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05-19-2003, 07:07 PM
I NEED a modder team to realize a project, it's preatty simple but it will be great for JK2... please contact me via ICQ at :35433605 if u are interested!

05-19-2003, 08:46 PM
How can we be interested if there are no details of what you want to do? Just post some of the basics and they will come...up with a decision.

05-19-2003, 09:02 PM
1) modify the saber combact system, creating a difference between AUTOblock and manual block
autoblock just block frontal 20 degrees attack, and can be easly broken down.. it just can be usefull for LUCKY sudden blocks.
manual block just change your standing position and allow u to block while pressing , obviusly it will consume your stamina bar

2) introducing a stamina bar that will recharge fast enough but it wil represent your physical balance
less stamina u have, more u are affected by force powers and slower u run. ( so people cant escape all the time )

3) modfying force powers letting them not to be just a button SPAM, but letting them be strategics duel elements

lightning : no differences between lightning at 3 and at 2 ( always a straight line ) but the 3 liv one will be able to knock a little down

4) most power force will not affect a jedi in normal condition... most of force powers effect will depends by stamina bar!
it mean, image to devide the stamina bar in 4 pieces, when u do things like, running, jumping, rollin etc etc, also swinging, u'll consume your stamina bar! and while u are walking or standing u'll recover it! so u have a 100 points bar, when u have 100 force powers doesnt affect, they follow this scheme

100 sp ( stamina point ) :

push/pull doesnt affect u, also if swining or jumping
grip just block u for 1 second in the place u are
lightning normally damage u ( it doesnt depends by stamina )

75 sp

push and pull a little move u, really few
grip block and damage a little u
lightning normally damage, + your point of view starts getting confused

50 sp

push and pull affect u a littile,
grip block and damage u, + it can grab u in the air ( just vertical way )

25 sp os less

push and pull can knock u sometimes
grip take u and grab in the air and hard damage
lightning knock u on the ground and u starts convulsing in the spasms :D

Obviusly, u can use powers also to defende, and STOP running, swinign and using force powers!

when u use force u should stand, for example.. u can push and pull but the power will let the model charge it for 0.3 seconds then it will start.. so enough for the enemy ( if has fast reflex ) to get a guard position to constrast it ( obviusly, if u stay in DEFENSIVE position with manual block, u can block push and pull also if u have 25 sp )

when using lighting u CANT run. u just stand in position and charge the bolt.. obviusly if u hit u make really incapacitating damages


dodge system bar ( like MOTF ), the concept is.. stop hitting everytime.. a duel is not a " how many hits can i take before dying", it shuld have a sort of DEFENSIVE bar that is consumed evrytime u DONT block an attack and u force your model to DODGE this, if the attacker rush with and force u to loose all your dodge bar.. u'll get hit and saber swing are basically deadly ( from 60 to 300 damage )


EVERYTHING can be blocable. but some special moves let u consume stamina to block without avoiding them,

Kicks depends on stamina, they dont damage healt but they damage stamina, and they should be more difficult to do and more strategics.


That's a first view of the mod!

After all belive me i dont ask u to ADD NEW MOVES, or NEW FEATURES.. just to work on WHAT ALREDY we have in the game.. and modify some setting!


at last.. the CLASS system, Bounty Hunter, Jedi, Soldiers, etc.etc!

05-19-2003, 09:25 PM
Oh bloody hell!

Did you even look to see if any existing mods are doing this? Basically, what you want is a combination of ProMod, Movie Battles, Masters of the Force, and ForceMod, all of which don't have enough servers running them as it is.

AND you're telling me you don't know how to code? Not only didn't you LOOK before requesting something (that SHOULD be in the requests forum ANYWAY) you've made yet another request that WILL NOT be realized.

Why don't you just say "I don't know how to do this, why don't you guys do this for me because I'm too lazy to try to do it or even learn to do this."

There are plenty of other guys like me who didn't know how to code when they wanted to mod, but they had something you don't - INITIATIVE. They understood that to get something done, you are going to have to do it yourself.

Sorry to get all flamey, I guess I could have responded with:


05-19-2003, 09:56 PM
ehy little arrongat. i'll not answer u with bad words but :!

1) I know exactly promod and motf couse i intervieed MOTF and i helped artifex in balancing promod!

2) 2 of these 2 project falled down before the final release.. so they are incomplete!

3) NO. i DONT SEE any mod where i can do what i said before

4) i have a guy able in programming.. so maybe i was just asking for OTHER GUYS intersted in this.. and not for a bounch of slaves that work for me, if u dont want just i'll find a way to mod the game with my friends. and i'll be very pleased with your "love for this game". that result in a " **** u i'm happy in this way"

5) how many people did your observation? and how many server with this kind of mod do u have?
maybe do u prefer just running for the map spamming and draining and firing rocket launchers while using force grip!. yes!. maybe....!

Promod exist, Motf exist.. but for what i know right now NOONE of them has been completed and maybe they have been canceled has projects! what i would like to do is just a sort of FINAL MODE!

So your open "attack" to my post is pratically a non sense!, or maybe can u show me something where there is a mod like it?

Maybe the difference between me and u, is that i DONT KNOW TO CODE but i try to find people able to do to cooperate togheter to realize something, and U just spamm in forum like this in post like this accusating people like me !!!

Maybe u dont know but i'm the admin of the entire italian jk2 community and if this mode will work i'll have the possibility to put up 5 open servers! letting all italy playing it!

....bah!.. turn on the brain before answering Wudan!, and me less offensive! dont mind!

05-20-2003, 01:04 AM
Good Luck. It doesn't look like you would need much more than a decent coder with plenty of time, from where I stand.

This would make the total of mods that are too similar to about 6 or 7. You will be able to make your mod, because the undertaking does not break new ground or enhance the general perception of possibility, and therefore is very 'doable'.

05-20-2003, 12:59 PM
Now, now, let's not let our feathers get too ruffled here...

I think Wudan's initial reply, while a tad caustic, was not out of arrogance but rather out of frustration. There's a difference.

There have been so many requests along the lines of "D00dz, I have this killer idea for a mod - can you code it for me?" that Wudan's comments echo the feelings of many of the other coders who read this forum. Therefore, his reply was somewhat understandable.

Additionally, it is preferred that requests like these are posted in the forum designed for this kind of thing, namely Editing Requests (http://www.lucasforums.com/forumdisplay.php?s=&forumid=402).

Maybe I'm off base, but the timing here seems a little off here too, since many of the modders are waiting around to see what happens with Jedi Academy (or are even considering working with new engines entirely, i.e. Half Life 2, Doom 3, etc., but that's an entirely different discussion). However, hopefully you can find someone with the necessary skills to help you out to accomplish what you'd like to do.