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Dreadlord 05-27-2003 06:16 PM

Error - help!
I saved my map recently, but jk2radient crashed while I was saving it...A fatal error. Now, when I try to open my map, I get a:


ParseEntity: EOF without closing braceNo worldspawn in map.
Is there a way for me to fix this so I can open my map again? Please?

Obsidian-Jovani 05-27-2003 07:06 PM

Try to restore from you .bak file (your backup file).

Please tell me that you use autosave...

Dreadlord 05-27-2003 07:24 PM

I just started...Where is the .bak file? And yes, I use autosave....

EDIT: found the bak file, it worked!

/me celebrates

Thanks man! :):):):):)

wedge2211 05-27-2003 11:18 PM

That *sounds* like the map file was missing a "}" at the very could try opening the .map in notepad and adding a closing brace at the end of the file (EOF means "end of file").

Leslie Judge 05-28-2003 06:29 AM

That's true Wedge, but if Radiant crashes during the save, it is possible (only possible) that not only the very ending bracket is missing but the entire second half.

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