

*Svafa and Heimdall once agian take point, and Idun covers the rear*

Svafa: We will reach the temple today, so be prepared.

*Svafa goes off making her way towards the temple, Heimdall at her side*

06-06-2003, 03:58 PM
[Get there already!]

*Orthos treads behind them*

Orthos: What can we expect to find?

06-06-2003, 04:22 PM
((Patiences. They will be tonight when I get home form work. (unless something happens))

06-06-2003, 06:15 PM
RH Irvine: "Well, maybe if you put thought in what I said and in yourself, you wouldn't have asked..." *smiling*

06-06-2003, 11:19 PM
Raschel: *to Orthos* I don't want to know, I really don't.

Misae: *to RH Irvine* Starting making sense, or go away.

06-07-2003, 01:34 AM
RH Irvine: "I shouldn't have to rephrase myself, you are not comprehending, that is all..." *increases the distence between himself and Misae*

06-07-2003, 01:42 PM
*Idun places a hand on RH Irvine's shoulder and pulls him to a stop*

Idun: Maybe you are making sense in that feeble mind of yours but to the rest of us what you said is pure nonsense.

[time advance: 8 hours]

*The forest starts to thin and eventually the group comes upon the ancient Sith city. In the center of the city was the Sith temple. A large ziggurat, it dominated the sky line*

Svafa: *motioning to the temple* That is our destination. Be on guard, something doesn't feel right.

*Svafa walks towards the main street leading directly to the temple. *

06-07-2003, 04:10 PM
Misae: No kidding it doesn't feel right. This is a Sith temple.

*Raschel readies her blaster. Aidan sniffs the air for suspicious scent trails*

06-07-2003, 06:27 PM
Svafa: The Sith have nothing to do with this. Hell, I would be happy if there were just Sith here. They would be easy to handle.

06-07-2003, 06:44 PM

((Just for the record, I did make it quite obvious what the hell RH Irvine was talking about))

RH Irvine: *pulling away from Idun.* "I don't think I was talking to you... And no I was making sense."


WH Irvine: "Either way this will be an interesting day, wouldn't it?"

06-07-2003, 09:36 PM
Hal: Easy? What kind of Sith did you fight? Even if there aren't anySith here their evil is and evil breeds evil.

06-08-2003, 02:09 AM
((OOS: Seriously Scar, it made almost no sense. His first line made a kind of sense, then the rest...well.))

Misae: Pray tell what's here that's harder to handle than a Sith?

06-08-2003, 03:07 AM
Svafa: You don't want to know.

*Svafa grows quiete, and very still*

Idun: You must understand that Svafa is part of one of our hunter units. Actually she is one of the leaders. Their view of easy is different from others. We also know evil far worse then the Sith.

*Svafa suddenly kneels, and studies the ground. Without a word she darts offs in between the buildings.*

Idun: *motioning to Svafa* Like I said she is a hunter.

*A minute later Svafa returns carrying what appears to be a human.

Svafa dumps the body at the feat of the group. There was a strange marking on his forhead. Svafa kneels down and uncermonisly cleans her blade on the corpse's robes. She then moves an arm so it is visible to the group. In the hand is a lightsaber*

Svafa: A sith scout. He was probably on his way to alert his masters when I caught him. However this isn't a normal sith, notice how old he looks. When I killed him he appeared to be in his twenties...

06-08-2003, 11:17 AM
WH Irvine: "Surely there is nothing wrong with that, Irvine here has to be in his mid twenties along with Misae, Hal and Orthos here, and they are all Jedi, or at least in someway equivalent..."

RH Irvine: "Not really, I lucked out on my training through lots of natural talents, I can't vouch for anyone else here. But I do know that Sith keep their apprentences in their own training for years sometimes decades longer then Jedi Padawans are."

06-08-2003, 01:12 PM
Orthos: And sith tend to age more rapidly. Look at Palpatine, for example. Still, I don't like this one bit...

06-08-2003, 02:43 PM
Heimdall: We know all of that. Pay attention to what she told you. Before she killed him he looked to be in his twenties. After the kill, the body rapidly aged and in minutes a 20 year old body turned into at least a 70 year old body.

This has nothing to do with dark side rot.

*Svafa nods in confirmation of what Heimdall had said*

06-08-2003, 03:50 PM
Hal: So what does it have to do with. I'd rather know what I'm fighting and cack my pants than get my head ripped off.

06-08-2003, 05:39 PM
((Oh, lol. I thought the corpse looked 20 yrs old :)))

06-09-2003, 05:53 AM
Marin: Rapid aging? I've seen that happen with magic - someone takes a potion or spell to freeze their age, and if they are killed their bodies age to what they should be. Does this have anything to do with magic?

06-09-2003, 03:20 PM
Orthos: Let's hope not....

06-09-2003, 07:13 PM
*Svafa pulls out a small device from her belt. Turning it on, she presses a few buttons and then studies.*

Svafa: Heimdall, look at this.

*Svafa hands Heimdall the device. Heimdall studies it for a second then shakes his head*

Heimdall: They are all over the city.

*He gives Svafa a nod and with a press of a button a holoemiter in the device displays a map of the city. Amoung the image of the city there were hundreds upon hundreds of black dots, and a single white one. The black dots are concentrated in at the Sith Temple and thin out as they extend outward*

Heimdall: *pointing to the white dot* That is us, we are currently at the edge of the city in the slave quaters.

The black dots are these Sith. They are concentrating at the temple. Far to many for us to just barge in there. Luckily they are spread out as the Sith move farther from the temple they spread out. Svafa elminated the sentry in this area, meaning we probably can move for a while without having to confront them.

*Svafa turns of the holoemiter. Then with a motion to Idun they take the Sith body and move it out into the brush hidding it. The two return shortly*

Svafa: Lets get going, and start to think of ways to infiltrate the Sith temple.

06-09-2003, 07:33 PM
WH Irvine: "Shouldn't we split up?"

RH Irvine: "Agreed. Although I can't help but ask, if there is quote, unquote, 'traps' here; Why haven't these Sith triggered them?"

06-09-2003, 07:38 PM
Flax: Evidently the traps failed.

*Hal jumps 2 metres in the air.*

Hal: Dad, will you stop doing that.

((I should point out that only the Jedi here can see Flax.))

06-09-2003, 11:15 PM
Marin: If I can get close enough to one of these Sith to touch it, I can acquire its DNA and morph it. Become a perfect carbon copy of it, except that my mind would be controlling it.

*She considers telling them that Aidan was morph-capable as well, but decided against it - best not to have his first morph be something with a mind as dark as these. A strong mind was a difficult thing to control...*

Misae: How do you do that, anyway?

Marin: That's my secret.

Misae: Can you become...me, as well? Or any of us?

Marin: No, I can't. It's more complicated than that. I can't just shapeshift anything I see...

Raschel: How would you "morph" one of these Sith?

Marin: Like I said, I just need to get close.

06-09-2003, 11:49 PM
*Suddenly the sky lights up as an explosion eurpts from the city. A thunderous boom is heared.*

Svafa: The traps are working fine. *she consults her device again* So far the traps have killed 2500. Also I think we missed something about these sentries. I'm betting they are the weaker ones being sent out to find more traps before the main group leaves the relative saftey of the temple area.

Idun to Marin: That can get you in, but not the rest of us.

*Svafa puts away the device, draws her sword. Then from another pouch on her belt she takes a can and a rag. Then putting some of the contents of the can onto the rag she swips the blades of her sword, spear, and dagger. The metal now gave off no glint, and seemed to blend into the surrondings. She hands the rag to Idun, who gives her weapons a swipe. Idun then gave the rag to Heimdall who proceed to wipe down his sword and dagger. Aftwards he gives the rag back to Svafa who places it into the pouch along with the can*

Heimdall: You want to split up, fine then. You two *pointing the Irvines* and anyone who wishes to go with you can be the second group.

We *motioning to Idun and Svafa* and any who wishes to join us are moving out now.

*Svafa taking point begins to leave the main road. Idun follows behind her. Heimdall pauses a moment looks over the group, turns and follows. Each had their sword drawn, and moved without a sound*

06-10-2003, 12:16 AM
WH Irvine: "So we are going into there..." *to Marin* "Why don't you make yourself look like that dead sith, throw on some cloaks, and follow Irvy here, whom is that last time I knew was the lost son of the last Sith Lord." *to group* "From there they'd make the distraction to what ever we need to do in there..."

RH Irvine: "The question is: 'what are we here for?' Althougth that does seem quite the good idea, but I think a more of a 'group' decision for who's in charge here might be needed..."

WH Irvine: "Well I don't think there should really be much to it, you protray as a Sith Lord, and we'll as a group lurk around finding clues... granted that Marin agrees..."

RH Irvine: "Why don't you protray as me somewhere's else, jsut to cause more confusion..."

WH Irvine: "What a minute! I never..."

RH Irvine: "Interupting, you came up with the oringal plan, now you follow up with mine..."

06-10-2003, 07:34 PM
Orthos: Wait! I can sneak some of us in!

*Orthos takes the dead sith's robe and lightsaber. He then takes the glove from his right hand, revealing the Darkstar birthmark*

Orthos: I'm Syrnl's son. They won't know which one, so I'll say I'm Lokpihet.

06-10-2003, 07:38 PM
((Admiral, did you read what I wrote. Unless the Asier are force strong and trained they can't see "ghosts." Oh and before you try it there is not way to sense them using equipment, or heat, or anything else.))

Flax: You shouldn't tolerate this, Odin was never this bad.

Hal: Don't have time right now.

*Flax dissaperars.*

06-10-2003, 07:53 PM
((BD: Try paying attention. Scar had Irvine mention the traps before you posted. Svafa replied to RH Irvine's comment, not to Flaxes.

" RH Irvine:....can't help but ask, if there is quote, unquote, 'traps' here; Why haven't these Sith triggered them?"

Also according to the movies you do not need to be trained to see the "ghost", you do need to be able to sense the force.

Also, to everyone: Be careful on your assumptions.))

06-10-2003, 08:21 PM
RH Irvine: "Let's snag some more from a few scouts. Then you can go with Irvine, Orthos, just incase he needs help."

06-10-2003, 11:19 PM
Raschel: Wait, wait. How do we know these Sith even know about Cracken, or Lokpihet? I mean, we don't even know where they came from!

Marin: I had the impression that Force users had the ability to sense light or dark Force via extrasensory perception. How are the rest of you going to imitate that? Or am I mistaken?

Aidan: Forget all this sneaking around. I say we fight our way through them. I mean, besides this bull Hal here has been feeding us about how deadly they are, what have we seen that's to be afraid of?

Guy: Come on. We should stick together for the time being. Especially since our friends the Aesir have experience with the traps laid here.

06-11-2003, 12:18 AM
*Svafa leads Heimdall and Idun into into a nondescript house. The building has a small porch. Heimdall takes up position there, almost invisible in the night sky. Idun and Svafa sweep the house quickly. Then Idun take up a position near the door.

Svafa goes towards a wall, and presses a hidden button. A panel lifts showing three monitors.*

Svafa: Heimdall, come here.

*Heimdall enters the building and joins Svafa*

Svafa: The ship apparently has been listening into our conversation. It's taken up an orbit over the temple and is sending us these images.

*On the central monitor, showed a video of the temple, and the area around it.*

Svafa: Notice that the sith housing is gone. In it's place is they built a wall, surronding the temple. It is also heavily guarded. In the North East it appears that they are still consturcting buildings. There also seems to be large traffic out of these buildings *pointing to ones in to the east* I would say those are probably barracks. This stucture could be a command center.

Heimdall: What do you make of this?

Svafa: They been here a while. I would say probably at least as long when father died. They are also seem to be expecting an attack. Notice that they are heavily patorling the perimeter. And you have these scouts, who could be looking for traps, or being sentries. what concerns me is that these Sith appear highly organized, and they came from no where. What of the others?

Heimdall: So far none have followed. And you don't want to know their plans.

Svafa: Oh god. What is it.

Heimdall: They are going to take out a few sith scouts to collect their clothing. From there, they are going to send in Orthos, and the Irvines. The others I guess acting as the companions.

Svafa: You have to be kidding me.

Heimdall: That is what they said.

Svafa: *Shaking her head* There are so many wholes with that plan it is pitiful. It is painfully obvious that they have no idea on infiltration. At the very least they should have realized to move from that place, in case the Sith decide to investigate the disappearnce of one of their scouts sentries.

Heimdall: Keep an eye out for incoming. I'll give them a couple of minutes before I go back and hit them upside the head for such stupidity.

06-11-2003, 09:18 AM
RH Irvine: "Consider the fact that none of you desided to take a mental note on how meny Sith there is. There is too meny to sneak around and too meny to fight head on. Only infiltration on the esponagical level is the best choice right now as it stands."

*RH Irvine begins taking a few mental notes on where there are presences of a few consentrations of Sith, not in big detail.*

RH Irvine: "I believe that most Sith would know about a 'Sith Lord' now would they? And as for my part of the plan, although I'm not going to like myself later, but I believe I can at least give out a pretty good empression." *pauses for a second* "Let's just count on Irvine's ability to do the same, how ever I suddjest if there is to be needing to have any proof of how strong he is, I suddjest someone who is fairly trained, and most likey won't swing over to the Dark Side when he or she has to wield it for an instence. Otherwise suddjesting that who ever ackompanies Irvine, is more like a body guard protraying as an apprentence."

WH Irvine: "Irvy, you honestly think so?"

*RH Irvine closes his eyes.* "Yes, it'll be the only way we could get through the heavily gaurded Temple, which I am sensing now..." *Pauses for a few seconds.* "How ever, there is a second outside that consentraction where a second, smaller one is, I think that consentraction is slightly more relaxed then then main one. Irvine, you take that one, It'll be a bigger job for me inside so I don't want to going somewhere, where you could get hurt."

WH Irvine: "But..."

RH Irvine: *interupting* "Make it two people if you want to be so worryful..."

06-11-2003, 03:22 PM
Orthos: I guess that's the Aesir's problem. Being so advanced and living so long has made them arrogant. No, I might not know much about infiltration, but I am the Starkiller. Even in the crazy mixed up world, that still counts for something. Everyone spends so much time fighting with each other that they can't see the simple truth: For reasons that we can't do anything about, we're screwed. The way to unscrew ourselves lies in working together, and not senselessly bickering all the time.

Now, seeing as everyone deems everyone else's plans to be useless, let's make up a plan that will work for everyone.

06-11-2003, 04:07 PM
RH Irvine: "Don't be mistaken, I can preform Irvine's plan. what I was stating that a plan has to be well formed. Considering the large number of Sith that we'd be faced with. Then yet again, I did say that I can do it, I just won't like it. Let's just see what we have for inventory here. If we don't have the correct assortment of weaponry why risk a full on assult when we don't haver the manpower or the weaponry to do so."

WH Irvine: "Well maybe if somewhere near that smaller consentration is an armoury, like its a barracks or something for offduty guards...?"

06-11-2003, 06:18 PM
((Actually Admiral you're a little off. Even when Luke first hears Obi Wan he is already part trained. He has been opened to the force.))

*Hal turns to Aidan with an intense expression.*

Hal: How deadly are they?

*Aidan is lifted off the ground, his windpipe contracts and he begins to choke, at the same time his arms are pinned to his side. After a couple of seconds Hal drops him.*

Hal: You judge.

06-11-2003, 06:46 PM
((If you go by the books then what I said is correct. Truce at Bakura (SP?), Vader appeared to Leia, at that time she had no force training.

BD: Are you trying to make Hal appear to be a dark Jedi?))

06-11-2003, 08:21 PM
((Hal is simply demonstrating to Aidan that the Sith aren't a pushover, his intent is to intruct and quite likely save Aidan life. Therefore its exceptable. Remember any Jedi can perform any power provided the purpose is defence or knowlage.))

06-12-2003, 01:35 AM
((OOS: Then Hal must be a terrible judge of character. :)))

Aidan: Why you piece of---

*Aidan's eyes glow. A white energy field rises around him. A stream of blue and white energy resembling lightning leaps from his outstretch hand, aimed at Hal.

Before the energy can hit Guy is standing between the two. The energy wraps around his suit and dissolves*

Guy: I don't believe it is in our best interests to be attacking each other. *looks down at the ripped, smoking ground beneath his feet* Especially not with deadly force.

Marin: Aidan, what are you doing?

Aidan: *unrepentantly* I was only planning for a little jolt.

Marin: And you, Jedi? I don't think any of us need to be choked to prove a point. So please don't try it again, okay? Orthos is right. We need to work together here. We're trying to save this galaxy, and I think that ought to come before all of...this.

06-12-2003, 02:20 AM
*Heimdall returns to the group. He gives Guy an approving nod.*

Heimdall: It is apparent that some of you need instruction on infiltrations. Lesson one. An enemy sentry has been killed in this immediate area. Since we lack the proper intelligence, then you must assume that the enemy will be coming. As such you leave the area immediatly.

Now, I made the mistake in jokingly saying that we should split up. That would be folly and potentially devestating to our objective. I thought you would have realized this and followed us. Furthermore, from this point on the bickering comes to an end. If anyone has a problem or a point to make, then bring it up in a civilized manner *looking at Hal*.

So, if you would please follow me. I'll take you to a safe house where we can safely discuss plans.

*With that Heimdall turns, and begins to return to Idun and Svafa. He pauses at Marin and looks down.*

Heimdall: *smiling* You've done well, young one.

*Heimdall then continues, not waiting for a response, but hoping the others will follow him this time.*

06-12-2003, 03:21 PM
Orthos: So where now then? You seem to be in charge, Heimdall, so, lead on.

06-12-2003, 04:30 PM
Hal: You should never under estimate your enemy. That is true for all of us. *Looks pointedly at the burnt patch of ground.*

06-12-2003, 10:22 PM
WH Irvine: "Alright then. Let's go..."

*As the group leaves, RH Irvine remains, still holding onto the Sith Cloaks, staring at them, then back at the group.*

06-13-2003, 04:28 PM
((Some problems there Scar.

1. At this point only 1 sith has been killed. As such there is only one cloak.

2. Orthos has that cloak in his possession. RH Irvine doesn't.

I'm also assuming that everyone besides RH Irvine has followed Heimdall.))

*Heimdall, leads the group into the safe house. Svafa had been busy, while he was away. In the center of the room with the monitors now had a table. Upon the table was a holographic image of the city.*

Heimdall: Before Svafa begins. The major problem with your plane that you devised is that it draws attention. We want to avoid that, especially since it is very possible that everyone will be needed inside the temple. There are other problems such as why would these important relatives of Sith Lords not just land inside the base. Otherwise, Svafa you can begin.

Svafa: Thank you. Now, there are something to keep in mind. 1 the number of Sith presant makes any assualt impratical. 2 Before the holocaust these Sith were not presant in the galaxy.

This operation will consist of 4 phases. Phase 1 is Ambush and appropiations. During this phase we will ambush Some of the Sith. I do not have enough information on their activities yet to say when and where we ambush them.

The puprose of this is to appropiate their clothings, and to take some alive to gain more intell. Now during this phase lightsabers, conventional blasters, and any weapon that generates light or sound cannot be used. We have a small cache of weapons here that you can use during is part.

Phase 2 Infiltration

After appropiating the proper atire, we will make our way into the Sith Base acting as anonymous Siths. During this time we will split up into 3 groups. Each group making towards a different entrance *The entrances are highlighted on the map* Upon entering the base the groups will make their head towards the temple. Depending upon arrival time head directly to the temple. If you see another group ahead of you wait a little, and allow them to enter the temple before you proceed. We regroup inside the temple.

Now this is the important part. Do not look down, keep your head straight. Keep the cloak's hood up so your face is in the shadows. Look at other Sith but do not stare. Avoid the Sith Lords, they have the best chance of reconizing us as outsiders. Avoid talking to other Sith, if you must keep it to one word answers or allow one of us *motioning to Heimdall, Idun and herself* to speak.

Phase 3 is the Temple. Since none of us knows what will happen or what we have to do this really can't be planed out.

Phase 4 Extraction.

This part will be fun. When setting traps we created layers. The first layer is automated and what the Sith have encountered. The second layer has to be set off by us.

When ready for extraction the Asgardreid will make for one of three potential LZs *Three spots blink, all inside the Sith Base* Now during this, we want the Sith to be looking the other way. In other words we want them to concentrate on the outside rather then the inside.

As such I have some special surprises for them. First is war droids that have been hidden in the forest. These will be activated and begin an attack on the Sith Stronghold. The Sith will now be looking towards the outside. This is when the second layer of traps are set off. And two fighters for the Asgardreid will begin straffing runs and provide air support.

After this the base should be in utter chaos. Head to the ship, and kill any Sith that gets in your way.

Right now we need to study this map and their movements. Then after that we can plan out the details of the ambushes. Questions?

06-13-2003, 05:52 PM
((Well it could be Deac's decision that if orthos dropped the cloaks before he left...))

06-14-2003, 01:55 AM
((Cloak Scar. There is only one Cloak. Also unless Deac says so then Orthos still has it.))

06-14-2003, 12:40 PM
((sorry if i either accidently pluralised it or thought that the facts that the 'cloak' or 'cloaks' would usualy would have cover the entire body, possibly needing to have the plural. ex: A pair of pants...))

06-14-2003, 05:44 PM
((This is really starting to disturb me. I posted in here last night, and my post isn't here now. -.-;;

*makes mental note to double-check next time*))

Raschel: Uh...I assume you've been following the movements of theses other Sith, and we can safely walk into the Temple because everyone else is doing it. But how do we know we'll be safe once we get inside? We'll be in three groups, and unless one of you three *pointing to Heimdall, Svafa, and Idun* is with each group we might end up kind of lost.

Guy: We have a map, remember? We also have comlinks. I don't know much about the technological capabilities of these Sith, but from what I can see we will be able to stay in touch. *looks at Heimdall and Idun for confirmation*

*Misae stands aside, slightly glowering* Let them play leader for the time being. As soon as we're out of here, though...

06-14-2003, 06:48 PM
Orthos: No, I think I should be fine.

06-14-2003, 07:08 PM

now, did orthos drop the cloak? ^_^))

06-15-2003, 06:07 PM
Hal: Your plan has no chance of working.

It has one fatal flaw. We're not Sith. As soon as we go in they'll sense that.

We don't radiate evil and we can't fake it.

You need a diversion to get inside. Even then its just a matter of time, but without a diverision this is a non starter.

06-16-2003, 01:56 AM
Svafa: Foolish Jedi. I thought they would teach you to mask your presance with in the force, so you won't cause a disturbance. *Svafa gives a deadly smile* Besides, we infiltrated Sith Strongholds before.

Also we would already be under attack, which we are not. You are going to have to trust us. There will be no diversion until we are ready for extraction. If one is used for the initial infiltration then this will fail.

*The computer gives off a small beep to alert the group. On the map lines now appear. Dots indicating the sith are moving along the lines. Numbers appear next to the lines.*

Svafa: These are the patrol paths. They follow the few safe passes that the Sith have discovered. Please not this path and this group of three Sith.

*The path indicated by Svafa passes near the house. Actually only a few houses away from it. The Sith following the path are quickly approaching the point that would bring them closest to the group.*

Svafa: Know, Jedi and Sith can potentially sense other beings across entire planets. Normally they can easily do so in these distances.

*Svafa waits a little as the Sith reach the point, and keep going on the patrol noticing nothing*

As you can see, they have no idea we are here. Even though we are very close to them, and before you ask, we have positive identification that these are indeed Sith.

Heimdall: Don't worry, Raschel. One of us will be in each group. As for it being safe inside the temple. It may be initially but for how long I don't know.

06-16-2003, 11:57 AM
Raschel: Ummm...how did you manage that?

06-16-2003, 03:17 PM
Idun: We have our ways. One being the large dark side presance in the area. It basically is masking us.

06-16-2003, 03:21 PM
*Orthos wraps THE CLOAK round himself*

Orthos: This thing *gestures to birthmark* feels evil just looking at it, so I'll be fine.

06-16-2003, 04:37 PM
*Hal gives Svafa a withering look.*

Hal: I can mask my presance, and I'm sure I could sneak up on that patrol and kill them before they even realized I existed.

They're only scouts. There will be Sith masters here. They will sense us. Whats more they may already be on their way, this display could simply be a powerful illusion.

What you fail to understand is you are not fighting the Sith, you are fighting the dark side of the force and it is limitless.

06-16-2003, 06:17 PM
Svafa: If you are afraid Jedi, then you can stay here while the rest of us complete our objective.

Heimdall: Hal, you seem to have forgotten that we know far more then you do about the Sith. We have also dealt with them before. We know what we are doing.

Furthermore, it doesn't matter if the force is limitless or not. Since the person using it are limited. As such we *motion to Svafa and Idun* are fighting the Sith. You can try to fight the dark side of the force but you will lose.

Idun: Come. Let us figure out where we will ambush them.

06-16-2003, 07:29 PM
*RH Irvine, climbs a bit of an outer wall, alone comes a single sentry, whom is completely unexpecting RH Irvine, whom is suppressing his presence. He surprises the Sentry, and drags him off the wall. RH Irvine grabs the sentry's saber and bashs the back of his head in one quick motion, but unfortunately that wasn't needed... The neck was already broken from the fall.*

RH Irvine: "F**k, I didn't want to, but if we're here to kill 'em. Might as well..."

*After hiding the corpse, RH Irvine takes the cloaks from the sentry, and places the saber on the other side of his belt, as he begins to make his way towards a mildly populated enterence...*

RH Irvine: *while throwing the hood over his head to conseal his identity* 'This will definately be a long day...'

06-17-2003, 07:31 AM
Guy: I would advise that all of us enter the temple. We know our objective is somewhere in there, and judging from our previous experience most or all of us may need to be present.

Misae: What objective, exactly? Sure, this plan is nice and all, but we don't even know what's going to happen once we walk in that temple. And Hal is right in at least one point: the Sith might already know we're here. Sure you can hide from the weak ones, but what about the strong? You already told us you don't know anything about these Sith except...oh, they're Sith? *pointing to Marin* And you, are you insane? You want to turn into one of these beings? You, who have no idea whatsoever what they are?

06-17-2003, 03:16 PM
Orthos: This is going to be extremely difficult. So I think we all stay fairly close together, and then when we reach the temple...

*A bolt of force lighting narrowly misses Orthos. He looks up to see a group of black cloaked men with lightsabers facing him*

06-17-2003, 03:30 PM
((A couple of things. These black cloaked men, could not enter the safe house with out setting off alarms or automated defenses. Unless they used a "magic portal"

Also to make it clear, these men are not the Sith guarding the temple))

06-18-2003, 11:51 AM
((Heh, that was quick, I'm back.))

Hal: You're missing the point. As to knowing more about the Sith than I do, I don't think so. You're not Jedi, you have no understanding of the force.

*At this point the Sith enter.*

Hal: I rest my case.

*Hal activates his sabre.+*

06-18-2003, 03:15 PM
((I should have been clearer on the safe house.))

*Svafa just smiles at Hal. Let the Jedi believe what he wanted, even though he is wrong.

She casually presses some buttons. The group of black cloaked men are suddenly enclosed. A chemcial is then released into the enclosure. The group of cloaked men fall unconscious. A trap door opens dropping them into the basement were droids immediatly put them into force binders (ala Episode II)

Svafa flicks another switch. Ysalamiri come from the upper floor, pushing the force out of the building. Before this they were spread for enough away from the group so it wouldn't effect them.*

Svafa: Careful on your assumptions Jedi. Our job is now easier since we have more cloaks. You also don't need to be a jedi to understand the force.

Furthermore, they were not the Sith guarding the temple. I believe they were following us or perhaps one of us *looking at Orthos* I also think that there are more of them.

((Deac. I think that should take care of any problems.))

06-18-2003, 03:27 PM
Orthos: Excuse me for not being Aesir...

06-18-2003, 03:56 PM
Heimdall: No, she didn't mean it like that. Svafa thinks they are hunting you. They followed all of us, but we think you were their target. As such we set a trap. If you wish you can question....

*Heimdall is interrupted as a Droid appears and deposits lightsabers and cloaks* them.

them and Thank you Hal for your help, without your futile and rather funny arguements then they probably would have waited longer until something else distracted the group.

*Idun who had left the room a little while ago reenters. She is completly disguised as a Sith Lady. On her forehead is a flaming sword. The same markings that were on the first Sith they encountered. She is also carrying a large container. Setting it down Idun opens it. Revealing that the container had a numerous small furry creatures.*

Idun: Met what is basically the Ysalamiri's distant cousin. They project a null-force bubble around the size of an average human. These wonderful creatures will aid us in entering the base.

*Heimdall, turning to Marin*

Heimdall: How about we get you a Sith to transform into?

06-18-2003, 07:28 PM
Hal: Well if those were Sith, I have to say, the training here is pretty pore! You don't think a hole in the force might attract attention?

This might just work, maybe. Next time why don't you just give us the whole plan rather than drip feeding it? Or are you petty enough that you like to watch us make fools of our selves.

As to turning into a Sith, I wouldn't advise it. If you go dark Jedi I'll have to kill you.

*Dons a cloak and takes a Sith sabre.*

06-18-2003, 08:15 PM
Idun: It is our best option to get in with the least amount of problems. Also we would have told you sooner had we not needed to decieve them *motioning to the individuals now being held in the basement*.

Come with me and we will finish your disguise.

06-18-2003, 09:02 PM
*After WH Irvine grabs his cloak and saber, he notices the obvious extra cloak and saber.*

WH Irvine: "Um,..." *Looks around.* "Where's Irvy?"

((I know you're going to have a character say one, but spare the sarcastic answer admiral :p

cus obvious none of you're characters haven't picked up on RH Irvine's dissappearence either, or at least 'stated' that they had...))


*RH Irvine makes his best to blend in, keeping his presence somewhat consealed, he makes his way in via a gap in the sentry path route...*

06-18-2003, 09:49 PM
((Admiral: Was that "magic portal" comment a subtle jab at me? ;)

BD: The Aesir are Force-sensitive, remember?

Scar: Um, RH Irvine announced that he was going off on his own, remember?))

Marin: *to Hal* I can't copy a person's memories, just their DNA and life essence. I think if the Sith's mind takes over, the six of you with training would be able to restrain me pretty easily... I would need actual training to be able to pose a threat to you.

Misae: I think that was Hal's point. How are you going to control a mind as dark as that of a Sith? You can't comprehend the Dark Side of the Force until you've experienced it, and unless I'm mitaken you've never touched the Force in your life. All I can say is...your funeral.

Raschel: Uh, I just thought of another problem...if we're going to carry around little Force-blocking creatures, how are you going to disguise the fact that Aidan and I are clearly not human? I mean, he's got wings, a tail, long feet, and blue skin. I've got a snout, a tail, olive skin, and my hair isn't going to fit in this hood.

Misae: You can be the native creatures we've captured in the woods. I'm sure Heimdall's carrying around binders with your name on them anyway.

06-19-2003, 12:01 AM
Originally posted by Kookee
WH Irvine: "Alright then. Let's go..."

*As the group leaves, RH Irvine remains, still holding onto the Sith Cloaks, staring at them, then back at the group.*

((Nope. ^_^))

06-19-2003, 09:38 AM
*Orthos turns to Misae*

Orthos: I know all about the dark side, and I'm force blind. Then again, that's probably cause my dad was a sith lord and I spent my childhood on Byss...

06-19-2003, 06:14 PM
((Huh, the Asier are Force senseative, since when!?!?

This is why we should have a source book or something.))

Hal: If you succumb to the dark side I won't restrain you, I'll kill you. Once you start down that path there is no going back.

06-20-2003, 12:16 AM
((Since I introduced Odin and the Aesir, Hal wouldn't know that though))

Heimdall: Stop with the threats Hal. Also you can come back from the dark side. Vader did it, Skywalker did it as well. It is just very difficult.

*To Raschel and Marin* It is up to you. Dress up like Sith or pretend to be prisoners. No one said the Sith were composed of just humans by the way.

06-20-2003, 08:59 AM
((hurry up))

WH Irvine: "I'm sure my opinion will most likey be ignored, but I think time is of the essence. I mean I don't think that we should be all standing here at each other whom we should have the objectives already in mind..."

06-20-2003, 10:40 AM
Hal: I'd beg to differ. Vader is dead, Skywalker took ten years to come back properly. She doesn't need to turn into a Sith, She passes for a Sith, just as much as the rest of us. So whats the point of her having a perfect, and very dangerous disguise if we let it down.

06-20-2003, 01:48 PM
Heimdall: The point being is that it is possible. Also if Marin says she can handle it then I trust that she can. Not to mention there are many uses that a perfect copy can have.

Idun to Irvine: You need to show patience. If you simply rush into things without thinking then you will be killed very quickly.

06-20-2003, 03:20 PM
Orthos: We're not getting there any quicker this way...every moment we waste Fenrir devours another world...

06-20-2003, 04:36 PM
WH Irvine: "Sorry, but we can't just keep bickering like this, nothing's getting done..."


*RH Irvine continues to creep around, keeping somewhat out of sight, and his presence consealed.*

06-20-2003, 10:27 PM
((BD: lol, well actually I think it was last mentioned when ysalamiri were used to help keep Odin contained in C6))

Marin: *to Hal* I'm sorry, I never explained...the way my morphing power works, if I don't demorph in two hours I'm stuck in the alternate form forever. From what I know of Force-sensitives and Jedi, you need more than two hours to turn to the Dark Side. But, if the Sith's mind took over, but I could be restrained and my mind allowed to regain control again, I could demorph and have no remaining problems.

Raschel: *to Heimdall* No, that isn't the point...I've never seen another K'Beran in the galaxy, and in fact I think they're extinct. And whatever Aidan is, I've never seen that before either.

Aidan: I'm a gargoyle, thanks very much.

Raschel: But my point is, wouldn't they, um, figure that out pretty quickly?

Aidan: I guess not. But if you want to let these people lock you up go ahead. Me, no way.

Misae: All I have to say is what Orthos said...

06-21-2003, 12:40 AM
WH Irvine: "Then I must ask, what are we waiting for? We do have other things to worry about rather then who's going to be captured or whom is going to blend in the most, rather if all of us will make it out of this predictament with dealing with these Sith, alive... I believe we all need to throw down everything we know about Sith from any experence we've had, which I'm sure our Aesir friends here can full us in on. Also everything that there is usefull to tell, about us, that way a plan that is made should be made to best fit whom ever plays their role..."

06-21-2003, 04:57 AM
Svafa: *throws Raschel and Aidan two cloaks* Put those on. Stay in the center of the group and keep the hood close around your face.

*To Irvine* You really don't know a single thing about us do you.

Idun: To tell you everything we know about the Sith will take to long. You will just have to accept that we hunt and kill the Sith. However, at the moment the Sith are not what we are hunting.

Heimdall: Everyone ready?

06-21-2003, 11:58 AM
*WH Irvine turns away to peer outside the door, he can't help but think: 'Well obviously they can't tell that I was being obsurvant... Espcally with that eye-in-the-sky, we can at least form some sort of plan.'*

06-21-2003, 02:30 PM
Orthos: *Under his breath* Now why didn't Deac have this sort of trouble with them?

*Sets off after the group*

06-21-2003, 08:32 PM
Hal: I'm ready. I want it on record though, I don't like her turning into a Sith.

06-22-2003, 08:54 PM
Marin: I'm ready.

Raschel: *putting on the cloak with a resigned look* Ready as I'll ever be...

06-23-2003, 03:51 AM
((Scar: Being observant about what? Also they have a plan....))

Heimdall: *passing Orthos and heading towards the door* I can answer that in one word, Respect.

06-23-2003, 03:15 PM
Orthos: Meaning you respected Deac or he respected you...then again...you hadn't just blown up 80% of the Galaxy...

06-23-2003, 04:02 PM
Heimdall: I actually never met your uncle. However, I believe there was mutual respect between him and my father. It also seems to be lacking in this group.

06-23-2003, 07:39 PM
Hal: The way my father told it Deac and Odin liked each other. My Father said he had great respect for Odin, as to the rest of you, he thought you were too underhanded.

06-23-2003, 10:29 PM
((Well I'm trying to eventually revamp WH Irvine to fit the character he's supposed to be later in the story. possibly a gradual change, but here's a swing at it...))

WH Irvine: *In a slight worried voice* "Please, can we just do this. This waiting is not very confertable espcally with the people whom we are supposedly going to deal with..."

06-24-2003, 01:44 AM
((BD: How did Flax get his impression of the rest of the Aesir when he only had dealings with Odin?))

06-24-2003, 02:45 AM
((OOS: Um, Scar? You realize that WH Irvine's going to leave the group, grow up self-trained on some odd planet, and then go forward in time and merge with his younger self to create Fused Irvine? How can you character-develop up to that?

And...learn to spell comfortable ;)

Admiral: Flax' specter has been hanging around, right?))

Raschel: So uh...where are these Sith the girl's supposed to morph, anyway?

06-24-2003, 03:32 AM
Idun: Patience young one, You should calm yourself before going into a potential fight. Besides we need to wait for Svafa.

Heimdall: When did she go?

Idun: A few moments ago. While everyone was talking.

*Everyone waits a few minutes. Svafa reenters the safe house, once again caring a body. Going through a back door she goes to the room where the group is currently located in.

There she dumps the body of the Sith on the floor.*

Svafa: There you go, one live sith for you to copy. Granted he is not conscious but I can rectify that if need be.

06-24-2003, 08:40 AM
Originally posted by Redwing
((OOS: Um, Scar? You realize that WH Irvine's going to leave the group, grow up self-trained on some odd planet, and then go forward in time and merge with his younger self to create Fused Irvine? How can you character-develop up to that?))

((Well I don't think i specifed when he'd train, or where. How ever it would of course be sometime in the next 10-13 yrs that he goes back in the timeline...

I'd like to 'justify' WH Irvine's actions on raynor, whom he accidently attacked a member or two in the c7 group :animelol but of course he'd have to need to kill Deac's cyborg self (how ever to spell it ^_^)))

06-24-2003, 07:37 PM
((Remeber in Cantina, 7, was it? When they went back in time to Odin's home planet. Plus Flax has been hanging around and is omnipresent.))

06-24-2003, 08:34 PM
((BD: They were on Asgard for a short time. Flax only dealt with Vidar at that point. If you remember Odin made sure the group didn't deal with any Aesir while they were there. They were also on Asgard for only a short period of time.

I do accept that the ghost Flax, formed his opinion from the Heimdall, Idun, and Svafa and assumed it applied to the other Aesir))

06-25-2003, 03:40 PM
Orthos: Let's go already...

06-25-2003, 05:03 PM
((We will as soon as Red decides to post...))

06-25-2003, 07:34 PM
*Hal dies of extreme old age.*


*Hal sets out a game of Star Wars Risk and begins playing Orthos.*

06-25-2003, 08:00 PM
((*WH Irvine brings out a multi leveled chess game and challenges Heimdall to play. Which in turn gets his arse kicked in it...*


*RH Irvine looks about the temple... Nothing...*

RH Irvine: "WTF!?"))

06-26-2003, 12:44 AM
((Sorry everyone ^^;; I'm stupid and forgetful :animelol:))

*Marin crouches down and puts her hand on the Sith's face. She closes her eyes and concentrates, forming a mental image of the Sith in her head.

After a few seconds she lets go*

Marin: I'm done.

Raschel: But you look...

*Marin focuses on the Sith's image. The first thing that began to change was her clothes, which began melting away. Instead of her skin underneath, however, it was the whiter skin of the Sith on the ground. Her entire frame grew larger and bulkier.

Her face began changing as well. Her eyes contracted and turned black. Her cheekbones and chin became square instead of rounded. Her hair transformed last, turning from long and brown to short and black.

Some of those who hadn't seen the girl morph before stared in fascination ((OOS: I can't remember :D)). Aidan just looked impatient.

The morph completed, and Marin was now a nude identical clone of the Sith on the floor next to her. The process had taken about thirty seconds*

Marin: *in thought speech, looking up at everyone staring at her* <I'll need his clothes, of course.>

06-26-2003, 01:01 AM
Svafa: So, go get them.

[A slight time adavance]

*The group has weaved in between the buildings avoiding Sith Patrols. They were now near one of the guard gates.*

Svafa: *in a low voice* Remember what I told you at the safe house.

*The group begins to head towards the gate. Raschel and Aidan were in the center. The guard looks up and sees Marin's face. He gives the group a slight nod and allows them to pass.*

*Meanwhile. RH Irvine sets off a trap pinning him next to the side of a building and alerting a passing Sith Patrol.*

06-26-2003, 03:19 PM
Orthos: Hell. This is going to be bad...

*The Sith Arrive. Orthos steps forward.*

Orthos: Dammit fools! Can't you see this young primach set off one of those damnable traps? Honestly, your Master invites me, Lokpihet Darkstar all the way from the remnant of the Throneworld of Palpatine to meet him, and I meet a bunch of bumbling apprentices. Go on! Get the idiot out of there.

06-26-2003, 03:56 PM
((Deac: RH Irvine is not with the group. He is actually a good distance aways.

He also only alerted the Sith in his immediate area. The Sith by the temple are unaware of the group presance))

06-26-2003, 07:28 PM
*Hal keeps his head down and his hand on his sabre.*

06-26-2003, 10:25 PM
*The undetectable trap springs RH Irvine up agenst the wall, while a force net binds him suspended on the wall...*

*The sith come to see someone in their own cloaks.*

RH Irvine: '$h!t, why'd I get myself in this mess...'

Sith: "What is your name?"

RH Irvine: 'Damnit! Why'd they even have to ask...'

Sith 2: "Speak!"

RH Irvine: "I... I am a son of a Dark Lord."

Sith: "Bah! Must have been a weak one! You're pathetic! Take him down take his weapon and bind him..."

06-27-2003, 04:57 AM
((OOS: I think maybe Deac got the WH and RH mixed up ;)))

*Marin remains silent, despite her ability to speak without being heard. The Sith's mind was quiet, and she was keeping herself as separated from it as possible...but she could still feel the dark currents flowing through the human's body*

06-27-2003, 02:51 PM
[OOS: Sorry]

*The Sith turn to look at Orthos*

Sith: What? The trapped worm? Why is he not with you?

Orthos: I need not explain myself to you, primarch, only to your master. Now, you will leave me and my followers in peace, lest you see what it is to be a Darkstar.

06-27-2003, 03:39 PM
Sith: What Darkstar, who is Lokpihet? *Begins to draw his lighsaber* Why....

*Svafa throws a small knife striking the Sith's throat. Looking around No other Sith saw them.

She gabs the Sith and moves hides him amoung some near by crates. She returns to the group*

Svafa: What did I tell you? Now our cover could be destroyed any second. Everyone to the temple now.

*The group heads towards the temple. Svafa setting a very brisk pace.*

Other part of the city

*THe Sith roughly pull RH Irvine towards their base. Kicking him any time he stumbled*

Sith Temple
*The group was now at the at the doors to the Sith temple. Without warning Sirens go off.*

Svafa: Inside now. Kill any Sith in there and bar these doors.

*The group enters the temple, Heimdall is the last to enter. Before entering the temple he Scans the area. So far no Sith had yet to turn towards the temple. Out of the corner of his eye he sees RH Irvine being dragged in by a group of sith.*

Heimdall thinking: That would explain the siren. Before we try to save the him, we need to finish this quest

*Inside two Sith turn, surprised by the groups sudden entrance*

Sith: Who are you?

06-27-2003, 05:20 PM
Rh Irvine: *gets kicked* "Gahh!" *stands up then gets pushed over again, then kicked once more.* "Oof!"


WH Irvine: "Damnit..." *the two sith speak...* "Well, um..."

06-27-2003, 08:58 PM
Hal: You worst nightmare.

*Activates his sabre in the first Sith's gut, then swings at the second, shocked, Sith and takes his legs off.*

Hal: Start talking.

06-27-2003, 09:39 PM
*Misae looks surprised in spite of herself at Hal's very un-Jedi-like actions. She decides, however, that come to think of it she didn't particularly disapprove...*

06-28-2003, 03:17 AM
((Scar: A couple of things you forgot. The Group is carrying smally ysalmari type creatures. While inside their influence the group cannot use the force))

Sith: *With effort* You'll be sorry when *cough* the one with the flaming sword com....

*Svafa using her sword, beheads the Sith. She looks at Hal with disgust*

06-28-2003, 10:39 AM
((oh okay ^_^;; ))

WH Irvine: "Okay, at least we have a small lead... Someone with a 'Flaming Sword'... But for what?"

06-28-2003, 04:10 PM
Hal: *To Svafa* Well that was intelligant. So now we know about a flaming sword.

06-28-2003, 06:18 PM
Svafa: The one who carries the flaming sword is not in this temple.

*Svafa uses the dead Sith's cloak to wip blood from her sword*

Heimdall: For a Jedi you definetly don't act like one. You sent the Sith into shock, He wouldn't have survived for very long. We wouldn't have gotten anything else from him.

Next time try to use a little more control. A couple of skilled cuts would have immoblized the Sith with out sending him into shock.

*Heimdall consults the map*

Heimdall: According to the map, we must go to the center of the temple.

*Heimdall and Idun Draw their swords. Svafa takes point and begins to head towards the center*

06-29-2003, 12:58 PM
Hal: If I'd gone for his weapon arm he would hae skewered me. My fault, I need to spend more time practicing.

06-29-2003, 08:22 PM
WH Irvine: "Well, I'd believe that, but no disrespect, you did say the you we're his 'worst nightmare'..."

06-29-2003, 08:26 PM
Misae: *under her breath* If they expect us to be lightsaber experts they ought to actually let us use the Force...

*aloud* So you know who the one with the flaming sword is? Why don't you tell us now instead of letting us be unpleasantly surprised and almost killed later on?

06-29-2003, 09:30 PM
Heimdall: We actually already told you, Marin and Aidan. The one with the flaming sword is named Surt. He and his five companions are somewhere on the planet.

*Picking up the head, which had also aged like the first dead Sith*

See the tatoo, it's a flaming sword. These Sith are Surt's followers, possible his personal legion.

06-29-2003, 10:07 PM
WH Irvine "Facinating... Now could we please perhaps find out what else is happening here? I don't think those guy's will treat their new guest very well..."


*RH Irvine is dragged into a room where he his shackled. A few Sith warrior begin finding some fun in harming RH Irvine with various methods from phsically beating him, or hitting him with jolts of Force Lightning.

After a little while they stop, and a lead Sith grabs RH Irvine by his chin and glares into his eyes.*

Lead Sith "Who are you? And who else might be here? Talk!" *slaps RH Irvine in the face*

RH Irvine "If that was the case, why would I speak if there was anymore that came here..." *smiles, but then gets slaped again*

07-01-2003, 10:36 PM
Misae: You still haven't told us anything of use. Mind explaining who Surt is?

07-02-2003, 12:45 AM
Heimdall: Fine. Surt is as old as my father. He is a fire giant, pure evil, help create the Sith, and our mortal enemy. His sword is wreathed in flames. All in all he is very deadly, and very smart.

*A Sith torturer enters RH Irvines cell. He is carrying a bag which he sets on the table.

Torturer: So he won't talk. We'll see about that.

*He begins to pull out a variety of instruments. These include knives, needles, and some medical instruments.

RH Irvine's arms are spread apart and locked into position. His shirt is ripped to expose his chest.

With a gleam in his eye, the torture picks up a dull knife. He then uses the knife to put long shallow cuts into Irvine's arm. The dull blade ripping the flesh more then cutting it. Blood trickles out of the wounds.

The Torturer then moves back to his table and pick's up what appeared to be a crown with small spikes going inward. He places this on top of Irvines head*

Torturer: If you move then the crown will constrict and force the spikes into your skull.

*The Toturer then picks some darts and proceeds to use Irvine's chest as a dart board.*

07-02-2003, 09:02 PM
Lead Sith *to a subordinant* "You, take a sample of his blood, I want to know how powerful he an be."

*The sith subordinant collects some blood that is trickling, and leavs into the next room, where he conducts a Midichloron scan of the blood*

*Meanwhile, RH Irvine grits his teeth as the torchure continues, he mainly consentrates on the spiked crown, keeping it open, while barely manages to slightly close the wound.*

Another Sith "He's closing his wounds."

Lead Sith "Let 'em, his strength shall pass sometime soon."

*The subordinant returns*

subordinant "His count is approx eightteen thousand maybe closer to nineteen thoughsand."

Lead Sith "How can that be possible, you must have done the process wrong."

07-02-2003, 09:09 PM
Hal: Maybe we should get on with this then, before Surt comes a'knocking, and yes I am scarred

07-04-2003, 04:57 AM
((Notice: THe RPG is basically going on hold until everyone returns. AKA Monday things will pick up again.))

07-04-2003, 11:24 PM
((What he said. :)

Have a happy 4th of July, everyone! (Even you non USA'ers ^_~)))

07-05-2003, 01:39 PM
[Deac returns. Sits about.]

07-07-2003, 06:19 PM
((OSS: Her Majasty's 5th Battalion, 11th/39th/54th refuses to recognise the right of the American Colonies to govern them selves, we will be returning just as soon as we can sort out the African and Indian Colonies; we also need to sort out the French.))

((Disclaimer: This was a joke, I am English, I am proud of this and I know that we weren't really cruel enough to warrant a horrible and destructive Civil War.))

07-07-2003, 07:58 PM
((OSS: That'd be kinda funny if there was people around that still doesnt reconisde the american colonies wanting to govern themselves :)))

07-08-2003, 10:43 AM
Guy: Do you know how to kill a fire giant?

07-08-2003, 03:14 PM
Heimdall: To kill them, you must be very quick, agile, and strong. It is extermely hard to kill one of them in open combat. It is much easier to kill them in space.

*The group begins to ascend to the temple's topmost level. They finally come upon a large door way. .

Heimdall, Idun, and Svafa have weapons at the ready.

Heimdall begins to approach the door, wary of potential traps. He looks to see a vast chamber. On the sides are lined with statues*

07-08-2003, 03:53 PM
Orthos: I don't like the looks of this.

*A figure moves silently behind them...*

07-08-2003, 06:50 PM
Hal: Hay, if we're lucky it might only be Exar Kun!

07-08-2003, 11:41 PM
WH Irvine *looking at the inners of the temple* "Well this is definately a temple. Okay now what?"

07-09-2003, 02:16 AM
Misae: Okay, this room has an entrance, but it doesn't have any exit. Are you sure that map's right?

Guy: *scanning the room* I don't believe those statues are actually statues...

07-09-2003, 11:18 AM
Tech "Yep, this thing malfunctioned..."

Sith 2 "Whats wrong with it..."

Tech "An overload or something, fried a few circuts. Also this thing does look kinda old anyway..."

Sith 2 *sigh*

07-09-2003, 05:25 PM
Orthos: Are they ever?

07-09-2003, 06:15 PM
Hal: I'd rather Kun than more walking, running, nodding, killing statues.

*Kun's spirit appears.*

*Flax' spirit appears.*

*They begin dueling in the background.*

07-09-2003, 11:47 PM
((OOS: What's Kun doing here, or is that a joke?))

Guy: No. I'm reading life signs from these "statues"...

Raschel: Shouldn't we get out of here, then?

Guy: No. The map says this is where we need to go to advance the path.

07-10-2003, 12:03 AM
((If memory serves, Exar Kun was destroyed on Yavin 4 where his spirit was trapped. His spirit then was defeated))

*The group enters the chamber and when the last one crosses the threshold large stone doors slam shut sealing the group in.

The statues begin to move. The grey color of stone begins to be replaced by a healthy flesh color. The statue creatures stretch muscles that had been in a position far to long. The group is surround by the stretching creatures.

Soon greedy little eyes become fixed on the group*

Idun: *a little amazed* Dwarfs? But I thought....

Dwarf: *Seeing the reforged sword Heimdall was caring* They have the sword of Alvis.

*The dwarfs begin to close in on the group*