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Danyx 05-23-2003 04:22 PM

Swediot's Cantina
The female human closes her eyes and rolls them back under the lids to clear the dust and adjust to the dimmer light of the cantina she's just stepped into. She steps away from the path in front of the entrance and looks around.

(note: using the TAG system that The Monastery uses to identify who is next in line for posting to my own threads, aka "'re next". )

TAG:leaving the description of the cantina open for the owner to describe. Everyone else is TAG:open

DirtyWombat 05-23-2003 05:22 PM

A weathered human male, in a tattered robe and demi-jacket, peers up casually from the dim lighting of his booth, and takes a sip from his drink while gazing at the cantina entrance. The man then sets his drink down calmly on the scarred table surface and rubs the condensation from the glass off on his sleeve. Trying not to draw undue attention, the man eases his rifle closer and gently rests his hand across his bandolier...

TAG: Open


Lord_Vessen 05-23-2003 09:42 PM

There sat a blue zabrak with black sith like tatoos. He sat nursing his Swediot Ale, the newest drink out there. He black cloak drooped over his chair as he leaned back. A scar over his left eye made it hard for him to see.

Jatari Bazrak 05-23-2003 09:52 PM

Sitting by him was a Fierce Zabark Bounty hunter with tan skin and midnight blue tatoos, Dark blue eyes, deadly looking silver horns scared with blood, and a black goate.

Was counting his credits he had just gotten after killing Mess the Hutt 10,000....20,000.....30,000. Then he smirked and handed Vessen his thirty thousand.

Lord_Vessen 05-23-2003 10:01 PM

Vessen took the credits and shoved them into his cloak pocket.

OOC: Nice combo between RPs.

Danyx 05-23-2003 10:04 PM

The woman pulled her cloak back by putting her hand on her hip under it, exposing her blaster. She didn't want anyone mistaking she was not a cantina-fly willing to make any tips horizontally.

She walked passed the weathered human with a nod, looked at the pair of Zabraks and gave them a crooked smile, and made her way to the bar. "I'll have a Rodian Blurr," she said to the barkeep, tossing some credits to him. She took her drink and turned back towards the tables, looking for a place to relax.

TAG: open

DirtyWombat 05-23-2003 10:45 PM

The weathered man glanced up at the determined woman, down at her blaster with a smug grin, and then off apprehensively at the fortuitous Zabrak counting their bounty. He paused a moment and with a smirk, pushed the adjoining table stool towards her and took another sip of his drink.

TAG: Open


Harkano 05-23-2003 10:56 PM

A tall, almost lanky teenage human slinks through the door hesitantly.
He lowers the hood of his dark cloak and glances warily around the Cantina. He tries not to appear afraid and fails. He cannot help his gaze lingering on the pair of Zabraks but quickly steps towards the bar. He hesitantly examines the woman in the dark cloak brandishing her sidearm and his eyes go even wider at the grizlled man openly brandishing his rifle who obviouslly knew how to use it.
He pats the side of his cloak as if checking to see if staightening a crease in the well worn garment while trying not to look as if he is not nervouslly checking his blaster is close to hand.
He asks the barman for a Star Racer and begins to tentatively sip at it.

TAG: Open or whatever

Jatari Bazrak 05-23-2003 11:03 PM

Jatari picked up his portable bounty reader and checked down the list for anything good.
"nothing....nothing....nothing...what a minuet what do we have here." Jatari says and opens the file.

Name:Thrax kar'

Alive:30,000 credits
Dead:15,000 credits
Last location:Theed,Naboo

Wanted for letting three persons escape capture.
(names unnone) "I think we need to pay Thrax a little vist.
Want to come along Vessen? I beleave he would be quite pleased to see us. Don't you argee?" Jatari asked

OOC: thanks Vessen

Lord_Vessen 05-23-2003 11:16 PM

Vessen felt his sharp crown of horns atop his head. The cantina was going to get busy real quick. He sipped his drink and ajusted his shouldered rifle. He noted the female human attempting to show her "rank" in the cantina. Her body language stated she did not want to be messed with. He also saw the young human walk into the bar. The zabrak chuckled to himself then drank the rest of his ale.

DirtyWombat 05-23-2003 11:21 PM

The weathered man gives the cloaked fellow a shallow nod with courtious grin, while ensuring the Zabrak pair inspecting their comm aren't more than just curios.

TAG: Open


Jatari Bazrak 05-24-2003 12:51 AM

"Well well well look who just came in, Harkano from my old skyhopper days."
Then he orderd a Z-11, a mind enhancer drink.
"Soppose Rydur's interested in Thrax Kaar'?"

swediot=) 05-24-2003 01:18 AM

OOC: my cantina is copyright .... yes thats right ive made up a copyright and this swidiots i think is a litle close to swediots :mad:

Lord_Vessen 05-24-2003 02:16 AM

OOC: Lol, its your cantina. She spelled it wrong.

Krymelord 05-24-2003 06:45 AM

The low rumble is, at first, barely audible. An ear splitting roar can be heard over the noise of the bar, maybe just down the street. The heavy thuds get louder, causing several of the expensive bottles at the bar to rattle. Loud snorts and grunts can be heard from just outside the door. Abruptly the noises stop, and there is silence. A cloaked stranger appears at the door, impossible to make out, with the bright light form the street behind him. A Zaius Arms Inc. carbine strapped to his shoulder, he strides to the bar.
"The usual," asks the bartender? With a quick nod, he begins to pour. The stranger puts some money on the bar and a folded piece of paper. With a suction-cupped hand, takes his drink to a dimly lit booth, in the back corner. He waits...


Jatari Bazrak 05-24-2003 08:14 PM

Then the music played again and people started cared the least for the new arival... all except Jatari, who started to pay more attention to the man.:eek:

Then Jatari spoke to Vessen. "Him..." What?
"You see that guy who just came in?" asked Jatari "No. Why?"
"That's Krymelord pr at least thats what he calls himself. That guy has never lost a man he's after in his life, and we've got bountys on us. Hope, you didn't forget about the last bounty hunter we ran into.

Tag:OPEN!, now closed, OPEN!, now closed, OPEN!

Danyx 05-24-2003 11:09 PM

OOC: Yes, Swediot, it IS your bar, and I spelled it wrong. We aren's stealing your idea, we are promoting it. We've decided that a bunch of us want to hang out on a semi-regular basis drinking your swill and getting together, so I started this thread to start our roleplaying at your establishment before we get into game instead of waiting.

My first post in this thread asks you to please describe the bar, as it is your's it should be up to you to describe it's look and feel.

We want to party at your place. Also, can we know if it is you tending bar, or do you have a hired hand, what does he look like, etc.


IC: Danyx takes the seat offered by the weathered man, hides a grin from the teen, and sidesteps the latest, and loudest patron of the establishment. Sitting at the table, she raises her glass to the man, "name's Danyx, and you are?"

swediot=) 05-25-2003 12:33 AM


Originally posted by Lord_Vessen
OOC: Lol, its your cantina. She spelled it wrong.
OOC: i know i was just being an =A= hole

oooo lets see description..... well first off i will be tending to the abr every now and again but i will also have hired help to do it most of the time. hopefully ill have a band as well (i have to have one dont I :D ) umm i dont really know what its gonna loo like though but sometimes ill have bouncers like ... i think gaalgooth was gonna be part time bouncer but i dont remember if it was him or someone else... any way you be creative and come up with something

ooo i forgot.... getting extremely pissed bar fights and illegal ectivity such as gambling/smuggling yaaadi yaaadaaa is highly encouraged :thumbsup::D :p

but if you get blood on my floor ill make you clean it

NOTE *dont tell me i cant make you like a said ill have bouncers... and friends... and .... and... im very big and very hairy

Lord_Vessen 05-25-2003 03:56 AM

Vessen kept his eye on the newest person that entered the cantina. He hoped that he was not here for them.

Krymelord 05-26-2003 06:22 AM

The bartender looks towards the cloaked stranger in the back booth. With a nod from the dark figure, the bartender pours two drinks and walks to the two Zabraks.

"From a new aquaintence," he says as he places the drinks on the table. Underneath one is is a folded piece of paper. While taking a gulp of his beverage, Vessen removes the note and reads it.
I was contacted by several of your Associates, and asked to follow up on some information. You and your friend are marked! There are four in the back alley and three about to come in the front door. There is another across the street with a rifle, hiding behind a waste disposal unit. Stay seated and wait for my signal.

Vessen passes the note to his companion, and looks at the back booth. With a nod, he rusumes his conversation with Jatari...


swediot=) 05-26-2003 07:15 AM

K2-3po: itl be nice to get back home... I never thaught id say this but i really miss that place
shreneka: greaaaaar
K2-3po: no really... i really do. Sure all your guests are foul trigger happy space pirates.... i actually do enjoy a good bar fight every once and a while....... umm Shen..
Shreneka: hrrmmph
K2-3po: why is there a rifleman hiding in the garbage across the street.
Shreneka: groowl breaawl shriif
K2-3po: yes i know the cantina isnt a very good place for some one like that but ive never seen one of the guys put some one in a dumpster before.

the swoop bike came to a halt 5 paces from the front door. to the cantina. shreneka didnt really like the look of that guy in the fumpster either... he didnt really look like he had taken much of a beating.

shrenekeka enters the cantina. and makes his way to the bar.

TAG: what ever

OOC: thaught id have to do atleast something in this thread right:D

Krymelord 05-26-2003 11:44 AM

Krymelord noticed the large wookie's entrance, with a quick hand signal he notified Shreneka of the four stooges out back. He had come to like this bar, for two reasons. It was the only place he new that could pour his favorite drink right, and Shreneka had saved his life once. He wanted to make sure the wookie had all the details before everything went down.
The first time he was in this bar, a young Kra'sko Goorka, was on the run from Rodian bounty hunters. They found him here, but one made the unfortunate mistake of pointing a blaster at Shreneka within arms reach. Since that day Krymelord called Corellia home and considered Shreneka someone worthy of respect. Not always seeing eye to eye, but realising that allies were hard to come by in this part of the universe, Kra'sko would make sure that the wookie was covered.

TAG: Swediot

swediot=) 05-27-2003 02:57 AM

the wookie nodded. and made sure of his bowcaster strapped to his back... yep still there allright. one thing you should never do is walk un armed into his own bar.... After all somone like him should never walk un armed anywhere who knows whod wanna take over his litle bussiness.

four goons.... some people. Ah well fix it somehow... maybe that guy in the dumpster wasnt sleeping. This cant be very good. Things are defenetely gonna get ugly

shreneka reached under his poncho and into his utility pack and grabbed his datapad.

who was that guy in the dumpster anyway.... oh oh

shreneka signaled assasin to krymelord

Tag: kryme lord ( or anyone who wants to interupt :p)

Krymelord 05-27-2003 04:27 AM

Scanning the patrons warily, Kra'sko looked for any signs of other members of the hit team. Noone stood out, but you can never tell. The only thing left to do, was sit back and wait. He ordered another drink and shifted his weight in the booth. He hated this game, but knew that itchy trigger fingers were more likely to make a mistake. A server droid rolled over with his drink. As he reached inside his cloak for some creds, he undid the fastening strap to his field knife. Depositing the coins on the tray, Krymelord sat back and feign disinterest in the rest of the crowd.


Jackrabbit 05-27-2003 12:03 PM

OOC: My description ->Zabrak, about 6 feet tall, muscular, with tan skin. I have tattoos under my eyes and on my cheeks and chin, and on the back of my neck. The ones on my neck go down and cover my back, but you can't see those. I also have them all over my arms. I'm wearing a gray combat vest with no sleeves, so my arms are sticking out. I'm also wearing camouflage cargo pants and combat boots. My horns are spread out evenly over my skull, and all are about 1.5" long. I have a standard carbine strapped into a holster on my leg. Oh, and my name is Grask Lekkren.

IC: Grask walks into the cantina and pauses, letting his eyes adjust to the light. He scans the crowd noting the two Zabrak, the woman, and the man with the rifle. He then peers to the back, looking for Kra'sko. He knew he was in the area because of his rather large, rather vicious transport. There, he spotted him.

Grask: Hey Shreneka, howís business?

Shreneka: Roharrarhhaarr!

Grask: Sounds good Shreneka!

Grask had no idea what Shreneka had said. He had never bothered to learn Shyriiwook, but he figured that was no reason for him not to be polite. He makes his way through the crowd and to the back of the cantina, where Kraísko sits. He plops down into the booth across from him with a *thud* and leans his head back, giving a big sigh. He brings his head forward again and looks to Kraísko for a minute.

Grask: ...Howíve you been?

TAG: Krymelord or a newcomer

DirtyWombat 05-27-2003 02:08 PM

From a stern awareness of the hightening tension in the cantina, the weathered man breaks from his concentration and steadies his posture with a smile to address his new companion.

"The name's Ellam Feerce..."

His eyes slip with a smirk towards the woman's proudly displayed blaster.

"Nice to make your acquaintance..."

He casually scans the cantina again.

"Especially since this place appears that it will get busy..."

The man takes a sip from his drink and asks...

"What brings you here?"

TAG: Danyx and patrons


Krymelord 05-27-2003 03:07 PM

Kra'sko: I am well old friend, but it seems that the information I was following for you has ended with Vessen drawing some... unwanted attention. I am sure you saw the three out front, the four in the alley are as subtle as a Bantha in a pottery shop. I seem to remeber the last time we were here, we put several holes in the alley walls. Shreneka is going to ban us pretty soon!

After a brief laugh from Grask, the rodian becomes hushed again.

Kra'sko: I know very few of these patrons Grask, it has been too long since we have been here. So far only the human female looks like she may be trouble, the rest look like they will keep to themselves, although looks can be deceiving. So you followed the other trail of information, what did you learn on Dantooine?

TAG: Jackrabbit/Danyx or Patrons

Danyx 05-27-2003 03:18 PM

Scanning the bar, she answers Ellam, "Busy is good, especially when you are looking for information to sell, or a delivery deal to make. Are you from this planet?"

tag: wombat

DirtyWombat 05-27-2003 03:49 PM

Ellam laughs softly and with a smile states...

"Is it that obvious?"
"I just got off of transport from Tatooine..."

Ellam looks over his shoulder and around the cantina with a sheepish grin.

"Here I thought I blended rather nicely."

Ellam shakes the remnants of his drink and states softly...

"It's been a long trip with little payoff."

The man finishes his drink and gestures to the barkeep for another round and proclaims.

"Oh, and bring one for my new friend here!"

Ellam casually returns his attention to the woman and asks with a grin...

"What's a girl like you doing in the information business?"
"That sort of thing seems to draw a lot of attention from those I tend to keep at scope's distance."

TAG: Danyx and patrons


Danyx 05-27-2003 08:02 PM

"Actually, I'm a scout of sorts. I was raised, um, rather sheltered, and so I'm out exploring what I've missed in the galaxy. Gathering information, taking deliveries, it gives me an excuse to travel while getting paid to do it," she replies with a crooked grin. "And I buy the next round. I'm an equality type of female," she replies while clinking her glass to the one Ellam is holding.

"Looks like those Zabraks are doing business," she says with a nod to the duo in the other booth.

tag: Wombat

DirtyWombat 05-27-2003 09:54 PM

Acknowledging the Zabrak pair with a grin.
"That never gives me a cozy feeling."

Ellam returns his eyes to Danyx.
"I'm glad your picking up the next round..."

"I would never want to stand in the way of equality!"

With a courteous nod, Ellam adds...
"Even if I'm a gentleman by nature,..."

"Especially given your choice of accessories,..."
He says with emphasis while gesturing towards the woman's blaster.

"And definitely since that trip from Tatooine left me with about 100 credits to my name."
Ellam says with a devilish smile.

Ellam sips his drink and mumbles while shaking his head.
"Long trip, little payoff."

He draws his attention from his glass back to Danyx and says with a smile.
"You mentioned you were raised..."
"What was it...?"
"...'umm sheltered..., yes."
"Sounds like an aristocrat to me..."

Ellam pauses, raises an eyebrow and asks...
"Your not one of those 'rich-what-does-it-all-mean' people trying to find purpose to the galaxy, are you?"

Ellam smiles.
"Cause I've found a lot of things, but purpose wasn't one of them."

TAG: Danyx


Danyx 05-28-2003 12:03 AM

"No, no, not rich, comfortable, but not rich." replied Danyx to Ellam. "My father is a politician, a liason between a city on Naboo and the Imperium. We're from Kadaara. My mother is a scientist there. They were too busy to deal with a child so I was raised by a licensed governess who didn't let my leash loose often enough. Everytime I ran off they assumed I was with a rabble of thugs, you know, rebelling. Truth is I was off always camping in the woods. Nothing like squalls cooked over an open fire," she says with a grin. "Nothing like sleeping under a canopy of stars, quiet, peaceful. No Imperials bossing you around. No rebels preaching of freedom and rights. Suit me just fine if they blew each other into the next galaxy and left the rest of us alone."

"I took this job that brought me to Tattoine because there's people I've been looking for here. The job gave me a nice nest in the bank, and enough cash to buy us a few rounds, and a lead on the people I've been looking for."


Lord_Vessen 05-28-2003 02:26 AM

OOC: Hey Swediot could I be a "bouncer" in the game?

swediot=) 05-28-2003 03:22 AM

OOC: if you really want to then ...... yeh ok

dathansurehand 05-28-2003 10:58 AM

Oblivious to the impending brawl about to occur, Dathan moves straight to the bar from outside, Only noting the immense height of the Wookie.

"Can I see the owner of this establishment?" he asks the bartender.

"Buy somethin' you lout, and then maybe I will help ya." The barhelp says, without ever taking his eyes off the room.

"Alright, give me a water, on the rocks..." Smirked Dathen. As the barhelp retrieves his water, Dathen notes the myriad of beings in the cantina. "I wonder if this is a nice establishment?' He thinks to himself.

OOC: Sorry about the cut. Just wanted to give ya all someone who may not want a fight......I am human, not real tall, 5'10" Dark hair, fairly normal. Dressed in travellers clothes.

Tag: Back to wombat (sorry Danyx)

Jackrabbit 05-28-2003 01:09 PM

OOC: Guess I better post before the fight breaks out :p


Kra'sko: ...So you followed the other trail of information, what did you learn on Dantooine?
Grask: Not alot. The place has been crawling with Imps lately, and theyíre wary of any new arrivals. I got the chance to talk to one of the Gray Talons, though. He told me about a big shipment of spice leaving for here in 2 weeks. I didnít see how that was of any importance, until he gave me this.

Grask pulls out a datacard and slides it across the table to Kraísko

Grask: Itís aÖ

Grask looks over his shoulder at the cantina patrons. He leans in and starts talking in a quiet whisper.

Grask: Itís a recording of a man named Harvin Taul. Heís a politician, and they donít get any more crooked than this. I donít think we should talk about this in here, but letís just say that thereís more than just spice on this shipment, and Taul is very interested in it. Now, Iím not sure how this all pertains to our friend Vessen, but it seems there is more going on here than meets the eye.

Grask quickly leans back as a waitress delivers his usual drink. He thanks her as she leaves, and resumes his conversation

Grask: So, Vessen has made some friends, huh?

Grask turns and studies the patrons once more. He notices the newcomer being yelled at by the bartender, but pays it no heed.

Grask: Do you think theyíll make a move in here, or wait until he leaves?

Jatari Bazrak 05-28-2003 01:30 PM

Jatari was tiered of waiting but he knew if he went outside they would be shot down on the spot.

"So how are we going to get to my ship to take the 'spice' out if we can't even get out of the cantina?" asked Jatari

"Theres patrons all over the place.... and I bet theres a couple in here too."

Danyx 05-28-2003 02:04 PM


Tag: Back to wombat (sorry Danyx)
As long as you are responding to someone else's tag or starting your own tag, you are fine, darlin'. My tagging Wombat just means that it's his turn to talk to me and no one else can butt into that conversation just yet. Doesn't mean no one else can post by any means.

Post away peoples :D

DirtyWombat 05-28-2003 03:51 PM

Ellam replies with a smile.
"So you're the comfortable, outdoorsy type..."
"I like that..."
"I can see it coming in handy in your line of work..."
"Or even if just to avoid the impetuous inclinations of the Imperial mindset."

Ellam shifts his attention to Zabrak momentarily.
"So, are you involved..."
"Or should I say..."
"About to be involved in any of this?"

Ellam turns his eyes to Danyx.
"This seems like it's going to be a good place to find a lead..."
"And probably shortly!"

Ellam states with a puzzled grin and raised eyebrow.
"An associate of mine asked me to come here and I have a funny feeling this might be why."

"If we must..."

"You lead the dance..."

"I have two left feet in these sorts of things..."
"But a wicked follow through."
Ellam closes with a grin.

TAG: Danyx and patrons


Krymelord 05-28-2003 03:59 PM

A low growl can barely be heard from outside.

Kra'sko: Well we can find out more later, it seems we are about to get company... I guess I get to be the drunk Rodian again.

With a quick wink towards Grask and a nod towards Shreneka, Kra'sko threw back his hood. Abruptly standing up he spouts several colorful Rodese curses.

Kra'sko: Damn you Zabrak, that is the last time, we do business!

Lurching towards the bar, Kra'sko leans on it for support.

Kra'sko: I spent four weeks in the bush tracking your precious animals. Four DAMN weeks, and you say they were unacceptable. I even delivered them early, trained them myself! What do you take me for, a fool?

Three stocky men walk into the bar, one seems to take special notice of the two Zabraks sitting, while the other two look on at the Rodian making a scene.

Grask: There is nothing more to do here Mr. Goorka, my employers are unsatisfied with your cargo. Do not make me contact the authorities.

Kra'sko: I have a good mind to contact them myself, you have not seen the last of me!

Kra'sko stumbles from the bar still looking towards Grask with obvious contempt.

Kra'sko: I am sure the local authorities will be more interested in hearing of an illegal shipment of animals delivered to Mr... wooaaahh.

Walking square into the largest man by the door, the Rodian falls limply to the floor.

Kra'sko: Why don't you watch your step, HUMAN!

Before he can get up on his own, the large man grabs the Rodian by the collar and drags him to his feet.

Hit Team Leader: Instead why don't you get your foul, Rodian stench out of my sight and this town before I decide to gut you, twerp!

Grask: Thank you sir, toss that mutt out on his ass.

Hit Team Leader: It seems you are not well liked here, bug-eyes, I suggest you get lost.

Kra'sko: Ye.. Yes sir.

The Rodian, scrambling on all fours, shot out of the bar in a flash.

The three thugs then moved to flank the two Zabraks sitting in their booth. One on each side, their obvious leader raised his blaster and stood out of their reach.

Hit Team Leader: If you two would kindly, place your hands on the table. Do you really think that allies of Mess would simply let you get away with your attack?

A loud roar pierced the air, as heavy foot falls made their way across the street. A solo blaster shot was heard before a blood curdling scream rang out. The cantina doors swung open once again.

Kra'sko: My scent will not bother you much longer, Assassin.

The bolt of energy from the Rodian's carbine hit the Thug leader, square in the chest, lifting him off the ground and depositing him, still twitching, on the floor, three feet away. The two others pivoted to train their guns, on the Rodian...

TAG: Open(Just give a chance for all those who wish to participate.) :)

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