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shukrallah 06-04-2003 12:15 AM

rain in multi....
I heard you could get rain in multiplayer, just wondering, how?? lol. My map looks sort of cloudy so rain would be perfect for it. if you cant get rain, then tell me, i read you couldnt in the richdiesal tutorial, but since ive heard you could, i want to know how.

thanks (shouldnt be too hard to answere)


rgoer 06-04-2003 02:28 AM

Download Dad*Mad's snow_winterpack, get his email from the readme, and ask him how he did it.

By the way: multiplayer + weather fx + complicated architecture = fps down the tubes.

Khaza 06-04-2003 07:12 AM

I used rain in my kamino map.. and it was maniac fps killer :(

To create similar effect for your map you need texture with few raindrops on it and shader with tcMod Scroll & tcMod turb. Then create few brushes with nodraw & the new shader.

If you want more realisim you need to add clampmap for your outdoor floors to produce effect of drops hitting ground :)

See my map files for more information..

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